16 Questions We Need Answered On Season 5 Of Younger

Younger is coming back this summer and we couldn’t be more excited. When Nico Tortorella (aka Josh aka bae) posted a few photos on Instagram last month of the first season five table read, there was still no official word on the premiere date. Everyone can now mark their calendars for Tuesday, June 5th.

Last season may have been the most drama-filled one yet (spoilers ahead!). Liza (Sutton Foster) and Kelsey (Hilary Duff) were at each other’s throats, Charles’s ex-wife (Jennifer Westfeldt) comes back out of nowhere, Josh gets married, and Liza and Charles (Peter Hermann) hook up. We’re still having trouble wrapping our minds around all this. We have no doubt the next season will be even more amazing, and we’re hoping to get a few questions answered.

16. Will Charles and Liza finally get together?

We’ve honestly been wondering this since the first season, and we’re getting worried that it’s never actually going to happen. Last season, when the two shared a steamy moment in Charles’s office, we thought: finally. But when Charles’s ex-wife returns, Liza decides to shut down their romance in hopes not to get in the way of a potential family reconciliation. But the feelings are definitely still there. There’s just no denying it.
It’s time for the writers to put an end to this “will they or won’t they?” madness. Charles is the perfect match for Liza — he’s smart, handsome, and her own age (bonus!). He’s also the boss, but we’re ignoring that for now. And when he called her in the finale, we couldn’t help but think he left her a voicemail confessing his undying love. That, or he was calling just to say “hey,” but we’re banking on the former. With Josh officially out of the picture (okay, maybe not officially but for now), there’s not much stopping them.

15. Will Josh and Liza get back together?

If Charles and Liza don’t end up together, then we’ll definitely settle for a Jiza/Losh reunion (still working on their couple name). I mean sure, he just got married to a beautiful blonde in a desperate act to finally move on from Liza—but those are tiny details. Nbd. Besides, are we really going to forget about their kiss in the finale? Or how he told her that, “the life I want is a life with you.” Our hearts literally melted. They’ve always been good together, and unlike Charles, Josh knows about Liza’s secret. And he still loves her anyway. While Josh may be the least sensible choice of the two (given the 14-year age gap and all), he and Liza are so flawless together that it doesn’t even matter.

14. How long until Claire and Josh get a divorce?

We think it’s super sweet that Josh decided to marry Claire just to see what could transpire between the two of them — he’s always been such a romantic (it’s why we love him so much). But the reality is, two twenty-somethings got married after only knowing each other for a few weeks. We’re guessing they won’t last longer than a month, maybe two (and that’s generous). Even if Claire and Josh had been dating for a bit longer, their marriage would still be doomed because he never stopped loving Liza anyways. We’re not-so-secretly hoping these two will break up so Jiza can find their way back to each other.

13. Can we trust Claire?

Is it just us or is Claire kind of sketchy? We didn’t have any problems with her initially, but after she accepted Josh’s proposal, several red flags went up. And when she asked Liza to lie for her to Homeland Security, we got extra suspicious. To be fair, we’re a bit biased (#TeamLiza). Maybe it’s just paranoia, but the girls Josh has dated since his breakup with Liza have been less than stellar, and we think Claire may follow suit. Something is not right. Not in an ominous way, but more in a she’s-just-using-him-to-stay-in-America kind of way.

12. Are Kelsey and Zane going to hook up (again) or just drive each other insane? or both?

Last season, we found out that Charles had hired Zane as an executive editor at Empirical and Kelsey was pissed — rightfully so. After all, Zane did almost get her fired. We really can’t blame her for not doing a happy dance about Empirical’s newest hire. But seeing this dynamic play out in season five is an exciting prospect now that the two will be working together. Both characters are incredibly driven and consistently strive for the best; the competitive nature of their relationship is definitely going to make for good office drama. And now that Charles Michael Davis has officially been promoted to a series regular, we hope this means that there’s a reconciliation in the future for these two. Or, at the very least, some hot hate sex.

11. Will Lauren find a new job?

Last season, Lauren got fired from her job in PR. She had briefly mentioned the possibility of starting her own company to Kelsey, so maybe that’s where we’ll find her in season five: in the beginning stages of getting her start-up off the ground. If not, we have no doubt that Lauren will land on her feet. She’s a free-spirited millennial with exceptional social media skills. There’s definitely a job out there for her somewhere.

10. Will Charles and Pauline reconcile?

Considering Charles called Liza while she was in Ireland, we feel like it’s safe to say no. But honestly, anything could happen. He did invite Pauline to move back into the house after all. They sleep in different bedrooms, but still. It would make sense if he wanted to focus on getting his family back together and who knows what will happen after the two spend all this time together promoting her book? We still think Charles only has eyes for Liza, but maybe his feelings for Pauline come back.

9. Is Liza actually going to lie to Homeland Security?

When Josh and Claire ask Liza to lie to Homeland Security in order to improve the chances of Claire’s green card, Liza is naturally a little skeptical. This isn’t just some white lie about her age; it’s a little more serious. We know Liza loves Josh and wants him to be happy, but is she really going to commit a felony for him and a girl he only met a month ago? Some fans argue that Liza owes Josh for lying to him initially and involving him in her double life. But that doesn’t mean she should risk jail time. We still think it was uncool and incredibly unfair of him to even put her in that kind of situation.

8. Will Diana find love again?

We know Diana doesn’t need a new love interest—she’s bad-ass all on her own—but we’d love to see her rebound after such a crappy breakup. She really hasn’t had the best luck in the romance department on Younger, not until last season anyway. Sure, she’s had some flings here and there (does anyone remember the hot construction worker that worked in her building?) but nothing significant. That’s why we were crushed when Diana ended things with Richard (but also really happy that Diana stood up for herself knowing that she deserves better). We know she’ll bounce back. She’s Diana Trout after all. But we wouldn’t mind seeing some eye candy on her arm this season!

7. Does Pauline find out that Liza was the one dating her ex-husband?

When Pauline returns to NYC in hopes of a reconciliation with Charles, she’s both stunned and wounded when she finds out that he might be dating someone new. And that someone new is Liza (or, at least it was Liza for like two seconds). What’s going to happen when Pauline finds out that her very own editor is the woman her husband has fallen for? A whole lot of awkward probably. Although Liza has attempted to stay away from Charles, we feel like she won’t last very long (especially after that phone call while in Ireland). Their short-lived romance never made it beyond Empirical, but maybe season 5 will be the one in which the two explore a real relationship outside of work. And if/when that happens, how will Pauline react?

6. Will we see a Liza and Diana friendship blossom?

There’s an incredibly touching moment at the Pubbie Awards between Liza and Diana that makes our hearts ache a little but in the best possible way. While Liza is adjusting Diana’s dress and making sure she’s red-carpet ready, Diana grabs Liza’s hand so the two of them can pose for a picture together. The moment is slightly ruined seconds just later when Diana orders Liza to stoop, but it’s still a sweet scene. We love seeing Diana’s vulnerable side, and we hope there’s more to come. The possibility for a Liana (Liza + Diana) friendship makes us even more pumped for season 5.

5. Does Kelsey get her own apartment?

Ok, we admit this isn’t exactly a burning question but we’re still curious: where is Kelsey going to live? At one point she was on the hunt for her own studio after moving out of Lauren’s parents’ house. Desperate and out of options, she ends up crashing with Josh temporarily only to become his official roommate a few days later. And their living situation seems to be working out pretty well. But now that Josh is married, does that mean Kelsey will move out since Claire is moving in? If Josh decides to find another place with Claire, will Kelsey decide to stay in the apartment? Will the three of them live together? So many questions.

4. Will Liza get her own apartment?

After Liza’s husband gambles the entirety of their savings, she’s forced to sell her home in Jersey and move in with Maggie in Brooklyn. We love that these two live together—their friendship gives us life. But we always thought this living situation was only temporary considering they’re 40-somethings. Liza has been living there now for over a year, so maybe it’s time for her to get her own place? Just a thought. We’re not too stressed about this though. If Liza moves out, we’ll probably see less of Maggie, and we need her sass and no-bullshit attitude on the show.

3. Will Marriage Vacation become a bestseller?

The answer to this question might be obvious considering Pauline discusses the book for an entire segment on GMA. It’ll be interesting to see how successful the book truly becomes and how that potential success will affect Liza’s career. We can’t wait to see how this book unfolds in the publishing world. We’re keeping our fingers crossed—this would be huge for Liza as an aspiring book editor, and she totally deserves any and all good things that come her way.

2. Who will be the next person to find out Liza’s secret?

Watching Younger is so stressful because there’s always a possibility that Liza’s secret will be exposed. In every season so far, there has been at least one person who finds out about Liza’s double life. In season one it was Josh and Cheryl Sussman, an editor from Random House who tried to blackmail Liza (both times she failed); Season two it was Thad, who also tried blackmailing Liza; Season three it was both Emily — the brat who also blackmailed Liza for a book deal and was successful — and Kelsey; and in season four it was Jay, Liza’s 40-something ex-fling who worked at Macmillian. So we’re just wondering, who’s going to be next? Our bet is on Liza’s daughter Caitlin. It’s only a matter of time before she realizes that her mom doesn’t actually work in Times Square as a costume character.

1. Will Liza’s daughter Caitlin make an appearance?

Speaking of Caitlin, will she be in any of the upcoming episodes this season? Even though she’s not one of the main characters and has only been in a handful of episodes, we’ve always really liked her and found her lack of appearances a little unrealistic. She and Liza have such a great mother-daughter relationship when she is shown, and we’d love to see more of that.

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