17 Fun Summertime Date Ideas To Try

Now that summer is here, who doesn’t love all the possibilities the next few months will bring? While some of us are gearing up to go on our first solo adventure, others are planning a sweet road trip with our BFFs and a few of us have something else in mind.

If having an epic fun-filled adventure with your S.O. is a must-do for you this summer, skip the typical beach date and try something new. If you ask me, summer is the best time to get a little creative with your date nights. So if you’re looking for some summer date ideas that don’t involve the typical beach trip, a scary movie, or a baseball game (not that any of those things aren’t fun!), here are some unique date ideas you should try.

1. Do A Mud Run

Mud runs and other races like it are great if both of you are big on fitness and don’t mind getting a little dirty. You get to run, complete a bunch of obstacles, and play in the mud! How can that not be fun? Since it’s a race, you get to be each other’s cheerleaders by encouraging and showing your support for one another other. Also, if you’re both competitive, it could make the run even more exciting. As a bonus, there’s typically a huge party after with food, drinks, and music. So it’s an overall great way to bond and have fun.

2. Rent A Car And Go On a Day-Long Road Trip

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? Between making random pit stops along the way to your destination (if you have one), you can turn up the radio for your own Carpool Karaoke sesh, or  just talk and get to know more about each other. It’s definitely more low-key, but it’ll definitely be a day to remember.

3. Ride In A Hot Hair Balloon

Riding in a hot air balloon can definitely be a date to remember. It’s super romantic and you get to check out amazing views. Plus, if you’re terrified of heights like me, it can give you an excuse to stay real close to your date ;).

4. Take A Seasonal Couples Cooking Class

You can get delivery or dine out whenever you want. But there’s something about cooking with your partner that can bring you closer together. If neither of you is really that good in the kitchen, taking a cooking class together will be both educational and fun. Places like Sur La Table even offer “Date Nights” that are specifically made for couples. Once everything’s done, you can relax and enjoy.

5. Have A Picnic In The Middle Of The Lake 

Picnics in the park are great. But since it’s summer, why not take it to the next level and have a picnic in the middle of a lake? You can pack up some food, bring some mimosas, rent a canoe or a kayak and enjoy your brunch in the middle of the water. The earlier you can get out there, the better. That way it’s not as hot and you can enjoy some quiet time between the two of you before everyone else comes out.

6. Watch A Community Outdoor Movie

Look out for any outdoor movie nights happening locally. They tend to happen each week during the summer months. All you need to bring is a blanket or chairs and maybe some snacks. It’s definitely one of the cheaper options for a date night and yet still it’s a total blast. Sometimes they’re even free! If you’re anywhere near a bigger city, they’ll have rooftop screenings, which are a little pricier but v cool.

7. Attend A Concert In The Park

Similar local outdoor screenings, many communities often hold concerts in the park each week. You can go and support local artists while enjoying a relaxing night out with your date.

8. Cuddle Underneath The Stars

Admit it: It’s incredibly cheesy yet super romantic. The best part is you don’t even really need to go anywhere special. Just hang out on your balcony or set up a blanket in your backyard. You can even find an empty parking lot and just watch the stars from the roof of your car. Overall, it’s a definite must-do and doesn’t take a ton of planning.

9. Go Rollerskating

This is another great idea for couples who like to be active. If you’re anywhere near a boardwalk, that’s a really great place to go.

10. Go Fruit Picking

Picking berries together can definitely make for a memorable date. As a bonus, you can even try to make something with whatever it is you picked.

11. Hang Out At The State Fair

Summer is the perfect time for carnival games, rides, and a bunch of Insta-worthy food to try. Fried dough? Don’t mind if I do. It’s definitely an oldie, but also a goodie for sure.

12. Go On A Hike

If you’re both early birds, going on an early morning hike can be so nice. Heck, if you’re early enough then you can even sit somewhere and watch the sunrise. You don’t have to be a hiker to enjoy it. It doesn’t have to be anything intense. It’s just a great way to get some fresh air and just be with your bae.

13. Watch Shakespeare In The Park

Shakespeare in the Park tends to be a summer tradition for a lot of big parks around the country. If catching a performance is one of your traditions, it’s definitely worth bringing your date along. While Shakespeare isn’t for everyone, it’s still a fun way to be out in the community.

14. Throw A Backyard BBQ

Throwing a backyard BBQ with your S.O. can be a great way for your friends and family to hang out with each other. Consider hosting a party together: a major relationship milestone. Plus, if you’ve been dying to set up any of your single friends, it’s always a great way to make it happen.

15. Do Some Water Sports

You can do anything from kayaking to paddle boarding to surfing. If you’ve never done any of that before but have always wanted to, it’s a great time to try.

16. Go Camping

There’s a lot of things to both love and hate about camping. Take bug bites, for instance: those are a definite negative. But the pros do outweigh the cons (hello, s’mores!). Plus, you can totally bond over setting up camp, putting together a fire, and then cuddling as you roast your marshmallows. Overall, it can be a great getaway for just the two of you.

17. Go Geocaching

If you’ve never heard of Geocaching, it’s essentially this big treasure hunt that’s happening all over the world. You can download the app, spend a day looking for “treasure” and just make an adventure out of it.

As you can see, there’s so many fun date ideas that are unique to summer. So take advantage and have an adventure!

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