40 TV Shows Netflix Should Revive ASAP

There’s nothing worse than when your favorite show ends. Luckily, we now live in a world where Netflix revivals are a dime a dozen and TV reboots are about as common as, I don’t know, a seasonal cold (very common).

We’ve witnessed revivals of Fuller House, Gilmore Girls, and Arrested Development — Netflix knows how to give the people what they want. However, we have a few more suggestions for shows that we just need to see again. Whether they didn’t get the chance they deserved, they left us on a cliffhanger, or we’re just curious what they’re up to now —, these are the 20 shows we want to see back on Netflix.

40. Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks is one of those shows that was way ahead of its time. Watching it now, it’s hard to imagine why this show wasn’t a huge success and was canceled after just one season. Freaks and Geeks ended on kind of a cliffhanger, with Lindsay’s future pretty uncertain. While the existing season is absolute perfection, we’d love to see how all the characters turn out. Now that the show is such a huge hit, we personally think a Netflix revamp would be crazy successful. Seriously, talk about a star-studded cast — James Franco, Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, Linda Cardellini and Busy Philipps? While we’re sure they’d be a bit expensive, we’d even make do with a complete recreation… Who wouldn’t watch that?

39. Gilmore Girls

Granted, there is already a Gilmore Girls revival (check out Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life). But the people want something more concrete! We need more! The best part about Gilmore Girls is that it’s pretty timeless.

It’s basically a scripted and documentary of the fictional Gilmore Girls’ lives, so there’s kind of endless potential for storylines. At the risk of sounding desperate, we would be interested in seeing as many of Lorelai and Rory’s antics as possible, so keep the revival going, Netflix. While there is the potential for continuing A Year In the Life, nothing is quite concrete.

38. Parks and Recreation

Yes, this show pretty recently wrapped up, but we think the series finale of Parks and Recreation created a whole lot of potential for a Netflix revival. It might be risky to mess with such a good thing, but what’s life without a little risk? We are dying to see where Ben and Leslie’s kids end up. Plus, April and Andy as parents? What about Donna? Lucy and Tom? There is so much to work with. The last episode gave us a very ambiguous glimpse into the future of each character, and we’re dying to know more.

37. Lizzie McGuire

Who WOULDN’T want to see how Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda turned out? After being through middle school and one drama-filled trip to Italy together — we’re dying to see what the gang is up to. Of course, Miranda is key in this dynamic, but we all know that a Netflix revival would need to answer the most important question: what the HECK happens with Lizzie and Gordo? After their kiss at the end of The Lizzie McGuire Movie, we need to know if they end up together.

Disney Channel brought back That’s So Raven, why not Lizzie, too?!

36. The Office

Call me biased, but the last season of The Office was… kind of bizarre. Granted, there were a lot of loose ends to tie up, but some of the weird plot twists seemed unnecessary. Namely, why did they almost try and ruin Jim and Pam’s marriage?

The entire show was a beautiful disaster of awkward interactions and unhealthy relationships, so why did they need to mess with the golden couple? I know that everything worked out for the best, but we want to see what all the Dunder Mifflin employees are up to nowadays! It was comedic gold.

35. Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23

We know Krysten Ritter is busy with all of her Marvel commitments, but if those go on an extended break any time soon, this hysterical sitcom would be a delight to watch again. Co-starring Dreama Walker, this show was about two wildly different women who become roommates basically by accident. Where Krysten Ritter’s character could be, well, a b—-, Dreama Walker’s was a Midwestern girl, new to NYC. The conflict between their characters drove most of the humor, but it still had a ton of heart, which is always comforting these days. Plus, the always handsome James Van Der Beek also stars, as a version of himself.

34. Dirty Sexy Money

The name of the show basically tells you everything you need to know. The scandals the Darling family got themselves involved in were definitely dirty, definitely sexy, and definitely involved lots and lots of money. Peter Krause played their put-upon family lawyer, the straight man to the family’s wild proclivities. It would be a blast to see more of Juliet (Samaire Armstrong) and Jeremy Darling (Seth Gabel), who, as the youngest members of the family, got into the most trouble. Sometimes, it’s nice just to be entertained by ridiculous, soapy plotlines, and this show would definitely provide.

33. Happy Endings

This remains one of the saddest sitcom cancellations in recent years. The cast was so funny, and the humor was just the right amount of offbeat, but still totally #relatable. It was also really nice to see a loving interracial couple and a totally schlubby, and totally lovable, gay man on a lighthearted sitcom. Another bonus? That whole cast was extremely attractive (looking at you, Eliza Coupe) — it would be nice to see those gorgeous faces on a TV (or computer) screen again soon.

32. Friends

There are probably tons of reasons as to why a Friends revival hasn’t happened yet, because if it was possible we’re pretty sure it would have already happened. There is endless opportunity for a revival. The original attempt at a spinoff (remember Joey?) was a disaster, but we’re talking a full-cast revival. So we totally want to get a glimpse into the current daily lives of the whole gang, but we’d be lying if we said that we weren’t a little extra interested by Monica and Chandler raising their little family in Westchester. Is it a big family now? Do they still see Joey all the time? Where do Ross and Rachel live? What the heck is Phoebe up to? What happens to the chick and the duck?!

31. Sister, Sister

Considering that both Tia and Tamara Mowry have done a pretty good job staying in the spotlight, we think now would be a great time for them to do a Netflix revival of Sister Sister, right? In fact, the sisters themselves have said they’re pushing for it!

This show was such a classic. Unlike a lot of the super-cheesy kids’ shows that they showed back in the ’90s, Sister, Sister was actually hilarious and dealt with real-life stuff. Plus, Lisa was kind of like our own mom/best friend, so we wanna see what happens with her marriage. What became of Roger when the twins went off to college? Did the twins have twins of their own? Someone do this now!

30. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

It’s no secret that Will Smith is a busy man. However, we’re hoping that with enough nostalgia and demand from fans, there’s some possibility that we could get a Netflix revival of Fresh Prince in the works. The series ended with a ton of loose ends. When the show ended, Will was finishing up his studies in California while the rest of the Banks family moved to New York. We would love to see if Will and Carlton stay tight and if Hillary remains a successful TV personality. We saw Alfonso Ribeiro on Dancing With the Stars still killing it at “The Carlton” so we have a feeling he could slip right back into character.

29. Malcolm in the Middle

Speaking of Dancing With the Stars, we’re all falling in love with Frankie Muniz all over again! He and Bryan Cranston have made names for themselves post-Malcolm in the Middle, but we still think that this show was their best work, TBH.

How great would it be to see the whole family grown up, maybe with kids of their own? Think about Dewey as a grown-up! It would be totally wild. What does Lois’s millionth child end up like? Does Malcolm end up becoming President? Will Reese ever get his act together? All of this could be answered by a Netflix revival, just sayin’.

28. Everybody Hates Chris

Everybody Hates Chris was so underrated it’s ridiculous. Seriously, every episode was laugh-out-loud funny, and its sudden ending was devastating to those of us who had been watching from the beginning. Not only was Chris himself one of the most lovable TV characters ever, Terry Crews playing his hardass dad, Julius, was legendary.

Narrated by Chris Rock, the show talked about what it was like to face racism and financial difficulties along with all the difficulties of growing up. After the show ended, it gained a lot more popularity than when it originally aired, making it the perfect contender for a Netflix revival.

27. In The Flesh

This was a zombie show, but the way it did zombies wasn’t like The Walking Dead in any way, shape or form. The zombies were an allegory for oppression, and the main character of the show, Kieren (played by the endearing Luke Newberry), suffered from what the show called Partially Deceased Syndrome. It was a dark show, because of the zombies and oppression and everything, but the characters were all so tenderly thought out that it wasn’t overbearingly sad. It was only upsetting when it was canceled on a massive cliffhanger! Honestly, we deserve to know what was about to happen on this show!

26. Hannibal

Obviously a show about a serial killer who eats his victims and the man trying to catch him isn’t going to be for everyone. Especially when said cannibal serial killer gets these truly incredible sequences where he cooks gourmet meals out of… well, humans. But for those of us who watched religiously, there was something completely captivating about the performances and the stories they were telling. Bryan Fuller‘s stellar cinematography only upped the thrill of watching the show, and apparently, there’s a good chance we will get a revival.

25. Dead Like Me

Yes, this is another Bryan Fuller show, but when a man’s got good ideas, you really should give him credit. All of his shows have really wacky, original plotlines, but this one in particular still sticks out as one of the best. Starring Ellen Muth and Mandy Patinkin, this was a dark comedy about a girl named Georgia who is killed by flying space debris and joins a team of grim reapers. The show dealt more in lessons about life and living it fully than it did death, though, and if a show with such a potentially dark premise can be so optimistic, it may be a good time to have a show like that in our lives again.

24. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Okay, quite honestly, we think that it’s possible that Buffy’s own tale as the slayer may have wrapped up perfectly at the end of season seven. But we could totally see an awesome revival happening with maybe a new cast, a new slayer, and her original stories. Obviously we’d want a few guest starring roles from the OG crew like Sarah Michelle Gellar, James Marsters, and Alyson Hannigan (sorry, Nicholas Brendon, you’re not invited) but wouldn’t it be great to see a new generation’s slayer? We already know there are more out there after that series finale, so Buffy wouldn’t even have to be dead for this to make sense! We’re into it.

23. That ’70s Show

That 70s Show show was kind of all over the place by the end, but we think seeing all the actors and actresses come back for a Netflix revival would be so amazing. Plus, since Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher (aka Jackie and Kelso) are actually, finally together now off the show, it would be so adorable see them live this out in their original characters. We want to see how Eric and Donna end up (now that she’s done with Randy, AKA replacement-Eric), we want to see what the heck happened to Hyde, and mostly we want to see as much Red and Kitty as possible.

22. My Name is Earl

Another super-hilarious and widely-underrated NBC sitcom. While it ran for a pretty significant three years, we think My Name is Earl never got to live up to its potential. If you’re not familiar, the show’s about a guy named (you guessed it) Earl who has done a lot of really crappy things throughout his life. To make up for it and hopefully get his good karma back, he makes a list and tries to make amends for every bad thing he’s ever done. It can be crude at times, but the show was super hilarious and witty. We want a Netflix revival!

21. Sabrina the Teenage Witch

This is another one of those Netflix revivals that we think would be a great idea, purely for nostalgia’s sake. It ended on a really great note, but we think millennials would go wild for a revamp of this show. If you weren’t obsessed with this show, we’ll fill you in.

Basically, Sabrina and her fiancé end up canceling their wedding, and she runs off with her ~true~ love, Harvey. We wanna know how they end up, and of COURSE what becomes of the true star of the show — Salem. We know The CW is making a dark-Sabrina (à la Riverdale) but we want the OG back! We’d even take both!

20. Boy Meets World/ Girl Meets World

As one of the most popular, coming-of-age television shows, the Disney Channel revival of Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World was also wildly popular and sadly was canceled earlier this year. Fans bagged Netflix to take it and we’re still begging!

We even think it would be cool to shift the focus a bit more onto the Cory/Topanga/Shawn’s adult lives, making it one of those shows that gives interesting storylines to both the teens and the adults for some more ~sophisticated~ plots. Without the restrictions of Disney Channel, it could have a ton of potential!

19. Dollhouse

Dollhouse was definitely one of those shows that has enough of a cult following for a successful Netflix revival. It’s a super-unique sci-fi show that only lasted for two seasons, created by Joss Whedon. The first season didn’t do very well, but got significantly more popular by the second (and final) season — which honestly just seemed completely rushed through as they knew it was the last they had.

We think it should be brought back, mostly because almost anything by Joss is guaranteed to be somewhat successful. The show is super complex so we’d like a complete redo of season two, and then take it from there. Eliza Dushku, come back to us!

18. Pushing Daisies

TBH, we could go on for hours about this show. Talk about totally underrated and absolutely magical. The aesthetics alone are enough to warrant a Netflix revamp of Pushing Daisies, but there is also so much complexity in the plot. Describing the show is tricky; it’s basically about a guy named Ned who has the power to bring dead people back to life with just the touch of his hand. However, if he touches them again ever they die again for good. AND, if he decides to keep them alive, someone in the near vicinity will die within ten minutes. It’s complicated but you get the hang of it. This show is an honest-to-God masterpiece, PLEASE bring it back.

17. 2 Broke Girls

Yes, this show just ended, but it was super-popular so we ask: why was it canceled? Either way, we think it would be the perfect candidate for a Netflix revival, since plenty of loyal fans are pretty up in arms about its cancellation. If you’re not familiar, the show follows Max and Caroline (y’know, the titular *two broke girls*) as they work in a restaurant, trying to save up money to start their own cupcake business. As the show goes on, we see how much money they’ve put away towards their goal. In the end, the end up with a whopping $0, so we would like to see their dreams come to fruition in a Netflix revival, please.

16. My So-Called Life

Can you say throwback? This show was unlike a lot of teen-centric programs, especially in the mid-’90s, because it wasn’t afraid to deal with and talk about heavy issues facing adolecents. It was pretty intense, but that’s what made it all the more exciting. This show would translate super-well to modern audiences, since it talks about pretty timeless and universal issues. Plus, it left on a cliffhanger which was just ~annoying~. Also, Jared Leto? *Swoon*.

15. Zoey 101

This would hands-down be the revival to end all revivals. If you’ve somehow forgotten, production of Zoey 101 came to a screeching halt when the star, Jamie Lynn Spears, became pregnant as a teenager. It was crazy scandalous if you were a twelve-year-old fan of the show. The thing about Zoey 101 is that it was the first of its kind in terms of being a weird-humored and laugh track-less show on Nickelodeon. Die-hard fans know that there was a brief revival ten years after the show’s finale, where the gang revisits the time capsule and Zoey and Chase most likely get back together etc, etc. But we think at least a season-long revival is a necessity. Please and thank you!

14. Men in Trees

Please tell us other people loved this show a lot too! Men in Trees was about relationship guru Marin Frist (played by Anne Heche) who, upon learning her fiancé was cheating on her, decides to put down roots in the most recent stop on her book tour — Elmo, Alaska. It was a silly, easy, romantic show, and had a beautiful cast with a ton of people you’ll say ‘Oh, I know them from some show!’ about. It might be a little awkward to revive this now, considering Anne Heche and her co-star James Tupper recently separated after ten years together, but still. It was nice to look at all the handsome Alaskan lumberjack men.

13. The West Wing

This show was on for a really long time, and it might be tough to get recent Oscar-winner Allison Janney on board, but this is as good a time as ever to bring back the acclaimed political drama. First off, this show invented the walk-and-talk, and it would be awesome to see creator and writer Aaron Sorkin back at them again. But honestly, The West Wing kind of presented an idealized version of the White House and American politics. In these tough political times, a show that is that hopeful about what we can do as a country might be just what the doctor ordered.

12. Go On

Matthew Perry doesn’t seem to have great luck with any of his post-Friends shows. Go On, Mr. Sunshine and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip only lasted a season each, and frankly, all of them were better than that. But Go On was especially touching and charming. It followed Ryan King as he joined an emotional support group following the death of his wife and worked his way back to good mental health with them. A show like this, that talked about mental health but kept its characters moving forward with its comedy, might also be good medicine for viewers in this cultural moment when conversations about mental health are taking place more often.

11. Sense8

Yes, Netflix hosted Sense8, and yes, we are getting a movie to wrap things up, but it’s still ridiculous that this show was canceled in the first place. The premise was one of the most original concepts we’d seen for a TV show in a long time, and the diversity of the characters was honestly inspiring. The Wachowski sisters directed what would be a difficult show to pull off in any scenario with incredible confidence and skill, and it would be easy to get so many more stories out of this world they built. It wouldn’t even necessarily have to be about the same characters! You could invent a totally new group of sensates, and we’d still be down for more episodes.

10. Merlin

Okay, so this show was totally camp, and if you don’t like that or get it, you probably weren’t a fan. But as camp as it was, Merlin had a lot of heart, mostly due to the major bromance between the titular character and Prince (later King) Arthur, played by Colin Morgan and Bradley James. It was also the show that introduced the gorgeous and talented Katie McGrath to the world, for which we should all be grateful. But besides a wonderful cast, the finale left us on a really interesting premise for a modern day Merlin open, and it would be really cool to see that play out.

9. Cougar Town

Courteney Cox was as charming and funny as ever on this comedy about a divorced woman, her teenage son, and her friends that live in Cougar Town, Florida. It was on for six seasons, but it seemed like no one ever really talked about it much, and that’s genuinely confusing. The rest of the cast — Busy Phillips, Dan Byrd, Christa Miller, Ian Gomez and Josh Hopkins — was beautiful and hysterical and constantly kept us laughing. It also had some fantastic running gags, like Jules’ giant wine glasses. We’d love to nurse our own large glasses of wine while watching Cougar Town on our screens again. What’s the gang up to today, anyway?

8. Firefly

This Joss Whedon-created cult classic TV show did technically get a movie — Serenity — but we need more! Firefly had everything from beautifully-written relationships between characters to wild space adventures. We all fell in love with Alan Tudyk and Gina Torres‘ love for each other! And even though Serenity already happened, we think there’s room for more space adventures for these characters. The ones that — spoilers — made it out alive, at least.

7. Veronica Mars

Look, we know there’s a movie already, but as we said with Firefly, it’s just not enough! We miss this scrappy detective kicking butt and taking names. And because it was basically a procedural, there would be no shortage of plot ideas to go around. We think we could easily get another season or two out of the writers and the wonderful ensemble cast. And we definitely can’t be left hanging on how Veronica and Logan’s relationship goes after all that build up! Please Rob Thomas, give the fans what they want!

6. My Mad Fat Diary

My Mad Fat Diary was technically based on a memoir, so its ending made complete sense. That doesn’t mean we wanted to see it go. Its honest portrayal of teenage mental health problems was refreshing, and Sharon Rooney‘s performance as Rae Earl was one the best things to watch. It was also funny and sweet and real, and we got super attached to the characters over the course of its run, especially Rae’s best friend Chloe and her love interest, Finn. Couldn’t the writers come up with some plots for the characters in the future? Pretty please??

5. The Hour

Every one loves a good period drama, and The Hour is no exception to that rule. It followed a team of reporters and correspondents in 1950s London, trying to produce a groundbreaking current affairs news show. It only lasted for two short, short seasons, which is sad because the ensemble of that show produced some of the best acting we’ve ever seen. There is definitely no shortage of political intrigue from the time for the show to keep covering, and we’d love to see Romola Garai and Ben Whishaw put their heads and their incredible chemistry together again to report on said intrigue. (We’d also like them to finally get together, but no biggie.)

4. Pitch

Pitch being canceled after one short season was one of the most heinous crimes of 2017. Ginny Baker, the first woman to play in the MLB, was a TV character young female athletes everywhere could look up to, and we deserve the rest of her story, darn it! We loved the combination of sport, female empowerment, and yes, romance. That’s what happens when Mark Paul Gosselaar ages like a fine wine and grows a fantastic beard. Anyway, this story remains infuriatingly unfinished, and we’re waiting on Netflix to realize that and finish it for us.

3. Samantha Who?

Christina Applegate was totally perfect as Samantha Newly, a mean and self-centered woman who suffered from retrograde amnesia after a car accident and had to rediscover who she was and make amends. Her two best friends on the show were played by Jennifer Esposito and Melissa McCarthy, and they were total opposites who played up the best of their own, and Christina Applegate’s, comedic abilities. Samantha Who? was laugh out loud funny, and we never were quite satisfied with how it ended, considering it was canceled after the second season. Plus, we’d give anything to have Melissa McCarthy on our small screens again.

2. Kings

Honestly, Kings may have been too high-concept for network television in 2009 (it was canceled after one season, despite critical acclaim), which is why it would be awesome if Netflix brought it back. It was a brilliant and intriguing retelling of the biblical story of David and Goliath, helmed by some of the best in the genre TV business. The cinematography was next-level for a TV show – the butterfly scene might be one of the most gorgeous things we’ve ever seen on the small screen. It also starred Sebastian Stan as Jack, the son of King Silas Benjamin, so if high-concept isn’t your thing, maybe he would be (if he could find some time in his very busy schedule, of course)!

1. Smash

Okay, objectively, Smash was a pretty terrible show. But if you were a theatre kid, this show was everything to you the two seasons it was on, and you’d give anything to get more episodes. Even if it was a mess, it was electrifying to watch all the fantastic musical numbers come to life through the genius of Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty. Debra Messing is obviously busy with another TV show revival right now, but if she found some time, we’d love to have her writing songs with Christian Borle again. And we’re also still waiting on the actual musical version of Bombshell!

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