20 Supernatural Characters We Wish Would Come Back From The Dead

Every Supernatural fan knows that death isn’t always final. At least, not when it comes to the Winchester boys. Time and time again, Sam and Dean Winchester have cheated death. In Dean’s case, this even happened quite literally. But what would we do if Sam or Dean actually died? Sorry, I don’t want to put awful thoughts in your head! Clearly, the showrunners at The CW know that we need our boys.

So while Dean and Sammy never seem to stay dead, we do know that they’re not the only ones to be resurrected in the Supernatural world. Just look at our favorite fallen angel, Castiel. Mary Winchester managed to come back from the dead some 30 years after her death. There are so many characters fans would want to see back on the show, the good guys and some of the bad guys, just to spice things up.

20. Death

Died: Season 10, episode 23

With Death dead, this means that if Dean or Sam die, the remaining reapers will make sure the two stay dead. We know that Dean and Sam can usually work their way out of the toughest spots, but things would be easier if Death came back and the target on Sam and Dean’s back was eliminated. We get that they probably needed to get him out to up the stakes for the Winchester brothers’ dangerous encounters but this is just stressful now.

19. Abaddon

Died: Season 9, episode 21

When big bads show up, like a Knight of Hell, we know that things are getting serious on Supernatural. Abaddon messed up the Winchester family pretty badly by taking away Henry, but she made things interesting. If there were ever an episode where every big bad came back, she’s toward the top of the list of who we’d need to see.

18. Dick Roman

Died: Season 7, episode 23

Out of all the bad guys, Dick Roman had the best smile and even though he was a dick, he was a funny one. His character gave us the Turducken episode and we’ll always be thankful for that. If he came back, he’d stir up some craziness and we wouldn’t be complaining about it.

17. Bela Talbot

Died: Season 3, episode 15

Sam and Dean always tend to meet women who want to mess with their heads. Bela was one of those ladies and damn was she good at it. She kept the boys on their toes. We don’t always need beloved characters to come back. Sometimes, we need someone who is going to stir up as much drama as possible and Bela could do that.

16. Ruby (2nd version)

Died: Season 4, episode 22

Don’t get me wrong, I hated Ruby. She was the absolute worst. She manipulated Sam and caused a rift between my two favorite brothers. But I am a sucker for drama and I love when real-life married couples work together so Ruby’s re-entrance would be kind of fun.

15. Meg (2nd version)

Died: Season 8, episode 17

Meg is one of those bad guys we learned to love. When we first met her, she was just another demon possessing an innocent woman. Sadly, she killed her vessel, but she when she came back in a new vessel and developed a relationship with Castiel, we kind of had to love her. Losing her to Crowley sucked, but demons always find a way back, so when can we see Meg again?

14. Rufus Turner

Died: Season 6, episode 16

It’s pretty obvious that Rufus wasn’t the nicest guy. Being around him wouldn’t give you the warm fuzzies, but his gruffness is why we loved him! He was paranoid, with reason, and he’d be a good ally for the boys as they run into trouble week after week. Our boys could always use another person on their side.

13. Rowena

Died: Season 12, before episode 23

Much like her son, Fergus, Rowena hasn’t been gone long. But out of all the women to appear on Supernatural, Rowena was one of the best. She had style and grace that anyone would kill for, but she also had a wit that could match Crowley. Maybe both could come back together? Just a thought!

12. Crowley

Died: Season 12, episode 23

Now, Crowley hasn’t been dead very long either. But after first appearing in season five, Crowley’s presence has become something us fans have come to love. Is it really Supernatural without Crowley? He sacrificed himself in a way we’d never have expected from Crowley. So, let’s hope that means one day the boys will miss him and find a way to bring him back.

11. Ellen Harvelle

Died: Season 6, episode 17

Ellen was the tough-as-nails mom we needed on Supernatural. I could watch a show just about her hunting, but that is an entirely different story. (Spinoff, please!) Dean was really torn up from losing Ellen. Bringing her back could give him some of the closure he desperately needs.

10. Jo Harvelle

Died: Season 6, episode 17

If we thought Dean was messed up about Ellen dying, then you already know he was heartbroken about Jo. In the first few seasons, Dean really acted like a player. But things were different with Jo. If she were to come back, maybe Dean could finally quit the business for real and settle down. Maybe she’ll come back in the series finale so they can live happily ever after together.

9. Henry Winchester

Died: Season 9, episode 17

If Henry never died, things would be much different for Sam and Dean, and their dad John. But things happen for a reason on Supernatural to serve a higher purpose. Still, if we ever got John Winchester back, it would be nice to have a bigger family reunion, so he could learn his dad didn’t abandon him but instead died fighting for a cause.

8. Gabriel

Died: Season 5, episode 19

Gabriel is a character that we barely got to really know on Supernatural. He gave us the episode with a million Dean deaths, yet we still had to love him. He helped the boys take down Lucifer (the first time) and for that, they’d be forever thankful. So, why haven’t they found a way to get him back? We, too, have been wondering that for a while…

7. Benny

Died: Season 8, episode 19

Benny is one of the first real friends Dean Winchester ever had and it is sad to think Dean wound up having to kill him. It all went down in a classic trope of “Dean needing to save Sammy,” and that is what makes Benny such a good guy. He did it to help save Sam, even though he’s a monster. Benny’s charm and accent are reason enough to bring him back, but we also need more bro time between him and the older bro.

6. John Winchester

Died: Season 2, episode 1

John Winchester’s life was dedicated to hunting, but only because his wife was killed by a demon. Before that, he’d been a less emotionally complicated man. His hunting obsession definitely messed up both of his boys more than he could have predicted. Which is why it would be so nice to see the Winchester family reunited. With Mary now alive (though stuck elsewhere) it isn’t impossible. In fact, in the world of Supernatural, John coming back to life 10 years after his death  is pretty realistic.

5. Jessica Moore

Died: Season 1, episode 1

Jessica’s death pretty much sparked the entire show. If she lived and the brothers never found out about the yellow-eyed demon, Sam most likely would be a boring old lawyer. And poor Dean would most likely have died by now and would have been all alone when it happened. Jessica dying was important for the show’s overall storyline, but it would be nice if she could come back to life, if only briefly, to give Sam a little piece of mind.

4. Charlie Bradbury

Died: Season 10, episode 21

Out of all the characters who died and never came back to life, Charlie is the one that was worst for us fans. They did Charlie wrong. She died offscreen, we didn’t even see her go down with an epic fight! Sam and Dean both were devastated by her death. If the boys could have saved anyone, I can bet Charlie would be at the top of their list.

3. Kevin Tran

Died: Season 9, episode 9

Much like Charlie, Kevin didn’t deserve to die. We got a nice “ghost Kevin” episode shortly after his death, but it is not the same as having our favorite prophet back for good. Kevin’s death was a very contentious moment for Sam and Dean, as Sam killed Kevin while possessed. If Kevin came back, everyone’s conscious might get cleared.

2. Bobby Singer

Died: Season 7, episode 10 (he did come back a few episodes later, though he ultimately remained dead)

Out of all the dead characters, Bobby manages to find his way back onto the show so often, it’s hard to believe how long he’s actually been dead. Bobby was basically Sam and Dean’s dad, given how emotionally distant John was. The Winchester boys always manage to wind up in situations where they need guidance, and who better to give them fatherly advice than Bobby?

1. Castiel

Died: Season 12, episode 23

Out of everyone on this list, Castiel is most likely to come back and we want it desperately. The power of fandom could never keep Castiel gone for long. Fans have loved him since the day he pulled Dean out of hell. But damn, watching Castiel die in season 12 was gut wrenching and we need him in action again ASAP.

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