Top 18 Wierd Celebrity Best Friends You Won’t Believe

Everyone’s got a best friend, whether it’s your dog or the person you met in elementary school. They’re the people we turn to when we need help with a challenge or just want a good laugh to brighten a bad day. Best friends have your back, no matter what the problem is. While sometimes you and your BFF are basically the same person, other times, best friends are found in the most unlikely of people. When you’re a celeb, it leaves the world wondering WTF you two have in common.

Who is Kris Jenner BFFs with? What Hollywood icon does 50 Cent chill with on the reg? You’ll never believe some of these celebrity BFFs, and how they met is almost as surprising as how much they hang out.

18. Chris Hemsworth & Matt Damon

Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon’s relationship first came to light in a recent edition of GQ, in which Hemsworth dished about how close the two are. Apparently, they became friends when Hemsworth started acting, and he’s looked to Damon as a source of inspiration. Despite their 13 year age difference, the two have often been seen vacationing with each other in places like Monaco for the Grand Prix or Australia to hang with the Hemsworth fam.

The pair isn’t shy about making their friendship known to the whole world either. In Hemsworth’s Thor: Ragnarok, the Good Will Hunting actor made an appearance simply because his friend asked him to. Plus, Hemsworth attributed his win of the Sexiest Man Alive to his friend. “I learned everything there is about being sexy from Matt,” Hemsworth said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2014. LOL.

17. Beyoncé & Gwenyth Paltrow

Beyoncé may be selling out tours with her hubby while Gwenyth Paltrow is focused on her brand Goop, but, in their spare time, the two are more likely to be hanging out than you’d think. According to Paltrow, the two met at a benefit in New York a number of years back, and they simply just clicked. Since then, these BFFs have been extremely supportive of each other, and Paltrow was even front and center at Beyoncé’s wedding to Jay-Z in 2008.

The pair has even planned girls’ trips together and help celebrate each others’ birthdays. In an interview for the premiere of Beyoncé’s HBO documentary Life Is But A Dream, the singer gushed about her friendship with the lifestyle guru, saying “[Gwenyth] is incredible. She is a great friend on every level.”

16. 50 Cent & Bette Midler

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson may be a big name in the rap world, but his best friend is a big name in the Broadway world. 50 Cent first met Bette Midler after she called and asked him to put his name on a new garden she was organizing in Queens, NY as part of a New York restoration project. While being interviewed at the garden unveiling event, Midler had only nice words for her new best friend. “He’s one of the newest members of our tribe,” Midler said to the NY Daily News. “He’s really made my life worth living. [He] has been with me through thick and thin.” After agreeing to attach himself to the project, the two quickly became good friends and have been tight ever since. Who woulda thought?!

15. Ron Howard & Jamie Foxx

While some BFFs meet at a charity event or on a set, Ron Howard and Jamie Foxx instead got to know each other while working on Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. The two’s friendship really started heating up at the former president’s victory party in 2009. There, Foxx brought up the idea of Howard being in a future music video, and he had somehow convinced the director by the end of the conversation.

During the filming, Howard apparently was yelled at by the music video director for smiling too much, but the project was also able to solidify the pair’s friendship. Three years later, Foxx joined his pal for Howard’s Project Imagination, a contest based on normal people inspiring up-and-coming directors. When interviewed about the project and his involvement, Foxx insisted it was “just two old friends getting back together.” Cute.

14. Jennifer Lopez & Leah Remini

No one quite knows when Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini became best friends, but they have been for as long as anyone can remember. The two constantly support each other, whether it’s Lopez coaching Remini while she was on Dancing With The Stars or Remini partying with the singer on any given birthday. Their bond is so strong, in fact, that Lopez made Remini the godmother to her two twins. Now, the pair is gearing up to star side-by-side in the upcoming movie Second Act. In a recent Instagram post by Lopez, she didn’t shy away from letting the world know just how much she loves her BFF when she captioned the photo “And we said…I will never eva leave you…Looove hanging w this one @leahremini #bestieday #jeleah #familia.”

13. Brad Pitt & Jonah Hill

Some may think that Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are the complete opposites of each other, but, in reality, they’re very much the same. While Pitt is known for his brooding nature and serious acting, his BFF Hill insists that he’s always a total prankster. As for Hill, he’s now had some serious acting roles, including two Oscar-nominated roles.

The pair apparently met through a mutual friend (Ed Norton) at a Radiohead concert. After their initial introduction, Hill was suggested for the movie Moneyball and got the role after acing a read-through of the script, all while Pitt rooted him on. The funnyman also credits Pitt for a lot of advice he got on acting, saying “I learned a tremendous amount from Brad… by watching him produce and watching his commitment to this movie throughout so many incarnations, and just his advice about making interesting choices as an actor. That’s really been the most inspiring thing Brad’s done for me, besides allowing me to play this part.” Now that’s what friendship is all about!

12. Jon Hamm & Paul Rudd

While it makes sense for these two actors to have crossed paths at some point, it’s a bit surprising that Jon Hamm and Paul Rudd have actually known each other since before fame. The pair met because of Rudd’s roommate, who was already a friend of Hamm. These two guys were even two points of a love triangle at one time!

The story goes that Hamm was so inspired seeing Rudd in Clueless that he packed up and moved to Los Angeles, where the two met again and struck up a friendship. Although the two are extraordinarily close now, Rudd admits to not thinking too fondly of Hamm after they first met. “My first impression of him was of total intimidation,” said Rudd. “He struck me as one of those unfair guys who are good-looking, really funny, and good at everything.” Been there, dude.

11. Blake Lively & Florence Welch

Despire working in different sectors of the entertainment industry, Blake Lively and Florence Welch have found it easy to develop a friendship. The pair celebrated New Year’s Eve in Vegas together, and Welch gave a private performance at Lively’s wedding to Ryan Reynolds in 2012. The bond first developed when Welch discovered that Lively is a huge fan of her band, Florence + the Machine. “[She] actually came to our very first New York show,” Welch told E!. “She’s been to all of the shows that we’ve done in America and she flew out to Las Vegas just because I was performing there over the New Year.” Superfan turned super-bff!

10. Helen Mirren & Russell Brand

Helen Mirren and Russell Brand met on set of The Tempest in 2009 and quickly became friends, working together on Arthur just two years later in 2011. In the film, Mirren scrubs Brand while he’s in a bath tub — something only best friends would be open to doing on screen.

Although the pair have a 30-year age gap between them, the two are still extremely close, and they often hang out. Brand told The Telegraph that Mirren is “an incredible personality, very beautiful; ordinary when she needs to be, remarkable when required. I really love her and I respect her tremendously.” As for Mirren, she hasn’t been shy about praising her pal in public either, often calling him brilliant and gushing about him in interviews.

9. Matt Bomer & Joe Manganiello

Aside from being extremely handsome and having a finely chiseled bone structure, another thing that Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello have in common is that they both attended Carnegie Mellon drama school together more than 15 years ago. The two met in college, and have been best friends since.

While they were in college, Bomer even joined the Manganiello family for Thanksgiving nearby, due to him being from out of state. When the two reunited to star together in Magic Mike, they treated it like one giant hang out, and the two reportedly had each other laughing every day on set. “If you ever want to build an ensemble between a cast of dudes, put them in a thong together and it’s like, instant band of brothers,” Bomer told Entertainment Weekly. “It was so great to have Joe there because the whole experience was so surreal.”

8. Jennifer Aniston & Paul Rudd

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd met while co-starring in the 1998 movie The Object of My Affection, but the two remained close even after the film wrapped. In 2002, Rudd joined the Friends cast as Mike Hannigan, a side character, and the pair was reunited professionally. The friends even played an on-screen couple in Wanderlust, a 2012 movie where the two had to kiss multiple times. It didn’t bother the pair, though, as they made many jokes to the press about their makeout seshes over the years. Aniston says that’s not the only thing that Rudd is good for, though, saying “I love him. He is a dear friend. We just have a true affection for each other, and I just feel honored any time I get to work with him.”

7. Eminem & Elton John

For a rapper who has come under fire for homophobic lyrics, it’s surprising that Eminem and Elton John are really good friends. The two performed together at the 2001 Grammy Awards, despite the fact that Eminem didn’t know much about the famous British singer before that. According to reports, Eminem said, “I didn’t know he was gay. I didn’t know anything about his personal life. I didn’t really care. But being that he was gay and he had my back, I think it made a statement in itself saying that he understood where I was coming from.”

The pair became surprisingly close after the awards show, and, after the rapper reached out about drug issues, John even stood by Eminem’s side during his rehabilitation. The “Crocodile Rock” singer had only good things to say about Eminem since becoming friends. “I don’t see much of Marshall, but we speak a lot,” says John. “He’s really worked very hard at [sobriety], and it’s changed him so much.” TBH, Elton John seems like an A+ friend to have!

6. George Clooney & Richard Kind

George Clooney and Richard Kind are those friends who have been close long before fame hit either of them. The two are extremely close, and they even lived together after Clooney got divorced from Talia Balsam. During their roommate stint, Kind was the subject of a variety of pranks from Clooney, including his longest-running gag, which lasted for five or six years, according to the actors.

The joke involved Clooney telling Kind that a bad painting he had found was actually his own artwork, and the whole prank culminated in the Gravity actor giving his friend the painting for his 40th birthday. The painting hung in Kind’s living room for five years before he found out it was a joke. We love a good long-con.

5. Tyra Banks & Clay Aiken

Tyra Bank and Clay Aiken may seem like an unlikely pair, but the two actually met when Aiken appeared on Bank’s talk show in 2006. After his appearance, Aiken gushed about his new best friend, telling People, “For some reason, we just clicked when we first met, and we try to stay in touch and see each other whenever we’re in town. She’s such a real person, and I think that’s something people didn’t know about her until her talk show… I think that’s why people are attracted to her, and I think that’s why we became friends.” Since becoming BFFs, the pair has attended each other’s events and promoted their professional endeavors. Banks even set up a fundraising page for Aiken when he decided to try out politics.

4. Snoop Dogg & David Beckham

You may not expect Snoop Dogg and David Beckham to know each other, but they’re actually BFFs! The two met when Beckham appeared on Snoop’s former show Father Hood. In the episode, Beckham taught Snoop’s kids to play soccer. Despite the children not being anywhere near as talented in the sport as Beckham, the two dads became best friends.

In an interview with BBC Radio, Snoop couldn’t help but sing the praises of his famous ball-kicking pal. “He’s a great father, a great husband, and a great friend,” said Snoop. “I love our friendship, and some people in life just come together for some odd reason. Me and him came together on one night, and we just became friends, and we’ve just been friends ever since.” The pair has become so close that Snoop apparently relies on Beckham for help with his music, letting his best bud listen to any and all songs before they’re released.

3. Ruby Rose & Ellen Page

It makes sense that cool girls Ruby Rose and Ellen Page know each other, but it’s even more than that: they’re best friends. The actresses have been hanging out for years, and they’re not shy about sharing their love for each other publicly. The Orange is the New Black actress posted an Instagram of the two with the caption “when your best friend is the most talented, funny, beautiful, generous, humble human being it’s hard to not smile until it hurts. Ellen, I am so proud of you and will always be grateful for everything you are and will always be to me.” The two also have the same friend group, which Rose calls the “Lesbian Mafia.” Evan Rachel Wood and Sia are also included in the group. What we wouldn’t give to get an invite to hang out with that quartet!

2. Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart

It’s not really a secret that Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are friends, but many people don’t realize just how close the two are. The two met in 2008 when Snoop appeared on Stewart’s former show Martha, where they discussed cooking techniques. In 2009, Snoop appeared on the show again, this time for an episode titled “The Christmas Cookie Show” where they made baked goods for the holiday season.

The pair has continued to appear on shows with each other, even getting their own called Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. About his domestic goddess friend, Snoop has said only compliments, including “I’ve never met anyone like Martha Stewart. When we come together, it’s a natural combination of love, peace, and harmony.”

1. Jennifer Lawrence & Kris Jenner

Jennifer Lawrence and Kris Jenner may seem like they’re from different worlds, but the two are actually really good friends! Both of the women are famous and love to hang around pals, so the friendship seems only natural. Lawrence has admitted to being a big fan of the Kardashians and told The New York Times that when she met Jenner her “knees buckled… it was the closest I’ve ever come to losing consciousness.” For the actress’s birthday, Jenner posted a friendly photo of them cuddling up with each other and a good book.

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