All The Reasons Why Thor Is Hands Down The Best Avenger

When it comes to the Avengers, there are so many to choose from. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and now the list keeps growing. Add to the list Spider-Man, Falcon, Ant-Man, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Vision, and more. Honestly, it is overwhelming how many Avengers there are. And with the Guardians of the Galaxy joining the fold in 2018, our choices get even tougher. Who should we choose as the best Avenger?

If you clicked on this article, you already know who is the best. Thor, the God of Thunder, heir to the Throne of Asgard, Son of Odin, A.K.A. the hottest guy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s got the perfect body, beautiful blonde hair, and a smile that could make a lady faint! But his good looks and charming personality aren’t the only reason he’s amazing.

18. Thor’s got the best smile.

As if his smile isn’t enough, he’s got gorgeous blonde hair. When we first met Thor in his original film, he was the kind of guy who knew how pretty he was. He had the good looks, great body, but his personality (at first) was not great. Thankfully, he’s proven to be good looking and a good guy. He knows that looks aren’t everything, but it doesn’t hurt that he’s oh-so-easy on the eyes.

17. He is adorably out of touch with how things work on Earth.

Things work differently on Asgard than they do on Earth. Thor is also a prince, so he’s used to being treated better than others. But he learns pretty quick you can’t smash a cup on the ground when you want another drink! He also learns (the hard way), that you can’t just waltz into a pet shop and get a horse. Or a dog “big enough to ride.” Looks like you’re walking Thor!

16. This is what he looks like shirtless.

Again, we really shouldn’t ogle someone for how they look. But if the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to insist on giving us shirtless men, we will admire as much as possible. Thor finds himself shirtless in just about every film he is in. With abs like those, it is honestly not surprising! We’ll just admire his dedication to having the fittest body of the Avengers.

15. But, he’s not just a pretty boy, he’s actually a polite and considerate guy.

After he learns that you cannot throw things and get what you want, Thor learns some real manners. It’s thanks to his beloved Dr. Jane Foster and her friends that he is a god on Earth who probably wipes his shoes before entering someone’s house now. In Thor: The Dark World, we get a tiny throwaway moment that proves how adorable Thor’s manners are. When coming into Jane’s apartment, he hangs his hammer Mjølnir up with the jackets and scarves.

14. He is a family man.

Out of all the Avengers, we get to see Thor’s interactions with his entire family. Everyone knows that Tony Stark/Iron Man has major issues with his own father. But Thor manages to work through his issues with his dad about ruling Asgard, he had a strong bond with his mother, and he has the best brother. Sure, Loki is a maniac bent on ruling the world, but he makes things interesting. The Avengers was a great film because Loki was such a lovable villain. And Thor manages to work through their tumultuous relationship and gets Loki to fight for the good guys!

13. But Thor also takes responsibility for his family’s bad behavior.

We all know that Loki has been a pain in Thor’s ass time and time again. Loki has tried to take over Asgard and Earth countless times, and Thor is the first person to be there to clean up his mess. Not only is he ready to fight his brother every time he acts up, he also makes it his personal responsibility to handle Loki. Thor knows that there is no one else who can go toe to toe with Loki like him. Even if Loki is a hassle, he is Thor’s hassle.

12. He’s not too big to ask for help when he needs it.

When working with a bunch of superheroes, it is kind of obvious that egos are going to be inflated. As we saw in the first Avengers film and Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man and Captain America constantly fight over who is right. They’re not often willing to admit when they’re wrong which tbh, just gets frustrating. Those two also aren’t really the ones to ask for help no matter what and having an ego that big can be dangerous. But Thor (after learning his lessons, of course) has come around to find that if he needs help, he knows his superhero friends are more than capable of getting his back.

11. He knows how to handle himself in a fight.

Some of his superhero friends rely on technology for combat. But in Asgard, learning how to fight is like a rite of passage. He spent years becoming an ideal warrior. He is a great leader in combat, having often fought with Lady Sif and the Warriors Three. He was known to be reckless, but he’s mostly learned to use his head and not just his strength when it comes down to it.

10. He’s humble, but he has no problem reminding people of what his official title is.

Unlike Iron Man and Spider-Man, Thor has many names. He’s the Mighty Thor. The Prince of Asgard and heir to the Throne of Asgard, who is then bumped to King of Asgard. He is the son of Odin. There’s a lot. But, more important than all those titles is that he is the God of Thunder. Why just be a superhero when you can be a God?

9. Unlike many of the other Avengers, he plays well on a team.

Originally, Thor needed to be the one in charge of the team, as he was with Lady Sif and the Warriors Three. But, after being banished to Earth to learn his lesson, Thor actually did. He’s become a better team player. When all of the Avengers were arguing, he was quick to call them out for being petty (though name calling isn’t very nice). And when Captain America took the lead on calling out orders, Thor had no problem getting to work. He’s worked with a few teams over the years to save the Earth and every time, Thor is always an easy going guy. That’s more than we can say for some of the others…

8. Even though he should have trust issues when it comes to Loki, he also works well with his brother.

As we all know, Thor and Loki have a complex relationship. Loki always envied Thor’s easy life. Loki wanted to be a ruler and he went about it in a terrible way, aka by trying to take over Earth. Not the best… Most people would cut ties with their brother after something huge like that. But Thor loves Loki and he knows Loki isn’t pure evil. He’s just difficult. So instead of cutting him off, Thor tries to get through to him and guides him to the land of the good. And even when Loki straight up kills their father and pretends to be him (again, not the best), Thor somehow winds up back on the team with Loki to protect Asgard. Talk about complicated family relationships!

7. He respects women.

Is there anything better than this? Thor grew up inspired by the Valkyries. One of his best friends and fellow warriors was Lady Sif. He’s worked well with Black Widow. He isn’t one of those misogynistic men who think women belong off of the battlefield. In fact, he seems to be terrified of Hela, the woman who can steal Asgard away from him. He knows just how much butt women can kick.

6. Thor doesn’t get FOMO because he’s confident in his friendships.

When the Captain America: Civil War cast list was released, everyone’s number 1 question was where TF are Thor and the Hulk? The movie addressed this (just barely) but not to worry, Thor isn’t the kind of guy to get offended. In fact, he was happy to stay out of the drama. I mean, Captain America having to pick between his superhero buddies or the best friend he thought had died during combat? Major drama no one actually wants to be involved in if they can avoid it.

5. But he is always excited to see a friend from work!

There is no greater moment in the Thor: Ragnarok trailer than when Thor comes face to face with the Hulk again. You’d think Thor would be wary given that time the Hulk punched him like a rag doll. But instead, Thor is thrilled to see his giant green buddy! Fun fact: Chris Hemsworth revealed on Instagram that “friend from work” line came from his “good mate Darcy.” Darcy is a young boy that Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo hung out with on the red carpet in Sydney at the Thor: Ragnarok premiere.

4. He is funny without even trying to be.

Thor’s foreign accent and limited knowledge of common Earth interactions make him absolutely hilarious. Like, can you imagine getting to hang out with this guy? His blunt questions make up some of his best dialogue.

3. He’s had major character development.

After Thor and his friends win in battle, the group has a huge party where Thor can drink himself silly. Essentially, Thor used to act like a complete and total frat bro. But since he was ~grounded~ to earth by his dear old dad, Thor has learned humility from humans and eventually he was deserving enough to wield his hammer again. Since then, he’s still been learning life lessons (aren’t we all?), but now his godly life has more purpose.

2. He is an actual god, not just your average superhero.

Thor wasn’t bitten by a spider. He didn’t get injected with a super soldier serum. He didn’t use his wealth to create some fancy technology. He’s a god. Being from Asgard, he possesses many strengths that humans on Earth do not have, like superhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability. TBH, it really does just give him a step up on all the others.

1. His bromance with the hulk.

The Hulk and Bruce Banner are the same, yet they are totally different. Do you get me? Bruce has gaps in his memory when he’s “the green guy.” While the Hulk is really useful in a fight when the Avengers need to pack a mighty punch, it takes a toll on Bruce. The fact that Thor is able to connect with his buddy when he’s in his Hulk form, not right away obviously, is pretty much #bffgoals.

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