15 Worst Sidekicks On TV Shows

The sidekick on any TV show is supposed to be the main character’s right-hand man (or woman). They should be there for the main character through anything to lift them up and help them kick ass. They should be supportive, encouraging, and enjoyable. Is that so much to ask for?! Unfortunately, it seems like sometimes the answer to that question is yes.

Certain TV shows boast awful characters standing by the side of our main protagonist. These characters are anything but supportive. They’re selfish, annoying, and many of them end up ruining the day rather than saving it. They only care about themselves, and they pretty much screw up everything for their so-called BFF. Are you thinking about a certain person right now? Don’t worry, they’re probably on this list.

15. Kimmy Gibbler, Full House

Sure, Kimmy Gibbler was fun-loving and might have had the best intentions in mind, but she never even tried to relate to DJ. DJ was the oldest of three sisters, lost her mom, and was being raised by a few pretty clueless men. But, whenever Kimmy was around, it was like all she cared about was poking fun at Danny or otherwise causing a disruption. Every time she walked into the house and screeched “Hola, Tanneritos!” we couldn’t wait for her to leave. The show could’ve easily given DJ a best friend who was supportive and dynamic, but instead, they gave her a pretty one-dimensional and annoying weight to carry around with her at all times.

14. Paris Geller, Gilmore Girls

When Rory started at Chilton, she and Paris Geller were basically enemies. Paris hated any competition, and Rory was never about to just bow down to her intimidation. Over the years, they developed a reluctant liking for one another, though. When Rory and Paris go to Yale, they become roommates (much to Rory’s dismay at first) and slowly become the other’s confidant throughout their college years. The only problem is that Paris is selfish AF and quick to jump to conclusions about Rory trying to undermine her. Paris is nothing if not consistent. She only cared about her own success throughout the whole series and, frankly, she used Rory to further her own career and that’s about it. Now, you may be thinking that Rory was also selfish, which we can’t argue with. But Paris made the entirety of Rory’s college experience toxic, from her screaming matches with Doyle to her paranoid attitude, and we really couldn’t handle it.

13. Scrappy Doo, Scooby Doo

Scrappy-Doo is quite possibly one of the most irritating characters on television. He constantly picked fights with everyone in the Mystery Gang and he ran off when things didn’t go his way. Everything he did made life harder for the crew. They’d escape monsters and try to regroup, only for Scrappy to turn up and put them all in danger by bringing the monster back to them or not escaping in time. We get it, he’s a puppy. He has tons of energy, and he wants to make up for the fact that he’s small by getting into fights to prove his strength. Give it a rest, Scrappy. If we were in the Mystery Gang, we would have ditched you long before Scooby Doo: The Movie.

12. Marnie Michaels, Girls

It’s hard to truly understand how awful Marnie Michaels is because she’s the best friend of an equally awful character, Hannah Horvath. We’d like to think that Girls would give us at least one enjoyable character in this duo (or any part of the group), but that’s clearly not the case. Instead of turning her life around and getting everyone on the right track, *all* Marnie does is complain about a guy who broke up with her forever ago, give backhanded compliments, and make absolutely every situation about her. We can’t even hate-watch her, because she just grates our nerves so much we can’t laugh about her completely ridiculous antics. Does she realize how awful she is? Does she want to change, or does she just love to get on everyone’s last nerve? Either way, we’re over it.

11. Michael Kelso, That ’70s Show

It’s hard not to love Michael Kelso, because how can we hate any role played by Ashton Kutcher? On the surface, he’s dumb but sweet. However, when you think about it, he kind of was the worst in every way. He only ever cared about himself, and never really cared about hurting his friends if it meant doing what he wanted. Remember how he only treated Jackie the way she deserved once she was dating Hyde? Or how he made eyes at literally any woman he saw even when he was in a relationship? He was a complete womanizer, and overall just a selfish jerk. Don’t be fooled by the dopey, cute exterior. He was never a good friend to any of the other characters.

10. Sam Puckett, iCarly

Sam Puckett was portrayed as a lovable character who put a wall up to protect her feelings because her mom was crazy and she wasn’t raised to be an emotional person. The only problem was that this excuse could only take her so far. She was awful to Freddy (and he still fell in love with her, which is baffling) and was almost never there for her quote-unquote “BFF” Carly. She was rude to literally every person she met. When she moved in with Cat from Victorious and transitioned to the show Sam & Cat, things didn’t get any better.

9. Chase Matthews, Zoey 101

Chase Matthews was another character who we really wanted to love. He was Zoey’s best friend, and he had a massive crush on her. If we didn’t read too much into it, we would have thought that he was just a sweet guy who deserved to get the girl. If you were rooting for them, you weren’t the only one. But the more that we thought about it, the more that we actually couldn’t stand him. He pretended to be supportive of Zoey while silently judging every decision she made. Every time he made a mistake, he had some excuse about why he ~had to~ do what he did. If any character needed to chill, it was Chase Matthews.

8. Tamara Kaplan, Awkward

If there was an award for worst best friend ever, Tamara Kaplan would win, hands-down. She. was. Awful. When Jenna and Matty broke up, did she stick by her best friend and put her own opinions aside? No. She stopped talking to Jenna and took Matty’s side. She forced Jenna to go on a double date with her just so she could impress a guy, and she stole Jake from Jenna because she decided she wanted him more. Sorry, but what about her made Jenna want to stay friends with her? She was the most controlling, neurotic, and selfish character we’ve ever seen. She broke the girl code more times than we could count. By season two, we were begging Jenna to ditch her and live her best life. She definitely would have been better without her, and Tamara and Sadie were definitely better matched.

7. Mouth McFadden, One Tree Hill

This might be controversial, but Mouth McFadden isn’t as great as everyone believed he was. He took on the stereotypical role of the supportive, relatively unattractive friend who always put others before himself. So, of course, we wanted to love him. Except, he judged *literally* every decision that anyone else ever made and tried to change them into the person he wanted them to be. He slut-shamed Rachel and Brooke more than once. He tried to force Shelley to date him (and guilted her into having sex with him), even though she was clearly overwhelmed by the idea. He made Lucas feel bad for being upset at Jimmy Edwards for killing Keith (before they found out it was Dan who killed him). Do we need to go on?

6. Morgan Grimes, Chuck

We don’t mean to be dramatic, but Chuck would have been a million times better if Morgan Grimes never existed. He was self-serving and pathetic, and he never got better. Despite the fact that he sucked, he really thought he was a gift to the world. Nothing was ever about anyone else. Only him. The show portrayed him as a misunderstood guy with a big heart, but we saw past it and refused to buy it. Nobody ever called him out on his $h*!, even when he started stalking his exes. News flash, Morgan, girls don’t like guys who are creeps.

5. Stewie Griffin, Family Guy

With the level of absurd humor on Family Guy, it’s easy to just chalk Stewie’s behavior up to the characters’ generally ridiculous antics. Don’t be fooled. He beat up Brian with a baseball bat, even though they’re supposed to be best friends. He created an evil version of himself (as if anyone needed that). He daydreams about killing Lois after she and Peter go on a cruise without him. Seriously, he’s supposed to be a baby, but he causes more destruction than any other character on the show. We’re not sure where he got his awful attitude from since Meg and Chris aren’t nearly as bad (just pretty dumb). It’s wrong to hate a baby… but how could we not?

4. Xander Harris, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

If we could just bury the jealous guy best friend trope, that would be great. As with many of these other characters, instead of being a supportive friend to Buffy, Xander Harris was always jealous and judgmental. Masquerading as a “Good Guy,” he pined over Buffy and made it clear that he thought he was the best one for her, basically calling her stupid for being attracted to Angel and Spike. Oddly enough, despite his obsession with Buffy becoming his girlfriend, he treated women pretty terribly when they agreed to date him. It was like he couldn’t realize that nobody wants to date a whiny, judgmental jerk. He may have matured a bit in later seasons, but we were too scarred from the early seasons to let him redeem himself.

3. Howard Wolowitz, The Big Bang Theory

If you’ve watched literally any episode of The Big Bang Theory, you’ve probably realized that Howard Wolowitz is awful. He consistently makes gross comments about women and can’t seem to understand how not to make people feel uncomfortable. The way he degrades Raj has friendship-ending potential, and he basically encourages his friend to be disrespectful to women as well. To add insult to injury, he is quite possibly the laziest person alive. He hired Raj as a nanny for his baby… even though he was home and could have taken care of her himself. He just didn’t want to. Dad of the year? We think not.

2. Screech Powers, Saved by the Bell

Screech is probably the most aptly named character in history, because every time he opened his mouth we felt the need to cover our ears immediately. There’s a huge difference between a quirky character and a blatantly irritating one, but Saved by the Bell never figured that out. Screech was supposed to be the comedic relief guy who never knew what was going on, but he ended up just making us want to stop watching every time he came on screen. His plots weren’t even funny, they were just downright stupid.

1. Olly, Game of Thrones

Is Olly the most hated character on TV? Yeah, quite possibly. And we get why. First of all, he stabbed Jon Snow. You don’t come back from that, ever. He was supposed to be a kid who had a complicated past. We were supposed to love and hate him at the same time, but we just ended up hating him. He never shows his humanity, and he’s just incredibly boring. It seems like he was created solely to screw everything up, and that doesn’t fly with us. Seriously, Jon was his mentor and he murdered him! We don’t care who killed your parents, Olly. You don’t get to murder Jon Snow.

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