18 Best St. Patrick’s Day-Themed TV Episodes

With the seemingly bottomless number of TV shows nowadays, it can be difficult to decide what to sit down and binge watch. Sometimes you just have to stick with something timely, and fortunately, there are plenty of TV shows about holidays.

Cupid’s favorite holiday has TV shows. The holiday every turkey across America dreads has TV shows and movies. Jolly St. Nick’s day to shine has animated specials, cheesy Hallmark movies, and the classics.

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, and though it might not be as celebrated a holiday as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, never fear — it has TV episodes all of its own, too, like these ones. Top o’ the morning to you, and may the luck o’ the Irish be with you!

18. How I Met Your Mother

Season 3, episode 12 – “No Tomorrow”

In one of Ted’s less than romantic episodes, Barney convinces him to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day under the guise that the holiday has “no consequences,” to show him that doing things that are wrong can feel right. Ted proceeds to make bad decisions: ditching Marshall and Lily, putting expensive champagne on someone else’s tab, and nearly hooking up with a married woman. Although he wakes up with nothing but a black eye accompanying him, he realizes how much of a jerk he was. When he returns to the scene of the crime (aka the club) the next day to retrieve his lost phone, he ends up leaving with the iconic yellow umbrella, which we find out was left there by the mother, who was also at the party that night.

17. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 11, episode 8 – “Charlie Catches a Leprechaun”

Not surprisingly, the most profitable day of the year for Paddy’s Pub is St. Paddy’s Day, but thanks to declining profits, Dennis convinces the gang they need to step up their game this year — or rather, wheel up their game, by producing a mobile Paddy’s Wagon. While Dennis, Dee, and Frank attempt to find customers by driving the wagon around, Charlie and Mac think they’ve caught a leprechaun in the basement of the bar, despite his protests otherwise. Eventually, the gang discovers he’s actually a thief who’s been coming to Paddy’s Pub to steal wallets from customers for years. The gang being the gang keep this year’s haul instead of returning it to its rightful owners.

16. 30 Rock

Season 6, episode 12 – “St. Patrick’s Day”

This St. Patrick’s Day episode features one of many returns of Liz Lemon’s ex-boyfriend Dennis Duffy: this time injured on her doorstep while she’s avoiding the holiday revelers by staying in with her current boyfriend (and future husband), Criss Chros. Meanwhile on-set, which on this day is New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, a new page accidentally ignites a rivalry between Tracy Morgan and Jenna Maroney. Fortunately, Kenneth Parcell is there, as always, to save the day. Jack Donaghy momentarily questions his career, but a visit to St. Patrick’s Cathedral puts him back on top.

15. 2 Broke Girls

Season 3, episode 19 – “And the Kilt Trip”

As always, Max Black and Caroline Channing are a study in how opposites attract — or at least how opposites band together and start a fledgling cupcake business. Max and the rest of the gang from the Williamsburg Diner want to go out and get wild to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (Han Lee even dresses in a full-on leprechaun costume, complete with top hat and gold buckle shoes), but Caroline doesn’t feel like she quite fits in… maybe her ever-present pearls have something to do with this? She longs for her St. Patrick’s Day tradition of years past when her family was still wealthy, and they celebrated at the Plaza Hotel.

14. Grounded for Life

Season 4, episode 22 – “It’s Hard to Be a Saint in the City”

Obviously, the Finnerty family celebrates St. Patrick’s Day; would any good Irish Catholic family not? This year, Sean and Eddie are in a last-ditch effort to save their bar, the Red Door, which has not been doing well lately and which Claudia wants to just give up on. Though they plan for two weeks to drum up business for the holiday, when the day comes, the only keg they have on hand is non-alcoholic beer — which they proceed to sell, leading customers to think they’re getting drunk, until Lily, upset about not having the winning float in the parade, spills the secret. Fortunately, Claudia saves the day by “borrowing” two kegs from a rival bar. Leprechauns are crafty little guys, anyway.

13. Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Season 3, episode 17 – “Salem, the Boy”

What shenanigans do a teenage witch-in-training and her former witch-turned-cat Salem get into celebrating this Irish holiday? Roland, the troll who is madly in love with Sabrina and uses various guises to try to trick her into being with him, has a few tricks up his sleeve this year. On St. Patrick’s Day, of course, he is a leprechaun offering her three wishes. After some begging from Salem, who was long ago sentenced to spending his life as a cat, Sabrina uses one of them to turn him back into a human. This is a mostly terrible idea, except when Roland and Salem, occupying the body of one of Sabrina’s classmates, have to save her from the Other Realm she accidentally ended up in.

12. Mike & Molly

Season 3, episode 17 – “St. Patrick’s Day”

Officer Carl and Samuel the waiter host a St. Patrick’s Day party. Not to celebrate the luck o’ the Irish, exactly, but to try to convince attractive women to attend. Mike and Molly decline their invitation because Molly’s ovulating and the two have other plans for using that Irish luck to their advantage. Although Carl and Samuel stock their new apartment out with green beer, green M&Ms;, and a green piñata for the occasion, the party ends up being a bust because none of the attractive women they hoped for end up coming.

11. Cheers

Season 8, episode 21 – “Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh,”
& season 11, episode 19 – “Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey”

Cheers aired not one but two St. Patrick’s Day episodes over its 11-season run, both of which showcased the “bar wars” between the Cheers bar and Gary’s Olde Towne Tavern. In the first holiday episode, the gang screws up by thinking Gary’s has stolen Tecumseh and retaliating by closing the bar with padlocks and police tape, only to find out Tecumseh wasn’t stolen at all. Then, they think the arrival of the Fire Marshall for a six-month inspection is a messenger of Gary’s and run him out of the bar, only to discover he was legit. Naturally, they prank themselves by shaving their heads with “Gary” written into it, only to realize Gary is out of town. In the second holiday episode, the Cheers bar loses to Gary’s Olde Town Tavern in a sales bet, and then Gary somehow gets tricked into bulldozing his down bar. St. Patrick’s Day episodes almost always mean some sort of shenanigans!

10. Home Improvement

Season 7, episode 19 – “Desperately Seeking Willow”

On a holiday episode of “Tool Time,” the K&B; Construction crew celebrates St. Patrick’s Day, green hard hats and all. Neighbor Wilson’s house is being fumigated, so he takes off on vacation, but his 26-year-old niece Willow goes to stay with the Taylor family. Of course, Willow sneaks out to go to a party and doesn’t return – leading the whole family to go out looking for her. If you’re in the mood for a bit of St. Paddy’s Day-themed ’90s nostalgia, look no further!

9. The Simpsons

Season 8, episode 18 – “Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment”
& season 20, episode 1 – “Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes”

The Simpsons also celebrates St. Patrick’s Day twice throughout the series. The first themed episode is in season eight and starts with the town consuming copious amounts of beer at the St. Paddy’s Day parade, only to have a group of women complain about the drunkenness and discover an old town law from 200 years ago that banned alcohol. Law enforcement enforces the prohibition, so Homer comes up with a way to bootleg beer and liquor. Fortunately, after he’s caught, the town realizes the prohibition was repealed 199 years prior.
Later on, in season 20, there is also an alcohol ban, but strictly on St. Patrick’s Day due to the violence that occurs. Homer gets in trouble, again, and ends up in jail. What’s St. Patrick’s Day without a brush with the law?

8. The Drew Carey Show

Season 3, episode 21 – “The Sex Drug”

This episode of The Drew Carey Show puts St. Patrick’s Day in a new light: a sexy one. Lewis confiscates a sex drug being tested at DrugCo, and after nearly spilling it into Oswald’s St. Patrick’s Day beer brew, he throws it out… only for it to be found by Speedy the dog, who makes off with it to have it snatched by a raven, who does spill it into the holiday beer. Naturally, everyone drinks the beer to celebrate the holiday, and they all feel the effects of the drug. Ironically, Drew is supposed to be testifying in a sexual harassment case, but thanks to the side effects he keeps hitting on everyone, including the judge, and the case is thrown out. Doesn’t quite hold up to today’s standards, does it?

7. Beverly Hills, 90210

Season 9, episode 19 – “The Leprechaun”

Steve comes up with a plot to use St. Patrick’s Day to scam readers of “The Beverly Beat” and drum up publicity by hiring a little person to dress up as a leprechaun. Then, he promises a pot of gold to anyone who can catch him. Steve and Janet take to the streets with the man they’ve coined “the Leprechaun of Beverly Hills,” who is really just armed with chocolate coins. Unfortunately, he’s captured by a butcher who won’t take no for answer when Steve tries to explain it was all a promotional tool — then he breaks down over needing the money for an operation on his sick son. Steve writes a touching op-ed about the man’s situation and “The Beverly Beat” receives an influx of fan mail containing donations for the man. He got his prize pot of gold in the end!

6. Boardwalk Empire

Season 1, episode 5 – “Nights in Ballygran”

The awkward episode title is taken from an even more difficult to pronounce Irish folk song, “Carrickfergus.” Margaret, who is stung by Nucky’s supposed diss, tips off the cops about the beer he’s having delivered for the holiday, which is illegal as Boardwalk Empire takes place during Prohibition. Little people are hired to dress up as leprechauns at the Celtic dinner because, of course, they are — and at least they have the smarts to demand twice the pay for a demeaning gig. The operation is raided, but it’s not all bad news as a cute couple finally comes together on St. Paddy’s day.

5. Charmed

Season 5, episode 17 – “Lucky Charmed”

A demon is running around killing leprechauns and stealing their gold to give to other demons in an attempt to take over the Underworld. You know, typical St. Patrick’s Day stuff. When Paige casts a spell trying to reverse the bad luck the leprechauns are experiencing, she ends up in the realm of the leprechauns herself. Fortunately, she saves one leprechaun from the demon, and he transports them back to the real world on a magic rainbow, at the end of which they find his pot of gold, and thus his luck. Hooray for the luck of the Irish!

4. The Real O’Neals

Season 1, episode 3 – “The Real Lent”

As you could probably guess, the O’Neals are an Irish Catholic family, and mom Eileen takes this very seriously — despite the family’s secrets, which eventually come out. Those secrets come into play in this St. Patrick’s Day episode, where Eileen asks everyone to give up something they’re obsessed with, much like many Catholics do for Lent. Kenny gives up keeping secrets but then meets someone new whom he starts dating. This is ironic because he keeps the new boo a secret because his biggest secret of all is that he’s gay.

3. All in the Family

Season 9, episode 25 – “Too Good Edith”

Edith is planning to cook a feast for the St. Patrick’s Day party Archie is hosting at his new bar, but she’s diagnosed with phlebitis (inflammation of the veins) and is feeling under the weather. She asks Archie if it can be catered instead and he says it must be done personally. Instead of telling Archie she can’t handle all the corned beef and cabbage due to her disease, Edith spends all day cooking until she literally can’t stand. Of course, Archie didn’t know how bad her health was…

2. Futurama

Season 3, episode 36 – “The Luck of the Fryrish”

In this St. Patrick’s Day episode, Fry’s goal to find a seven-leaf clover is at the center. (Talk about really lucky!) While it might be a bit tough to follow for anyone who doesn’t watch Futurama already, Philip’s quest to find out whether his brother really did steal his good luck charm many, many years prior is a surprisingly wholesome St. Paddy’s day story.

1. The Office

Season 6, episode 19 – “St. Patrick’s Day”

Scranton residents apparently love St. Patrick’s Day, so the entire office shows up dressed in green, looking forward to the parade. Jim is back from paternity leave to discover Dwight has taken over his workspace, and the entire day Dwight tries to convince him to go back home to his daughter. The presence of Jo Bennett, the CEO of Sabre, has everyone on edge (except Darryl, who gets promoted), and after numerous failed attempts to suck up to her, Michael eventually tells her that since it’s a holiday, he wants to let his employees leave early to enjoy it.

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