Top 20 Disney Channel Original Movies Heartthrobs, Ranked

Disney Channel was the highlight of our childhood and preteen years. We sang along with the tunes of Hannah Montana, pretended we were best friends with Lizzie McGuire, and LIVED for the rivalries among Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus. Yep, Disney was the jam. But let’s not forget all the Disney Channel Original Movies we got, and the jaw-dropping hunks that accompanied them. From the Jonas Brothers to Zac Efron and Joey Lawrence, they were the stars of our boy-crazy minds. Although they’ve all moved on to bigger things, our hearts will be forever grateful for all that DCOMs have given us… these heartthrobs, in particular, included.

20. Taran Killam, Stuck in the Suburbs

Taran Killam plays Jordan Cahill in Stuck in the Suburbs, a celebrity whose phone accidentally gets mixed up with that of a teenage girl. There’s more than meets the eye with his public persona as viewers quickly learn that he’s not happy with the direction he’s going in. A sweet and heartfelt guy down to his core, he finally takes charge of his life and sings a song to save a landmark in a suburb. Cue the awwws!

19. Ricky Ullman, Pixel Perfect

The adorable Phil of the Future/Ricky Ullman plays nerdy teenager Roscoe who creates a humanoid hologram named Loretta to help his friend Samantha’s band by dancing at their gigs. We wish someone would make a hologram for us! After a few hiccups, Roscoe wakes up and realizes his feelings for Sam, who’s always been there for him. We loved Ricky as Phil and we loved him as Roscoe, too!

18. Shia LaBeouf, The Even Stevens Movie

We’re going to say what everyone is thinking: Shia LaBeouf has really buffed up since his days on Even Stevens. Although his character Louis Stevens was a total kook, he really shapes up in The Even Stevens Movie, where he had to act on his survival skills while he and his family are stranded on an island with no way to escape (or so they think). Not to mention, he shows his protective side when it comes to his sister Ren, whom he harasses on a nearly constant basis. We love the character development and we’ve gotta say, even to this day, we love us some Shia.

17. Johnny Pacar, Now You See It…

Johnny Pacar plays Danny, a performer in a magic show. He’s got to be one of the cutest magicians we’ve ever seen if we’re being honest. In this beloved Disney Channel Original Movie, Danny reveals to Allyson, played by Aly Michalka, that his powers are *actually* real, unbeknownst to anyone. Of course, another sorcerer gets involved and hijinx ensues. Although we don’t see Johnny in any other Disney movies, he went on to other projects in shows like Make It Or Break It on ABC Family.

16. Joey Lawrence, Jumping Ship

This one’s a throwback! It’s safe to say Joey Lawrence is pretty well-known nowadays. He starred in the movie Jumping Ship with his two brothers, and boy – are they a fine sight. He plays a privileged Michael Woods, who wants a job at his father’s law firm though he doesn’t have any qualifications. While on a trip on the Australian coast, he is kidnapped by pirates who ask for a large ransom from his rich family. Eventually, he’s able to outmaneuver them, and in doing so, learns that it’s important to work one’s way up the ladder instead of getting things handed to him on a silver platter. (You can always count on Disney Channel Original Movies for a good life lesson, right?!) Lawrence was a cutie then and he’s even hotter now!

15. Ryan Merriman, The Luck of the Irish, Smart House, and A Ring of Endless Light

Ryan Merriman has had a very colorful career, and Disney Channel fans have seen him through most of it. He starred in Smart House, where he lives in a house that is technologically intelligent and threatens to take control of his family, and The Luck of the Irish, where he realizes that he is part-leprechaun, part-human. His characters are quite cocky, at least in the beginning, but they quickly transform into sensible humble characters who realize the errors of their ways and learn to appreciate those around them. His last Disney Channel Original Movie role was in A Ring of Endless Light in 2002, starring alongside Mischa Barton and Jared Padalecki. Fans will also remember that Merriman was in Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars as Ian Thomas, Melissa’s shady boyfriend. We liked him better on Disney…

14. Kyle Massey, Life is Ruff

Kyle Massey, Raven’s adorable little brother in That’s So Raven, stars in Life is Ruff as Calvin Wheeler, a popular boy in school who needs money to buy a comic. When he learns that there’s a dog show that gives a lot of prize money to the winning dog, he adopts a dog and plans to enter it, until he realizes the error of his ways and donates the prize money to the animal shelter. Massey has always played such mischievous characters who are good at heart and end up changing for the better, and we’re totally here for it! (Also, dogs).

13. Philip Rhys, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Let’s just talk about the lyrical masterpiece that is “Supernova Girl” for a quick sec. Made famous in the Zenon Disney Channel Original Movie, Philip Rhys and sang the iconic phrase, “Zoom zoom zoom, make my heart go boom boom!” Playing Proto Zoa, an intergalactic superstar and Zenon’s idol, Philip may not play a main character in the series, but his songs and cool demeanor really drove teen girls (including Zenon) insane. He’s one of the most memorable DCOM dudes out there!

12. Michael Trevino, Cow Belles

Most recently seen on The Vampire Diaries, Michael Trevino plays Jackson Meade on Cow Belles with sisters Aly and AJ Michalka. He may not have a huge role in the movie as the love interest of Aly’s character, but he’s the son of a local dairy farmer AND happens to be very attractive. Such a contrast to the sexy bad boy he plays on TVD, Trevino’s character in Cowbelles is a sweet country boy who only has eyes for one girl.

11. Corbin Bleu, High School Musical and Jump In!

Fans first saw Corbin Bleu in High School Musical, where he plays Troy Bolton’s best friend, but he quickly became a household name when he starred on his own movie Jump In! with Keke Palmer a little while later. In the latter flick, he plays a boxer who’s roped in (pun intended) a Double Dutch competition. Boy, did we love all the scenes of him speed jumping! We were all reminded of our love for Corbin when he was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars once his Disney days were done.

10. Gregg Sulkin, Avalon High

Viewers first saw Gregg Sulkin on Wizards of Waverly Place as Alex’s, played by Selena Gomez, werewolf boyfriend. But, as so many do in the Disney sphere do, he quickly branched out to other projects with the mouse, starring in Avalon High as Will, a high school quarterback who might be the reincarnation of King Arthur. Although it’s later revealed that the female lead, Allie Pennington ends up being the true reincarnate, the group of high schoolers help her battle and defeat Mordred, a villain in the Camelot legend. Allie might be the hero of her own story, but Willy is by her side through and through aaaand he’s damn good-lookin’ while he does it.

9. Dylan and Cole Sprouse, The Suite Life Movie

The Sprouse brothers have made themselves home in our hearts as cute, mischievous boys wreaking havoc at The Tipton Hotel, but they’ve grown up into dashing young men that CONTINUE to make us swoon to this day. In The Suite Life Movie, Zack and Cody find themselves the guinea pigs of The Gemini Project, a study on the bond of twins. But when they learn their lives are in danger, they quickly try to make an escape for it, alongside the other twins on the island. Have we also mentioned that Bailey, played by Debby Ryan, and Cody are a couple? If only we got Maddie on board with Zack!

8. Shawn Ashmore, Cadet Kelly

In Cadet Kelly, Shawn Ashmore plays Cadet Major Brad Rigby, who’s Kelly, the main character’s crush at military school – played by the one and only Hilary Duff. He doesn’t have a huge role in the movie, most of his screen time is spent looking pretty and stoic for the most part, but his amusement shines through every time he and Kelly cross paths. Not to mention, he always seems to treat Kelly with respect and doesn’t look down on her inexperience, unlike everyone else. We love it!

7. Riley Smith, Motorcrossed

Riley Smith plays the handsome Dean Talon, a fellow racer with Andrea Carson – or rather a fellow racer of her twin brother, Andrew – who Andrea’s in disguise as. He gives her pointers in exchange for advice on a crush of his, not realizing that the person he’s asking advice from really likes him. Think Channing Tatum in She’s the Man, but the Disney version. (Both are based on William Shakespeare‘s Twelfth Night.)

6. Jake Abel, Go Figure

Jake Abel has been in plenty of big movies since his days on Disney Channel, but let’s not forget his role on Go Figure, a movie about a young figure skater who dreams of making it big. Abel plays Spencer in this Disney Channel Original, a student assistant coach for a school hockey team who initially doesn’t take Katelin Kingsford seriously. Eventually, he recognizes her talent and determination and starts to encourage her to pursue her dreams. He’s right by her side when she learns she’s going to the Olympics and proves himself to be a pretty good guy in the end.

5. Beau Mirchoff, Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex

Most of us probably know Beau Mirchoff from his role on MTV’s Awkward., but long before that, he played Dominic in Wizards Return. Dominic is an evil wizard in cahoots with Evil Alex and ultimately imprisons the Russo family. He flirts with the good Alex and gets in a fight with Mason, Alex’s boyfriend. Even though he plays an evil character in the movie, we can’t help but be drawn to him. What can we say? We’ve totally got a thing for the bad boy every so often.

4. Erik von Detten, Brink!

Erik von Detten, probably best known for his jerk of a character on Princess Diaries, can also be found in Disney’s Brink!, a movie about inline skating. He plays Andy “Brink” Brinker who joins a sponsored skating crew to earn some money when he discovers that his family is going through some financial problems. He eventually enters the championship with his own crew and wins, but realizes that he wants to skate because of his passion, not for monetary compensation. The perpetual California tan and surfer look will get us EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

3. Jonas Brothers, Camp Rock

We could go on and on about the Jonas Brothers and it still wouldn’t be enough. And while we know that they’re three separate people and therefore should qualify for this hottie list as three separate entries, the thought of splitting them up and judging them just felt wrong. The JoBros stole our hearts with their rock star roles on Camp Rock and serenaded us with their beautiful voices. Joe Jonas snagged the lead role in this Disney Channel Original Movie, which gives him a bit of a leg up on his brothers in this ranking as we get to see his arrogance morph into something more sensitive throughout the flick.

2. Zac Efron, High School Musical

It goes without saying that Zac Efron is one good-looking guy. Ever since we saw him on High School Musical, we’ve followed his career and watched him get more and more beautiful with age. His swoon-worthy role as Troy Bolton in the massive High School Musical franchise is nothing short of a dream. Troy’s the complete package: a popular jock, a wonderful singer, AND a sensitive boyfriend. We wish we were in Gabriella’s shoes!

1. Jean-Luc Bilodeau, 16 Wishes

Okay we know that this number one ranking may come a bit out of left field, but hear us out. Jean-Luc Bilodeau‘s breakthrough role may have been on ABC Family‘s Baby Daddy, but long before that, he was the sweet best friend to Debby Ryan‘s character in Disney’s 16 Wishes. In the movie, he, as Jay Keppler, tries to do all he can to make his BFF Abby Jensen’s birthday wishes come true, culminating in a happily ever after ending where Jay becomes Student Body President and kisses Abby. *Swoon* Also, just look at him!

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