Top 20 Best Britney Spears’ Music Videos, Ranked

For almost 20 years, Britney Spears has been an unstoppable force in pop music. She’s been through her ups and downs, but she’s always come back with amazing music and even better videos. No matter what song it is, a Britney Spears video always brings the perfect mix of sharp dance moves, jaw-dropping outfits, and a generous amount of sex appeal. We’ve talked about which 2000s videos you might have forgotten, but there’s never a wrong time to focus on our girl, Britney. So today, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to rank Britney’s 20 top music videos. We’ve done it with Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, and now it’s Brit’s time to shine. Some are incredibly iconic, and some don’t get the attention they deserve. This was a tough list to narrow down, but watching Brit vids is basically the best, so we’re not that mad about it.

20. “Do Somethin'”

“Do Somethin’,” released in 2005, probably isn’t one of Britney’s best songs, but the video sure is fun. It features Britney and her friends flying through the sky in a hot pink Hummer, which sounds like our dream vacation. The rest of the video takes place at a club, where Britney makes fun of the guys for being lame while wearing a pink crop top that says “LOVE BOAT.” We’re into it. Watch here.

19. “Till The World Ends”

This is one of Britney’s biggest bangers in recent years, and the video mostly lives up to the song. It’s set on December 21, 2012, and takes place at some sort of underground apocalyptic dance party, where Britney fits right in. If the world ever actually ends, we definitely want to spend the last night partying with Britney Spears. That said, this era of Britney isn’t all THAT ~iconic~, so we couldn’t place it too high on the list. Watch here.

18. “If U Seek Amy”

Britney loves to stir up controversy, and the title of this song had people everywhere talking. The video is equally steamy, with Britney looking amazing and doing some sensual choreography to match. There’s a weird Marilyn Monroe moment in the middle that doesn’t exactly fit, but everything else is great. Watch here.

17. “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll”

Britney Spears hasn’t done very many covers in her career, but her take on “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll” is a classic in its own right. The video shows her performing with a band, which is actually pretty unusual for her, and she looks effortlessly cool in her leather outfit and messy hair. She also writhes around on a motorcycle and pretends to smash a guitar. What can we say? We’re fans of Bad Girl Britney. Watch here.

16. “Make Me…”

The steamy video for one of her more recent singles shows Brit and her friends auditioning some hot guys for the video, most of whom are completely gorgeous. So, she definitely gets some points with that. It’s fun to see the girls judging the men for a change, and of course, Britney eventually chooses the hottest guy to have some fun with. Also, G-Eazy is there too, but it’s really all about Britney. Watch here.

15. “Everytime”

Though we’ll always have a soft spot for the scene featuring this song in Spring Breakers, Britney’s original m.v. is pretty good, too. The video shows a more emotional side of Britney that we don’t get to see very often. The ending is pretty effing strange — thus it’s #15 spot — but it’s also become stapled in pop culture because of how WTF-worthy it is. Britney might not be the most talented actress of her generation, but she pulls this one off fairly convincingly. Watch here.

14. “I Wanna Go”

This one starts at a press conference, where Britney has pink highlights and is taking absolutely no BS from the reporters. She shuts the whole thing down, and then takes to the streets with a microphone to put a stop to all the haters. We’re a little confused about some of the plot points in this video, but for the most part, it’s incredibly satisfying, and the different lewk from Britney makes it a more exciting watch. Watch here.

13. “Stronger”

This video features some of the best chair choreography of all time, and we want to learn Britney’s moves so bad. This is also one of Brit’s most empowering songs, which means we had high hopes for the concept of the video. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t live up to the greatness that the song is. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still good — just not GREAT. We will say, though, that this Britney is a confident, sexy woman, and she’s fine all on her own. She also looks amazing in all black and works a crop top better than anyone else in the history of the world. That’s a fact, look it up. Watch here.

12. “Break The Ice”

For this song, Britney went with an animated video, which is a completely different concept for her — and it paid off in a big way. The anime-inspired Britney Spears is an awesome superhero who has to destroy a laboratory filled with clones, and we’re just waiting for someone to turn this into a real TV show or movie. Marvel, what are you waiting for? MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

11. “(You Drive Me) Crazy”

One of Britney’s earliest videos, “Crazy” is also just a ton of fun. Period. And who doesn’t kind of always picture ’90s Britney in that green crop top? Our girl is super cute as a waitress at an old-fashioned diner, and there are fun appearances by Adrian Grenier and Melissa Joan Hart from the movie Drive Me Crazy. The connection to the classic teen flick just adds to the quality of this music video. Bonus points for that perfect choreography. Watch here.

10. “Circus”

Okay, we’d let Britney Spears be our ringmaster any day of the week. We’d pretty much kill to visit Britney’s circus tent just once, and the scene where the sparks are falling behind her (pictured) actually proves that the cinematography in the music video is actually pretty quality. The costumes send the video to the next level. Not only is this in Brit’s top ten music videos, but it’s also by far one of the most underrated vids of her career. And we’re not being dramatic. Watch here.

9. “I’m A Slave 4 U”

We’re not sure anything could ever top Britney’s infamous VMA performance of this song where she danced with a live snake, but the video is pretty great, too. There’s probably no one else in the world who can actually pull off wearing underwear over some tight metallic pants. It’s just tough to do. “I’m a Slave 4 U” features some of her hottest outfits, and you’re lying if an early-2000s version of you didn’t try endlessly to learn her choreography. Watch here.

8. “Slumber Party”

Britney’s most recent songs and videos are often overlooked, but her 2016 video for “Slumber Party,” which features Tinashe, competes with some of the pop icon’s best work. It takes place in a lavish mansion where some ~interesting~ things go down, i.e., Britney crawling across a table and a paint fight. Britney and Tinashe have the perfect chemistry together, and the red dress that Britney wears in the video is stunning. Watch here.

7. “Womanizer”

We just need to start by giving Ms. Spears a round of applause for how she expertly pulls off three different hairstyles in this video. We can barely manage one, so good for her. This is one of her funniest videos, and she expertly slips into her different disguises to catch her boyfriend in his games. She also looks incredible in that sauna, which kind of makes us go into music-video-mode whenever we get into the steam room at the gym. Watch here.

6. “Me Against The Music”

Britney. Madonna. Really, what more could you ask for? Britney hasn’t done very many collaborations in her career, but we’re glad that this one happened. Britney puts her own seductive twist on a suit and tie, and she slays some of the toughest choreography of her entire career. Madonna is the queen of pop, but Britney more than holds her own in this dramatic, sexy video. Watch here.

5. “Piece Of Me”

This was the video that officially marked Britney’s comeback from her low point in 2007, and it made a strong statement about how she had been treated by the media. With this m.v., she said what she needed to say while still having some fun, like when she wrote “sucker” in lipstick on some creepy dude’s forehead. #goals. This video won three VMAs, including Video of the Year, and we can’t argue with that. Watch here.

4. “…Baby One More Time”

There was no way we would forget about the classic video that’s inspired literally a million Halloween costumes since it premiered in 1998. The pigtails, tied up shirt, and plaid skirt are about as iconic as it gets, and the choreography is still so much fun. Britney’s been making music videos for over twenty years and this one still holds up. High school might not be this fun in real life, but we can still dream. However, we had to dock a few points on this one because the guy who plays her love interest in the video is actually her cousin… and that’s just a little too weird, even if they hardly interact. Watch here.

3. “Work Bitch”

This addictive banger from 2013’s Britney Jean has an awesome video following Britney to the middle of the desert to “work, bitch.” The vid has some of Britney’s most intricate choreography in years, which she performs flawlessly (as per ushe) while also expertly employing a whip. It’s very hot… and we’re not just talking about the desert weather. Britney said the video was originally going to be more sexual, but she changed some things because she’s a mom… Trust us, Brit, it’s still pretty sexy. Watch here.

2. “Oops!…I Did It Again”

Our runner-up for the “Best Britney Music Video” award is another one of Britney Spears’s true classics. The singer’s m.v.’s are often at their best when there’s a clear theme going on, and the space concept of the “Oops!…I Did It Again” video is pretty much the best thing ever. There’s also a Titanic reference, so… yes, veeeerrryyyy ’90s. From the scene at the beginning where they discover the B.Spears CD buried in the ground to that legendary red jumpsuit that probably no one else will ever be able to pull off, this video makes us want to go to Mars ASAP. Is that a thing we can do? Watch here.

1. “Toxic”

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t love this video? If there is, we probably wouldn’t get along. There’s so much to love: the sexy flight attendant outfit, the nude/diamond bodysuit, the motorcycle ride with a hot guy, the list goes on and on. Our favorite is probably the flight attendant outfit, which is one of the best things in the history of music videos. Point blank period. Britney Spears has had an amazing career with lots of great videos, but there’s no doubt that this one comes out on top. Watch here.

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