Top 18 Most Dramatic Vanderpump Rules Moments Of All Time

There’s only one show on TV where you can see full-grown adults have careers as waiters and be completely shameless: Vanderpump Rules. The Bravo reality show is a spinoff of the Real Housewives franchise that Lisa Vanderpump is part of. She runs a successful restaurant named SUR that houses some of the most insane people on the planet. So, yeah, Bravo made a good call giving these people their own show.

Vanderpump Rules is a bastion of immaturity and craziness. There’s drama aplenty on the show about 20/30somethings in the service industry in Southern California. Their wild moments have made the show the ultimate guilty pleasure. While they all had dreams and aspirations at one point (I assume), the staff at SUR is making a killing at the popular restaurant, especially with exposure from the show. Kind of makes you want to be a bartender in your thirties too. Kind of. The show returned for its sixth season earlier this month, so to commemorate the insanity — here are the show’s wildest moments to date!

18. Everyone finds out Kristen Doute and Jax Taylor slept together, cheating on their respective partners

Oof, this one is a doozy. In one of the first big dramatic plotlines on Vanderpump Rules, we find out that Kristen slept with her BFF Stassi Schroeder‘s ex Jax. Oh, while she herself was dating Jax’s BFF Tom Sandoval. What a twisted web they weave. When the truth comes out, there’s a lot of denials until sweet, dumb, career-waiter Jax admits the truth. It leads to a lot of drama and lost friendships in the process. Speaking of drama from the reveal…

17. Stassi slaps Kristen across the face

The fallout from the Jax-Kristen revelation is disastrous. After Kristen denies the rumor several times, despite Jax having already confirmed it, Stassi loses her cool. But instead of screaming at her friend, she just slaps her right in the face! It’s a gratuitous girl-fight moment that definitely shouldn’t happen between two grown women. But it was by this point in the show’s second season that viewers knew that Vanderpump Rules would never be boring.

16. Kristen thinking she’s the best girlfriend in the world after cheating on Tom a bazillion times

Even after all the craziness she put Tom through (yanno, like cheating on him with his best friend), she still thinks she’s the best GF in the world. Girl, you hopped on a train to crazy town. By the time she’s with her next boyfriend — DJ James Kennedy (we’ll get to his craziness later) — she thought that NOT cheating on him meant she was heaven sent. That’s not how this works? She definitely needs some alone time to figure herself out.

15. Scheana Shay‘s attempts at a music career

There have been a lot of painfully bad Bravo reality star singles. There’s Melissa Gorga‘s “On Display,” and the infectiously awful “Tardy For the Party” from Kim Zolciak. But then Scheana Shay came along and released the ear-splintering “Good as Gold.” It’s a generic “party” jam that just has nothing going for it. It’s not especially catchy, the lyrics are cringe-worthy to put it nice, and Scheana is… not the best singer. But hey, are you really a reality TV star if you don’t try your hand at pop stardom?

14. Everytime the waitstaff at SUR drinks (and fights!) on the job (which is often)

I need to get myself a job at SUR because the staff is always sipping wine and downing shots on the job. It’s actually insane how these people are still employed. Not to mention the multitude of screaming matches these people have on Friday nights during dinner service. At this point, fans of Vanderpump Rules probably come for the drama at dinner, but still, you’re killing the atmosphere guys!

13. When Jax gets arrested for stealing sunglasses while on vacation

What better way to impress your girl than get her fancy new sunglasses while you’re on vacation? Just make sure you actually buy them, and not steal them like Jax did. When the gang goes to Hawaii with all that waitstaff money, Jax gets drunk and steals some sunglasses. Typical thing for a man in his mid-thirties to do, right? Except — whoops — he gets caught and had to get bailed out of jail before they could all go home. And, in true Jax fashion, he is pretty unremoreseful. Maybe someday he’ll grow up.

12. Stassi shows just how vindictive she can be

The Queen B of Vanderpump Rules knows she’s the ultimate grudge-holder. Her penchant for revenge is something she prides herself on. She’s an absolute savage when it comes to what she wants to happen to the people who wrong her. This biting revenge plan is a bit over the top, but you don’t mess with the sassiest reality TV star of all time. You just don’t. This definitely goes down as one of the most effed up things a reality star has ever said. On camera, at least.

11. When James got real candid about sex

Oh, James. You sad, sorry little man-child. The aspiring “DJ” (a.k.a bartender) has no qualms about talking about his sex life. He’s like a 16 year old boy who’s so pumped to tell his friends that him and his girl were “boning.” Yikes. Of course he’ll later go on to trash his GF Kristen to anyone who will listen. But at least he got that sick brag in first.

10. Kristen telling everyone she’s not a crazy bitch anymore

This is the ultimate wild moment because of how insanely false it is. If you have to *literally* say you’re not a crazy bitch anymore, you’re probably still a crazy bitch. That’s just the rules. After all her cheating, lying, crying, orchestrating (more on that later), and drunken fighting, she’s got a long way to go before being normal. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a crazy bitch. Own it, girl. You are who you are.

9. “Tequila Katie”

When your drunken alter-ego has her own name, you might have a problem. When Katie Maloney drinks tequila, she turns into a crazy person of epic proportions. Some of Katie’s most interesting moments on Vanderpump Rules are when shes sloshed on tequila and loses her mind. We all have that one alcohol of choice that turns us into version of ourselves that sober us doesn’t even know. Katie just brought hers to national TV.

8. Scheana wearing MINK EYELASHES like some kind of psycho

Who does this?! Who wears MINK eyelashes?! Scheana Marie does and she has no shame about it. They must be making some incredible tips over at SUR to not have to buy Elf brand eyelashes from Target like the rest of us. Scheana is the queen of suffering for fashion. Mink eyelashes? Check. Nails way too long to do anything practical with? Check. So much makeup caked on her skin can’t breath? Double check.

7. Stassi coins “hashtag OMG insta-fight” and it’s cringeworthy

Like, never say that again. Never think that again. This moment is so cringeworthy that I want to unsee it. Especially coming out of the mouth of a grown, adult woman. Stassi describes Instagram fights in a way that no one needed to hear. It’s a new level of crazy when you feel the need to say the word “hashtag” in real life. Leave it on Twitter and your phone where it belongs, people!

6. When the guys dressed in drag because why the hell not

Episodes like this are why we watch reality TV. When Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz go out for a night in drag to celebrate Schawrtz and Katie’s upcoming nuptials, things get predictably crazy. Schwartz gets in a fight with Katie about the fact that he cheated on her early in their relationship (though keep in mind he only recently admitted it to clear the air before they’re married). His sadness (and drunkness) melts his drag facade and leads Sandoval to comment that he looks like a battered woman. I mean, more like a cheating douche in half-drag, but whatever.

5. Kristen FINALLY gets fired from SUR

After years of bringing down everyone around her and engaging in countless fights while on the clock, Kristen is finally fired. Lisa Vanderpump had had enough and ousted the server, who really wasn’t that great of an employee anyways. Now, Lisa’s a businesswoman, and knows that having Kristen on staff may bring in business from fans.
But when Kristen found the girl that her ex, Sandoval cheated on his current girlfriend, Ariana Madix with and ~orchestrated~ bringing the side-chick to SUR to call him out, shit hit the fan. Kristen proceeded to scream at Scheana after being called out for being psycho (and honestly…) then told her manager to “suck a dick,” for telling her to leave. Lisa was fed up with seven years of B.S. from Kristen and booted her. Honestly, we’d been waiting for his moment for a while.

4. When LaLa made out with everyone. Literally everyone.

LaLa Kent was a great addition to Vanderpump Rules because of how insanely horny she always is. She literally thinks about nothing else except getting it in with her coworkers. It’s amazing. She showed the ladies on the show what it truly means to be wild, young, and single AF. The best was when she made out with literally everyone — boys, girls, everyone — and felt no shame. Girl, keep doing you.

3. When James ever thought he’d make it as a DJ

This is less wild, and more sad. James is still holding on to hope that he’ll be a DJ sensation while playing bartender on the side. It becomes a bit hard to watch when you realize there are real people who think that DJ-ING is a viable career. (He might call it ‘producing’ but it’s all still the same.) Spoiler alert: it’s not. Especially when you’re not even that good.
He’s so bad that even LaLa doesn’t want to listen to him. His time on Vanderpump Rules is as close as he’ll ever get to any kind of fame.

2. Scheana’s beefing with Stassi…but still has take to her order because she’s a freakin’ waitress

Imagine you’re feuding with your former BFF and then you have to serve them at your waitressing job. How much you wanna bet Scheana spit in her food? Stassi shows she’s the true HBIC when she goes right in on Scheana and then orders a drink, asserting her dominance and trying to make it clear she didn’t do anything wrong. It’s a quick but wild moment that shows just how petty these VR people can be.

1. Lisa telling Stassi she isn’t important enough to hate

Never forget that Lisa Vanderpump is the BOSS on Vanderpump Rules. She’s literally their employer at SUR, but also the boss of their lives basically. The show’s title is about her calling the shots, what more evidence do you need? After Stassi leaves SUR and basically abandons her job, she comes crawling back to Lisa pleading for forgiveness, knowing that the true

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