17 TV Shows To Watch While Your Faves Are On Their Mid-Season Hiatus

The holidays are great for so many reasons, but one of the best is definitely being able to catch up on all that TV. Life gets so busy and sometimes there just isn’t time to catch up with your weekly shows. The only problem is that once you’re all caught up with your weekly staples, there’s a huge void where your favorite TV shows used to be.

While you’re obviously missing some of your favorite characters, for a few weeks you don’t have to worry about catching your shows, DVRing, or finding them on streaming the next day. You can bask in the glory of a good ole fashioned binge watch of all the stuff you’ve missed out on in the last few months. Old faves, streaming hits, and more! Here are 17 great TV shows you should be catching up on this holiday season!

1. Scandal

Few shows are as politically relevant as Scandal. The hit show, now in its final season, imagines a world where there’s a female president (ya know, the world we all wish we had). It has a whole slew of powerful, no bullshit women with the QWEEN Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) leading the fray. The show tackles issues of sexism, racism, and classism — just to name a few. In this hyper-political world, it’s the show we should all be watching. But be warned — a catch-up binge watch may result in the urge to #resist by the end. You’ve been warned.

Where you can stream: Hulu

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Sometimes the best binge-watches are the comedy binges. This surprisingly heartfelt, hilarious show portrays the inner (completely unrealistic) workings of an NYC police precinct. Andy Samberg literally plays the role he was born to play here as goofy, well-meaning detective Jake. Since it’s a half-hour show and not appointment television, it can be easy to forget about it week to week, making this the perfect time to get a few hours in of belly laughs. And if you’ve never seen it? Even better. You have five and a half seasons of hilarity to indulge in. Enjoy!

Where you can stream: Hulu

3. Jane the Virgin

Have you been putting off getting into this great show because you’re turned off by the title? Well, stop it! You’re missing out on some soapy, juicy goodness à la every great telenovela. It’s full of great female role models, digs deep into the importance of family, and has some of the cutest kids on TV. Jane the Virgin is one of those perfect binge-watch shows because so many arcs span 3-5 episodes as the show moves at breakneck pace. You can get a whole dose of crazy, sentimental goodness in one couple hour sitting. Perfect guilty pleasure watching!

Where you can stream: Netflix & The CW Seed App

4. The Orville

One of the funniest new shows this fall is, of course, from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. His ode to all things Star Trek almost borders on imitation with how closely it follows the sci-fi tropes of the classic show. It’s gotten some mixed reviews, but the show has really found its groove since the premiere and is definitely worth a solid binge. The mix of humor, and unexpected heart, blends into a space odyssey for the modern age.

Where you can stream: Hulu

5. The Good Place

This show is so forking good! If you haven’t jumped on The Good Place bandwagon now is the time. When Kristen Bell’s Eleanor ends up in the seemingly heavenly “good place” after her death she must hide the fact that she’s not exactly deserving while trying to become a better person. The premise is turned on its head by the end of the first season making for TV more compelling than it has any right to be for a half-hour comedy. Do yourself a favor and get in now while the show is on hiatus midway through its second season.

Where you can stream: Netflix & Hulu

6. This Is Us

If you’re looking for a good cry and you’ve already watched Parenthood too many times, this is the show for you. This heartfelt dramedy is perfect binge watching for those days where you want to totally veg out and feel all of the emotions. It was one of the biggest new hits on TV last year and it shows no sign of slowing down, so it’s time to jump on the bandwagon now or you’ll be way behind everyone’s TV obsession. Also: shirtless Milo Ventimiglia. Enough said.

Where you can stream: Hulu

7. The Mindy Project

Sometimes the best binge watches are the shows that are already over. You don’t have the stress of waiting for new episodes, you know exactly how long it’ll take, and you can take your time. It’s pretty soothing to know you’ll never have to catch up on a show after missing its live airing. The Mindy Project just finished its run and if you haven’t made time for the show before, now’s the time to chip away at the finished product. The comedy is perfect in chunks, or to play in the background as you wrap Christmas gifts and decorate this season. It’s pure rom-com gold.

Where you can stream: Hulu

8. American Vandal

Forget Making a Murderer, the hot Netflix doc of 2017 is all about who drew the dicks. This hilarious mockumentary takes all the classic tropes of crime docs and turns them on their head. When dicks are drawn on all the teachers’ cars the obvious culprit is troublemaker Dylan (Jimmy Tatro) but he asserts his innocence. From there, the mockumentary gets pretty serious, actually, and by the end, you find yourself so engrossed in the mystery that you forget it’s satire. It’s one of the hottest streaming hits in the last year but I get it if you didn’t have time to watch it yet. Now’s the time to get into the surprise hit.

Where you can stream: Netflix

9. Insecure

No doubt you’ve heard about Insecure and the genius of Issa Rae, but who has time to get into another “peak TV” show?! You do now! While a lot of shows on this list are funny, heartwarming, or great guilty pleasures, this show is just plain good. It’s one of the best on TV currently and is quickly becoming appointment TV à la Game of Thrones. Do yourself a favor and catch up on the cult of Issa Rae early so that when she’s a superstar you’ll know you knew her first.

Where you can stream: HBO Go

10. Mindhunter

If you’ve ever been curious about serial killers, this new Netflix fad show is for you. It’s one of the newest Netflix originals to hit the scene and it’s already gotten a ton of buzz. It portrays FBI agents who delve into the psyche of killers to see what makes them tick. It’s a fascinating look at the world of crime and murder and may just keep you up at night. If the joy of the season is too sickly sweet for you, binge this crime drama to even it out a bit.

Where you can stream: Netflix

11. Will & Grace

If you haven’t had time to catch up on the revival, I don’t blame you. Maybe you just didn’t make time because you figured the revival would be bad, or it wouldn’t be anything new or interesting. Boy, are you wrong. Hot tip: make the time for the new eps because they are amazing. The gang’s take on all things 2017 is exactly what we needed after this turbulent year. There are only six episodes so far so it’ll be a quick binge — and you’ll even have time to go back and rewatch some classic eps from the shows original run!

Where you can stream: Hulu

12. Westworld

This was one of the most talked about new shows of the year so here’s your chance to see what all the fuss was about. The show focuses on an amusement park for the rich that allows visitors to live out their wildest fantasies through artificial consciousness aka robots. The ambitious sci-fi drama is definitely unlike anything else on TV.
During regular times of the year, it’s hard to try anything you’re not sure if you’ll like — you have so much other stuff to watch! But with everything on hiatus, give a new show you may not imagine yourself liking a try — you may surprise yourself.

Where you can stream: HBO Go

13. Master of None

Fans of Aziz Ansari know him as lovable, trend-obsessed Tom from Parks and Recreation and his post Parks & Rec venture has been just as strong. Ansari plays a fictionalized version of himself, looking for love and success in New York City. It’s surprisingly touching, while of course being slyly funny. If you haven’t checked this out yet, now’s the time. The show only got better in its second season and with only two seasons to stream now is the perfect time to catch up to everyone else.

Where you can stream: Netflix

14. Shameless

If you haven’t watched Shameless yet, then what the hell are you waiting for!? This is pure guilty pleasure viewing. The Gallagher family gets into so much crazy stuff it’ll make your dysfunctional family look like the Cleavers. It’s hilarious, sometimes sad, and always over the top. It makes for the perfect binge watch due to its short seasons and intense watchability. You’ll have to know what happens next.

Where you can stream: Netflix, Showtime, Hulu with Showtime add-on

15. Riverdale

The Archie comics get dark in this sultry, mysterious CW show. There’s the normal CW teen stuff — but then there’s murder? And gangs? And mysterious stalkers? And a drug called Jingle Jangle?! This show is one of the soapiest, guiltiest pleasures to hit TV in years. Sometimes you want to watch thought-provoking, award-winning TV and then other times you want something riveting and sexy to capture your attention. Everyone is buzzing about this show and with it only midway through its second season, you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on it all over the holidays.

Where you can stream: The CW Seed for new episodes, first season on Netflix

16. Rick & Morty

Rick & Morty is the biggest gem of a show you probably aren’t watching. The sci-fi animated comedy follows alcoholic, effed up Rick and his meek grandson Morty as they traverse the multiverse in search of adventure. It’s one of the funniest shows on television and with only three seasons and short episodes, it’ll make for a binge watch full of belly laughs. …And probably a few “omg how did they get away with that?!”s.

Where you can stream: Hulu

17. Stranger Things

All of your friends have told you to watch the show, so why haven’t you done it!? Sure, it can get annoying when a show becomes such a hit that everyone is trying to get you to watch (ahem, Game of Thrones), but this is totally worth your time. The second season totally upped the ante, too, meaning this wasn’t some kind of one-season fluke. The silly, and scary, ’80s nostalgia will keep you up at night. Mostly because you can’t stop watching, but also because The Mind Flayer may be under your bed.

Where you can stream: Netflix

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