16 Adorable Trends For The Upcoming Wedding Season

Wedding season is starting to wind down right now, but couples are getting engaged all the time and starting to plan big days of their own this year. If you’re one of the blushing brides or handsome grooms who are starting the wedding planning process — congratulations! Also, good luck, this could get stressful.
There have been so many trends and fads that have come in and out of the wedding scene throughout the years and while some have been great, others are most definitely cringe-worthy. These 16 trends are starting to trickle into the wedding scene and making a big impact. If you’re in the early stages of planning, you just might want to send some of these ideas over to your wedding planner now — and beat your engaged BFFs to it.

(Although, TBH getting a wedding planner is kind of off-trend these days, FYI. It’s all about DIY now.)

1. Small Scale and Intimate Environment


Long gone are the days of big, boisterous weddings. There is no need to worry about adding your cousin’s grandmother’s sister’s husband on the invite list. Couples are more worried about quality versus quantity these days meaning we are seeing a small scale wedding trend with more of an intimate experience for the newly wedded couple. Their guests now can enjoy a more low-key and chill ambiance which — let’s face it — is better for everyone involved.

2. Sophisticated Rustic Theme


For the past few years we have had seen our fair share of shabby-chic wedding décor. Lots of “woody” tones, burlap, lace, antiques and white-washed wood. While this trend still seems to be going strong and will hang on for a little while longer, we are seeing a more sophisticated turn with lots of calligraphy, flowers, twinkle lights and staging.

3. Yard Games and Overall Guest Experience


Joining both the rustic trend and intimate experience trends, couples are creating a fun environment for their guests as well. Long gone are the days of just a dance floor, candy bar, and photo booth. Guests can now take part in yard jenga, corn hole, Kan jam and bocce ball. We may even see a little added touch with a customization of the yard games.

4. Greenery – Lots and Lots of Greenery


All things green! Don’t worry, not Green Goblin bridesmaid dresses, but greenery in centerpieces, accents, floral arrangements. We will be seeing lots of leaves, ferns, eucalyptus, and maybe even some hops as a nod to the beer guzzlin’ groom. We find this trend to be very refreshing and budget friendly… an obvious plus.

5. Family Style Dining


Again, long gone are the days of the big wedding as it creates such a headache for seating charts and dinner selections. We are seeing a really big trend of long banquet style seating with family dining to create a warm and welcoming environment. There may or may not be a dinner selection and you are served a plated, sit-down dinner but we are really feelin’ the southern vibe of passing around dishes to divvy up the goods.

6. Vintage Glam Gatsby


Gatsby (and Leonardo DiCaprio) fans are going all out these days and the roaring 20s/Gatsby theme is coming up as a huge wedding trend. You will see lots of flowers, pearls, chandeliers, lace and feathers… yes, even incorporated into the bridal gown. What a great way to connect your older guests with the young ~whippersnappers~ by hosting a reception that appeals to all.

7. Metallic Accents


Gold. Gold. Gold. In true Goldmember style, we love gold. Whether it is yellowish gold or rose gold, it is a beautiful accent no matter what your theme is. This is a trend we really hope sticks around for a while because who doesn’t love a little bit of extra sparkle and sophistication?

8. Mixing & Matching Bridesmaid Dresses


This is a trend we can definitely get on board with. Kind of going along with the intimate wedding theme, couples are taking guest’s comfort more serious than ever. While back in the day, a bride would choose the UGLIEST dresses for her party, now there’s a little bit more room for creativity and to incorporate each bridesmaid’s personal style into the gown she wears on the big day. We’re seeing different tones, prints and textures in the bridesmaids dresses as the new standard. Things are no longer completely matchy-matchy and each attendant stands out in her own light… but not enough to take away from the bride — duh.

9. Signature Classic Cocktails


Manhattans. Cosmos. Moscow Mules. Old Fashioneds. They are such oldies, but goodies. We are seeing a big trend with classic cocktails but a little twist thrown in to give a nod to the bride and groom’s personalities. Nothin’ says love like a dirty martini, shaken, not stirred or a true Carrie Bradshaw Cosmopolitan.

10. Handcrafted Invites


Pinterest lovers, rejoice! This is where calligraphy is really shining through again. I’m pretty sure my wedding invites were stock purchased off a bridal website which gives me bridal regret that I couldn’t find a Calligraphist to doodle up some gorgeous invites. (Yes, totally had to google what a calligraphy wizard’s formal name was, here.) Handmade invites are EVERYTHING right now — the more personal the better. Now that the number of invites going out are going down, it gives a little more room for ~style~ on each and every invitation.

11. Do It Yourself Stations


Remember when chocolate fountains were trending? Actually, I think these things are still lingering around and that is totally okay with me because most of us are chocoholics at heart. But right now, we see an upcoming trend starting to trickle into the wedding scene with DIY stations. Again, with the Pinterest lovers. To add to the overall ambiance, we’re seeing s’mores and marshmallow stations and dessert bars. Seriously, this DIY station trend comes through from start-to-finish of the wedding ceremony and reception: from ever-loved mimosa stations to a coffee bar. Gotta say, though, the best one I’ve seen yet is salsa and guac station! Ariba!

12. Snapchat Geo Filters


Remember doodling your crushes name on your trapper keeper in elementary school? The pretty, little heart traced around it a million times? So this is basically the same thing but way techier. There are all kinds of routes that the cute-sie couple could go with this, and it is a relatively minimal cost in the grand scheme of things. Just be sure all your guests are saving their Snaps and stories so you can see them all later. (There’s no way you’ll be getting around to scrolling Snapchat within 24 hours of your wedding day… sorry, girl.)

13. Succulents


Succulents have come into our lives in a big way. No longer just a garden ornament, these little babies recently made the transition into kitchens and bedrooms across America and they are finally making their way into the wedding scene. We’re 100% obsessed. What a great way to repurpose, save money, and be green to ole mother nature? Don’t only use succulents for your centerpieces… as you can see in the photos, ditch the bride and groom caketopper and put a baby cactus instead!

14. Neutral Tones


We are going to be seeing a lot of beiges, grays, sage and blush tones this upcoming season — both in the wedding apparrell and the venue decor. It’s awesome because these colors basically look good on everyone aaaaand tt makes decorating and accenting super easy as well.

15. Drip Cakes


Cake. Cake. Cake… channeling my inner Rihanna with this one. Cake may be one of the best parts of every reception. We have recently seen the “naked” unfrosted wedding cake theme and this kind of piggy backs on top of that. No fancy fondant (thank GOD) but a messy, drippy goodness running down the sides of the cake. Cake heaven.

16. Lingerie Inspired Wedding Gowns


What better way to give the groom a sneak peak of the wedding night than a lacey, sexy wedding gown that shows off all of your best assets? We are seeing a big trend with lingerie inspired wedding gowns and honestly, it’s cute AF as long as it’s not too over-the-top. Gone are the days of big, puffy Cinderella dresses that risked the chance of being trampled by guests at the reception. Let’s hope this look is here to stay.

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