17 TV Casts That Are Total Friendship Goals Off-Screen

With so many high-profile celebrity feuds always hitting the headlines, it’s easy to forget that not everyone in Hollywood actually hates each other. The world of TV is a particularly great place for famous friendships to form. When you spend days and days with your cast members for years on end, it’s inevitable that you’ll get pretty close to them! Even shows with a ton of on-screen drama actually have super tight-knit stars behind the scenes. The good news is, these friendships don’t just stop when filming ends: a lot of co-stars have ended up becoming full-on BFFs!

But which off-screen bromances and womances are the most iconic of all time? Which co-stars are actually like family, and which have pretty enviable bonds of friendship? Read on to find out which casts are the closest – even though their characters often hate each other! If a friendship can survive having to pretend to despise the other person, it must be strong…

Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why isn’t exactly a show that exemplifies happy, wholesome friendships. In fact, it arguably does quite the opposite. Despite the show’s heavy subject matter, its cast still managed to have a bit of fun off-set and are now basically BFFs. When they shared snaps of their wrap party, we all kinda wanted to be there. We’d have loved to be a fly on the wall for their Halloween celebrations too: all of their costumes were pretty insane! This group of young actors are seriously loyal to one another – they all got together to watch lead actor Dylan Minnette’s new movie Don’t Breathe when it premiered back in August 2016. Friends who support each other stay together for life!


When Robin Taylor joined the cast of Gotham, he immediately noticed that there was a real sense of friendship between all of the principal actors. It was something he’d never experienced before, and Taylor has since said that the closeness he shares with his co-stars is one of his favorite things about the show. They have barbecues at Ben McKenzie‘s house, have an absolute blast at Comic-Con each year, and genuinely have such love and admiration for one another. It’s such a joy to witness! Two cast members have even taken their relationship beyond the bounds of friendship: Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin are married with a child! The two met on-set and make a pretty cute couple.

How To Get Away With Murder

The cast of ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder is a bunch of total goofballs and we’re so here for it. The entire cast clearly gets on super well if all of the set selfies, Instagram posts, and on-set pranks are anything to go by. Matt McGorry is apparently ‘that guy’ who just can’t stop laughing all the time, while Alfred Enoch often received a lot of teasing due to his Harry Potter Dean Thomas days. Apparently, before the show began filming the entire cast was sent to Philadelphia to have a great big bonding session. They had slumber parties, ate a lot of ice cream, and generally had a pretty good time. All of the younger stars look up to Viola Davis for acting and general life advice. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?


Honestly, we want to join the cast of Empire simply so we can join their huge friendship group. They take #friendshipgoals to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Roller-blading is one of their favorite activities when they’re not filming, and joint Target trips are also frequent. Gabourey Sidibe even shares her stash of toilet paper with Jussie Smollett when she buys too much. The cast hangs out over the weekends and basically whenever they get time off, usually eating sushi while sitting on beanbag chairs. It sounds like the dream! They even take an hour out of their busy schedules each week to play a huge game of Spades together. The friendship commitment is real!


On-screen brothers Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are basically family in real life too. Their bromance is one of the strongest we’ve ever seen, and sometimes it’s actually hard to tell the difference between their characters and their real selves. These two take a LOT of selfies, which we’re not exactly complaining about. Their specialty seems to be the ruggedly handsome “we’re in a car” shot – again, no complaints there. They watch Supernatural episodes together while chilling on the sofa with beers. One time, they went jet-skiing together. It’s a beautiful friendship, rivaled only by that of Ackles and co-star Mischa Collins. It’s no wonder there are so many Destiel shippers in the world when these two are so close in real life.

Criminal Minds

The closeness of the Criminal Minds cast was probably best seen when long-time cast member Shemar Moore left the show back in 2016. The cast released a joint statement revealing just how much they’ll miss Moore, with co-star Matthew Gray Gubler calling him a “brother” and his “best friend.” A. J. Cook jokingly added that she’d miss looking at Moore’s “pretty face” every day. Luckily, the cast’s closeness meant they pulled through this obviously upsetting loss. Their family-like bond basically reversed the Criminal Minds producers’ decision to fire Cook to cut costs back in 2010. The remaining cast members were so angry about the whole affair that Cook was pretty much immediately reinstated and has been on the show since. When your friendship is so close that it can save someone’s job, you know you’re doing well.

Stranger Things

The kids of Stranger Things are those friends we all wish we’d had back in middle school. The five young stars of the show have been BFFs since it began, despite Gaten Matarazzo‘s constant jokes that they hate each other. Eleven and Max actresses Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink actually went on vacation together recently, while Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), Matarazzo (Dustin), and Finn Wolfhard (Mike) all have matching football shirts. The others don’t feel left out, though – Brown, Sink, and Noah Schnapp (Will) have their own set too! The kids constantly hang out on and off-set, even going out to dinner together for Gaten’s birthday. But it’s not only the younger group hanging out. Steve Harrington — uh, we mean Joe Keery also frequently hangs out with the group as does season two bad boy Dacre Montgomery. Friendship goals right there!

Pretty Little Liars

After playing besties for years and years on ABC Family-turned-Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars, it’s unsurprising that the cast has ended up becoming firm friends in real life. Hanna and Emily actresses Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell are legit besties, while Benson has described the entire cast as being like one great big family. They always make an effort to see one another despite the show ending last year and share a pretty much unbreakable bond. They even have matching tattoos on their fingers! Aria actress Lucy Hale described the set as being like a second home and stated that she wasn’t ready to say goodbye when the show ended. Neither were we, Lucy! (Pictured with fellow Freeform actress Bella Thorne.)

Orange is the New Black

Despite all of the on-screen drama in Netflix hit show Orange is the New Black, its cast has remained firm friends behind the scenes. They constantly travel together, making sure to upload a ton of adorable Instagram posts wherever they go. Their awards show parties look like they’re the best fun ever, and the ladies always slay on the red carpet. Apparently, they spend any downtime on set totally goofing around, taking ridiculous selfies and having a lot of laughs. They go out to dinner together, go on nights out, and even take mirror selfies like any other group of BFFs. They even have legit slumber parties in their PJs. We seriously wish we could’ve gone to Pride with this group of strong females!

Modern Family

The members of this Modern Family are a close bunch both on-set and off. Jesse Tyler Ferguson has confirmed that they all actually love each other in real life. How adorable! They do seem to have the best time together, to be fair. Take the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, for example. We really wanted to be a part of their table! Sofia Vergara and Ed O’Neill engaged in fake PDA, Sarah Hyland posted some now sadly deleted hilarious drunk snaps of everyone on Instagram, and they all threw some mad shapes on the dance floor. Apparently, the cast wants Modern Family to run for as long as possible just so they can spend even more time together. How cute!


The cast of Frasier, one of the best ’90s sitcoms out there, are famous for their enviable closeness. Roz and Daphne actresses Peri Gilpin and Jane Leeves legitimately live next door to one another! These BFFs are also godmothers to each other’s children. Theirs is a truly close bond, and it’s adorable. Niles actor David Hyde Pierce is also godfather to on-screen wife Leeves’ son alongside his on-screen father John Mahoney. All of the cast stuck together to support lead actor Kelsey Grammer when he struggled with substance abuse issues in the ’90s, and they jetted off to Hawaii with the entire crew after filming Frasier‘s final episodes. The lead actors actually paid for everyone else to go on the holiday! How generous of them!


While everything about Scrubs was pretty wonderful, the friendship between lead characters J.D. and Turk basically made the show. Their bromance was one of the strongest we’ve ever seen – and it turns out it wasn’t actually that fictional! Actors Zach Braff and Donald Faison are pretty much as close as their characters in real life. The two ‘clicked’ at their very first Scrubs read-through and have been inseparable ever since. Faison used to take Braff clubbing a lot at the start, which is a pretty hilarious mental image. These days the two are more likely to be seen playing Jenga, being political together, or grabbing each other’s butts. Graff was even a groomsman at Faison’s wedding. Even though Scrubs has ended, this friendship will never die.


A brief look at any Arrow cast member’s Instagram is enough to make us all very jealous of this bunch’s friendship. They’re constantly hanging out both on and off-set, and seem to genuinely get along. They take weird selfies together, eat a lot of pizza, and even check out each other’s underwear (John Barrowman and Willa Holland, if you were wondering) from time to time. Emily Bett Rickards is actual BFFs with hunk Colton Haynes, and also happens to live next door to co-star Colin Donnell. The cast constantly cracks each other up, with Barrowman being a particular joker. Basically, we want to hang out with these guys and gals as soon as possible.


Even though this hit Nickelodeon show ended nearly five years ago, the Victorious group is still super close – and that’s despite one Ariana Grande now being a huge mega-star! Time hasn’t led to Victoria Justice and co. drifting apart. They still have slumber parties where they watch old episodes of the show while wearing onesies. Only real friends wear onesies together. They met up to celebrate Ariana’s birthday pretty recently, taking some pretty impressive #squadgoals pics in the process. Liz Gillies, Ariana and Matt Bennett attended the 2017 Women’s March in Los Angeles together, while Bennett regularly posts snaps with his BFF Grande. It’s so wholesome to see teenage friendships last!


Even though they no longer hang out in a coffee shop each day, the cast of Friends is still super close. Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow hang out pretty frequently, even making joint appearances on talk shows together. Cox was Aniston’s maid of honor at her wedding to Justin Theroux. Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc didn’t actually get invites from Aniston, but there are no hard feelings. LeBlanc has often stated that the cast is like a “family,” and his bromance with Perry is still going strong. This cast will clearly always be there for one another!

Game of Thrones

Despite the fact that their characters are often mortal enemies, the cast of Game of Thrones get on like a house on fire off-set. Even the Lannisters, whose incestuous antics and general habit of killing people make them pretty unpopular, have got in on the action! The most adorable friendship off-screen has to be that of Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams. These two are actual friendship goals. They hang out all the time, with Turner referring to Williams as her “soulmate.” They’re not the only ones with an enviable bond, mind. Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke often spend time being #kweens off-set, while on-screen Greyjoy siblings Alfie Allen and Gemma Whelan like to casually go for seafood together. It’s all just too much cuteness to handle.


The on-screen town of Riverdale plays host to a whole lot of drama for one small place. It seems like every character has a frenemy, an ex-lover, a current lover, and an affiliation with one group or another. However, the relationships between the show’s cast members are a lot less complex. They’re total BFFs off-screen and constantly post their adorable hangouts on Instagram for the world to see. They went to Coachella together last year, go on casual beach trips all the time, and frequent karaoke bars on days off from filming. What more could you want from a friendship?

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