Top 17 Biggest Celebrity Gamers

It’s easy to imagine celebrity life as one big opulent party day in and day out. But the truth is, most celebs are just like us! Just with, ya know, a ton more money. And just like us, they tend to get way too into video games. Plenty of celebrities have shared their love of gaming throughout the years. We can imagine it might be a tad bit stressful to be rich and famous, so why not unwind with something on screen that involves at least a little bit of brain power.

The great thing about self-professed gamers in Hollywood? There are just as many women as men professing their love for a good game. Which so true to real life! Video games are great for everybody. Man, woman, rich, poor, famous, regular person — no matter who you are, they’re fun! And these celebs know it. Here are some Hollywood stars who love embracing their gamer side!

17. Zac Efron

This may come as a shock to you, but ultimate Hollywood hunk Efron is a huge nerd. He even says he’s bad at dating because of his interest in things like comics and video games. That last one is his real passion, and it’s reportedly something he loves so much he lost Vanessa Hudgens over his Xbox! Rumors at the time of their breakup said that he was gaming way more than spending time with his girl and it lead to her decision to end things. If there are rumors about your relationship ending because of games, then you must be a pretty avid video games fan!

16. Ice-T

This rapper-turned-actor has another skill: video games. The actor often tweets about his gaming, including telling fans he picked up the new God of War game when it was released. He also said (in a totally f’d up Ice-T way) that he uses games to cope with real-life anger. His tweets also reveal that his fave video game of all time is the first Resident Evil and he’s a Far Cry franchise fan. Oh, and not only does he love playing games, but he even voiced a character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas!

15. Michelle Rodriguez

When Rodriguez isn’t acting, she’s basically a full-time video game enthusiast. Not only has she been a voice actor for several games, she also is a genuine fan. She’s opened up about her favorite kinds of games (first-person shooters) and her least favorite (fantasy games), as well as the game that got her hooked: Doom. And one big thing she loves about gaming is the bad-ass chicks in games, like the ones she voices!

14. Zachary Levi

Chuck star Zachary Levi is a massive video game fan. So much of one, in fact, that he hosted the Video Game Awards for Spike TV in 2011! The star has also lended his voice to a few video games himself, including Halo: Reach. While he cites games like Call of Duty and Gears of War among his faves, there’s one completely different game that got him into video games: Super Mario Bros.. Because, duh, is there any better game?!

13. Aisha Tyler

Tyler’s been a gamer since she was a kid and has even hosted UbiSoft’s E3 presentation one year! She proved her status in the ranks of gamers everywhere when, after receiving some pushback for her role in UbiSoft’s panel, went on an epic rant. In it, she detailed her favorite games from childhood and had the most badass response imaginable to those who couldn’t imagine she was a gamer. Tyler says that at her core she’s a gamer, and we can totally see it! Read her epic shutdown here.

12. Matthew Perry

We wonder if Matthew Perry and Aisha Tyler bonded over their video game nerd status while she was guest-starring on Friends?! Perry loves Fallout 3 an insane amount. Proof? He even got carpal tunnel syndrome from playing too much! He went on Elle DeGeneres‘s talk show way back in 2010 and gifted her a copy of the game. Not because he was sponsored or anything, but because he was that obsessed with it! His appearance on the show and obvious super fandom led to him getting a role in the next Fallout game and cementing a permanent legacy in the video game franchise.

11. Mila Kunis

It’s not just old guys in their mom’s basements that love World of Warcraft (did South Park lie to us?!) — it’s hot actresses, too! Kunis is a huge fan of WoW and even dragged her friends into the game. Once they lost interest, though, she did, too, and moved on to other gaming ventures. Her other big video game love? Call of Duty! Now we totally wonder if she and Ashton Kutcher have adorable gaming nights together — and can we get an invite if they do?!

10. Ronda Rousey

Rousey may spend a lot of her time practicing her fighting, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time for some video games! The UFC Champ turned WWE star has talked ad nauseam out her love of Pokémon! In a Reddit AMA, she also revealed her love of basically every other game out there. Though, surprisingly, she isn’t huge on fighting games! Now that she’s a staple in the WWE world, she’s gotten to appear in a video game. Hear her voice in WWE 2K19!

9. Daniel Craig

Craig may be super-serious in most of his film roles, but off-screen, he knows how to have some video game fun! Like almost everyone else in the video game world, Craig loves the Halo games. He’s also a fan of ultra-violent Grand Theft Auto games, but his former partner was not… so he had to play those sparingly! Along with playing games, he’s also lent his voice to a few, too. He’s reprised his on-screen role in the James Bond films in several video games.

8. Cara Delevingne

This stunning model has a habit of surprising us. Well, we were pretty surprised when we learned what a hardcore gamer she is! The model starred in an ad for Call of Duty in 2015 and revealed that she was a genuine fan of the game. The production company that makes the game has known about Cara forever, ever since she would attend Call of Duty events just because she was a massive fan! Her love of the video game led to her participation in the epic promo. She totally embraces the idea that the gaming community is vast and diverse!

7. Megan Fox

Fox has never been secretive about her love for all things video games. The avid gamer loves Halo: Reach and played the game constantly online. You may have even played with her, who knows! She mentioned in an interview once that Xbox users would make fun of her gamer tag but at the end of the day, they have no idea it’s actually Megan Fox they’re playing with. She’s also expressed interest in taking her love of video games to the big screen, offering to play Kitana if there were a live action Mortal Kombat movie. We’re surprised that quote alone hasn’t kickstarted production!

6. Robin Williams

The late funnyman was known for more than his comedic prowess — he was a total video game nerd, too! He was such a fan of video games that he named his daughter Zelda Williams after the Legend of Zelda character. Betcha didn’t know that connection! He loved games so much that he said it was a bit of a cyber addiction, even likening the game Call of Duty to cocaine. While he may be gone, his love of video games lives on in his daughter, Zelda.

5. Vin Diesel

Who would have guessed that Vin Diesel is a massive video game fan?! He’s such a fan that he founded video game developer Tigon Studios. He stars in and develops games with the company that expand upon the roles he’s played on-screen. He’s also a PC and console gamer that entertains himself with plenty of other games apart from the ones he develops. Our only question is if he and Michelle Rodriguez played video games behind the scenes while filming the Fast and the Furious films!

4. Brie Larson

The future Captain Marvel isn’t just into comic books, she’s into video games, too! She plays a wide variety of video games, including Smurfs’ Village & The Magical Meadow, because why not?! She often tweets about the games she’s playing and is a fan of indies as well as the old standards like Super Mario.

3. Henry Cavill

Superman is also a super-gamer. He’s a huge fan of games like Skyrim and World of Warcraft. In fact, he missed a call from Man of Steel director Zack Snyder — when he was going to offer him the role of Superman no less(!) — because he was busy playing WoW. That’s some dedication right there! Luckily, he called him right back and accepted the role. And then, presumably, went right back to his game!

2. Olivia Munn

Munn is one of the most avid gamers in Hollywood. She’s a huge fan of first-person shooter games but that doesn’t mean she avoids fun little trivia games?! Her favorites are Assassin’s Creed and Halo. In fact, her career kicked off with a gig hosting C4’s Attack of the Show, a show all about the latest in tech and gaming. She’s a proud video game nerd and never afraid to show it!

1. Drake

Drake is known for his hit rap songs and being stuck in his feelings. But did you know he also loves a good gaming sesh? Early in 2018, he took fans by total surprise by playing the game Fortnite on Twitch with popular streamer Ninja. The stream broke the streaming record as hundreds of thousands tuned in to watch the rapper try and win at the battle royale game. Drake’s breaking streaming records in music and video games these days! Between his baby mama drama and the life of a Hollywood mogul, of course, he’s gotta unwind with some good old-fashioned gaming!

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