Ranking Selena Gomez’s Top 10 Music Videos

Okay so when Selena Gomez‘s “Bad Liar” music video dropped basically everyone freaked out about it. Not only is there a ~special surprise~ hidden in it (keep reading to find out what that was) but it’s a serious departure from every other music video she’s made — damn, it practically feels like a movie! While some people are wondering, “is this THE best music video of all time?” others aren’t willing to go that far. But, it’s definitely in the running for Selena’s best music video ever! In celebration of the epicness that is “Bad Liar,” we’ve gone back to ~the tapes~ to investigate if this music video is the Disney star’s best one yet.

Keep scrolling to see Selena’s top 10 m.v.’s ever and keep your eyes peeled to see where “Bad Liar” comes in!

10. “Hit the Lights” (2011)


It was good, it wasn’t great. Kind of fun. Not much else to say!

9. “Same Old Love” (2015)


So, not gonna lie, this music video is kind of boring. But since the song itself is one of the best things to ever come out of pop music, it’s kind of hard not to enjoy watching the m.v. (even if it’s true that basically all she does for 75% of the whole thing is look around at stuff)

8. “Who Says” (2011)


Honestly, this one feels very Disney, but even though we’re happy Selena has moved on from those days — this song is just empowering and we just love her for that. The whole video has a very ~artsy~ vibe which really brings us all back to 2011 in spirit, doesn’t it?

7. “I Want You to Know” (2015)


The song is Zedd‘s, but Sel is obviously the star of the m.v.. Selena looks the way that all of us wish we looked while we were dancing around the club… plus the psychedelic shiz at the end is kind of sick.

6. “Come and Get It” (2013)


This is definitely a cool music video — but unfortunately, it gets a couple points off for the whole cultural appropriation thing.

5. “Love You Like a Love Song” (2011)


Selena definitely gets major props for all the outfit changes in this one — and the whole thing feels very unpredictable in the best way… so I’m into it.

4. “Hands to Myself” (2015)


By far Selena’s “sexiest” music video, the girl rips a page out of Britney Spears, Rihanna and Mariah Carey and films a scene in a bathtub, which just really kicks it up a notch.

3. “The Heart Wants What it Wants” (2015)


One word… EMOTIONAL. The beginning excerpt is a real recording of her talking to herself about the whole Justin Bieber breakup which is just honestly way too relatable. If you’re not crying by like, one minute into the damn thing then you might be a sociopath.

2. “Slow Down” (2013)


Catchy tune? Check! Dance moves? Double-check! Honestly this one ranks so high simply because it proves just how versatile the Wizards of Waverly Place actress really is.

1. “Bad Liar” (2017)


Not only does Sel time travel back to 1978 (we love the style), but she also plays no less than three characters and dresses in drag for one of them. Ultimately it looks like 2017 is going to be the 24-year old’s come back because this song is unlike any of her others, “It Ain’t Me” was a BOP, and this is her best music video yet. (Also we ALL SAW Taylor Swift lurking in the background so how could we not put this one in the #1 spot?)

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