17 Shows & Movies On YouTube Red You’ll Want To Binge ASAP

1. Me and My Grandma

Me and My Grandma stars lifestyle vlogger, Eva Gutowski . She plays Jane, a twentysomething aspiring actress who moves to Los Angeles from Michigan to pursue her dreams. She’s joined by her grandma there, played by Rhea Perlman. Naturally, the pair struggles to get acclimated to that LA life which results in some pretty hilarious moments.

2. This is Everything

This is Everything is a documentary on YouTube Red starring Gigi Gorgeous, a beauty and lifestyle vlogger who has been creating content on the platform since 2008. Through interviews with her family, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and home videos, Gigi shares the story of her gender transition. As arguably the most prominent transwoman on the platform, Gigi’s willingness to share her story is an incredibly important resource for young trans people around the world.

3. Prank Academy

Prank Academy is reality series created by Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith, the minds behind the incredibly popular Prank vs. Prank and BF vs. GF channels. In this series, they team up with other popular creators like iJustine and Kandee Johnson to pull pranks on each other.
The pranksters are coached by Jesse and Jeana and are required to meet a checklist of actions in order to consider their prank successful. There’s a kitchen fire, rogue cab ride and even some supernatural-themed pranks that’ll have you laughing the entire time you watch.

4. Escape the Night

Joey Graceffa‘s Escape the Night is a modern take on the classic murder mystery. It mixes the fantasy, thriller and paranormal genres with a reality TV-style approach. In the show, Joey’s character, The Savant, invites a bunch of your favorite YouTubers to a murder mystery party where they play specific characters. They’re tasked with completing different challenges in order to escape and if they lose, it results in a fictional “death” where they’re removed from the competition. Escape the Night is now in its second season.

5. A Trip to Unicorn Island

Comedy vlogger Lilly Singh started out filming sketches in her bedroom and ended up going on a world tour. A Trip to Unicorn Island tells the story of her experience on tour and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at her performances. Throughout the tour, much like in many of her videos, she shares a message of self-love and acceptance with her audience.

6. Lindsey Stirling: Brave Enough

Lindsey Stirling is a professional violinist and dancer known for fusing the two to create incredibly moving and beautiful performances. Brave Enough is a tour documentary following Lindsey as she travels around the world to perform. Her powerful performances and the stories behind her music will give you an inside look at what inspires her as an artist. She’s a current celeb on Dancing With the Stars so fans of that reality show will be excited to take a look at this doc.

7. Ghostmates

Ghostmates is a comedy film created by Smosh — AKA Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. When a young guy named Charlie moves into an apartment, he’s quick to discover that the previous tenant, Ed, died in the unit and his ghost has stuck around. Ed, played by Ian, died in a freak accident and has unfinished business to attend to. You’ll watch him try to do with the help of his unofficial roommate.

8. Step Up: High Water

If you loved the original Step Up movies and love trying to dance along to YouTube tutorials in your living room even more, there’s good chance you’ll be into Step Up: High Water, too. There isn’t much information out about the show just yet but bigtime stars like Ne-Yo and Naya Rivera are set to star in the series.

9. Lace Up: The Ultimate Sneaker Challenge

Lace Up: The Ultimate Sneaker Challenge is like the Project Runway of footwear. Hosted by YouTube creator Swoozie, the Complex Magazine developed series will put sneaker designers to the test through weekly challenges.
The designers will have to present their work to some of the most popular tastemakers in the industry like Ashley Graham, Fetty Wap and Eddie Huang. The grand prize winner will walk away with a job at Adidas.

10. Fight of the Living Dead: Experiment88

If you’re missing The Walking Dead, Fight of the Living Dead: Experiment88 should hold you over until the next season. BlackBoxTV, the minds behind the show, have mixed the creepy elements of your favorite zombie movies with a Fear Factor-style reality competition. Ten YouTube stars will have to work together in a zombie-infested building to complete challenges or face certain death.

11. King of the Dancehall

The scripted film stars Nick Cannon as a Brooklyn-based guy who heads to Jamaica and is exposed to the dancehall, a style of dance originating on the island. Cannon’s character is struggling financially and trying to send money home to his sick mother. It also comes to a head when he enters a dance competition with a $10 million prize.
Also starring Busta Rhymes and Whoopi Goldberg — this one’s really giving Netflix a run for their money.

12. Hyperlinked

Hyperlinked follows a group of girls who started a website for other teens. The TV show chronicles their experiences both in their friendships and while working on the site together. Inspired by a true story, it looks like this YouTube Red series will be inspiring on its own.

13. The Thinning

The Thinning is a psychological thriller with a super creepy message. It takes space in the not-so-distant future in a world where natural resources a seriously lacking. The only solution? Only allow the most intelligent people to continue living and using resources.
A standardized test is all that stands in the way of life and death for students in this dystopian world. This YouTube Red Original film stars Logan Paul and is seriously tapping into some of our intense fears of the moment.

14. Single by 30

If romantic comedies are more your thing then you’ll love Single by 30. The series follows Peter (Harry Shum Jr.) and Joanna (Kina Grannis), two friends who are approaching 30 and you guessed it… they’re single!
They’d previously made a pact to get married if they’d reached the big 3-0 and were still flying solo. The pressure of the pact effects their friendship and they aren’t sure where to take things between them. This is a mini-series consisting of eight episodes, so you’ll binge it quickly.

15. Squad Wars

Squad Wars is a YouTube Red Original created by Buzzfeed’s The Try Guys. They’re putting celebrity friend groups to the test and having them face some bizarre challenges. Celebs like Rebecca Black, American Dragon: Jake Long‘s Dante Basco and some of the queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race will have to learn to dance, become a race car pit crew, wrestle and more.

16. MindField

MindField explores behavioral psychology in an entirely new way. The series explores decision-making, free will, emotion, and danger with participants trying out different challenges and experiments. The show takes a seriously complex topic and adds fun and comedy to the world of the brain.

17. Foursome

In AwesomenessTV’s Foursome, Jenn McAllister plays Andie Fixler, a high school student trying to navigate friendships, romantic relationships, and homework with her crew of BFFs. On the show, she deals with her upperclassmen brother being overprotective and plenty of awkward moments she’d much rather forget.

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