Create The Vision Board Of Your Dreams To Help You Further Your Career

Vision boards can be great in helping you set goals, further your careers, and stay inspired. From helping you overcome obstacles to simply relaxing and collaging, creating your vision board can be a super-rewarding and empowering experience. Here are our best tips for making the perfect one to help you succeed and achieve your goals:

What You’ll Need:

First things, first, get your materials and supplies in order. Stock up on glue sticks for mess-free applications, magazines for photos and text to scrapbook, and feel free to browse the Internet and pick out some more images. Whether it’s the building or logo of your dream job, a chic professional outfit you’d love to wear to work, or the car you’re saving up for with your paychecks, there are no rules or limits to what you can include on your vision board – and that’s kind of the beauty of it. Peruse your local craft store and look for fun letter stickers, colorful ribbons, or pretty patterned paper to use for your project. After all, you want to want to look at this all the time, making the aesthetic of the piece one of the most important parts.

Personalize and Set Goals

Setting goals is a key part of making your vision board the best it can be. Ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve, and give yourself a few minutes to write all of them down. Once you have a solid list of various goals, you can start downloading or searching for specific photos to include. For example, if your goal is to stop yourself from worrying so much, try including ~zen~ photos such as succulents, meaningful quotes, calm scenes such as the ocean, as well as photos of people meditating. The cool process of making and designing your own board is including whatever you want and excluding what you don’t want. It’s a win-win!

Grab Your Friends

Vision boarding can be especially fun when doing it with your girl squad. It’s fun to look at your different goals, compare your photos, and help each other find the right ~aesthetic~. Bring the Sauvignon Blanc for added fun — just don’t spill it! You’re more than welcome to have a photo of a glass of wine on your vision board if you’re reminding yourself to chill out sometimes — but you don’t want to smell vino every time you’re trying to get motivated!

Once You’re Finished:

Hang your one-of-a-kind vision board somewhere you can see it — and see it often. This could be in front of your mirror, next to your bed, at your desk at work, etc. Now that you’ve completed the crafting process, the last (and most important step!) is to ensure you’re using the board to help you stay motivated and empowered. Ensure it’s always in site and use it to your best advantage.

Keep calm, carry on, and happy crafting!

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