16 Signs You’re So Over Your Roommate And Need To Move Out ASAP

Living with a roommate can be one of the best times of your life. It’s like having a sibling you actually want to live with. That being said, even siblings argue sometimes. You sometimes want to tear your sibling’s hair out and you might even daydream about the day you finally get to be rid of them.

Having a roommate can be very similar except, usually, you actually enjoy having them around. They make your life a little better and you’re never really all that lonely. But that’s only if you’re not totally sick of your roommate.

You’ll run into a lot of problems if you live with someone for too long or end up moving in with someone you aren’t very compatible with. You may have liked them once before but living with someone can show you a whole other side of a person.

And you definitely won’t like all of those sides.

If your roommate seems to be annoying the sh*t out of you lately, you might just be over them. Here’s how to tell if you need to get a new roomie or just move out ASAP.

1. The Sound of Their Breathing Makes You Want to Shove Your Head Through a Wall

When you can’t even stand to be in the same room with your roommate, it’s bad. Normal things they do or have always done become the most annoying things ever and you just can’t seem to calm down around them. That’s definitely a sign you’re over your roommate.

2. They Don’t Respect Your Privacy

Barging into your room and even the bathroom while you’re in there becomes the norm. If they don’t respect your privacy, you can’t live comfortably with them. It’s a sign you need to move out ASAP.

3. You Have to do All the Chores

You’re not their parent. You shouldn’t have to be doing all the household chores. They live there, too, and that means they need to be pulling their own weight or you’ll get really sick of them, really fast.

4. You Buy all the Household Necessities

Again, you’re not there to parent them. Buying stuff they use half of is not your job. You need to be paying for that stuff equally because it definitely adds up.

5. They Brush Off Your Concerns

If you do go to them with an issue so you can resolve it like the adult you are and they just ignore it or brush it off, it’s time to move out. They don’t respect you. How could you enjoy living with someone who doesn’t respect you?

6. You Find Your Food Half Eaten

I know your memory can be a bit fuzzy after spending a weekend indulging in delicious adult beverages, but you know full well you didn’t eat the rest of that pizza. Your roommate did. And they didn’t pay for it. Or ask. That should not fly and if you’re putting up with it, you should think about moving out.

7. They Always Have Their Significant Other Over

It’s totally fine to have some date nights or sleepovers with your beau. Nobody’s going to put the kibosh on that. But when your rommie’s lover is more like an added roommate than someone’s who’s occasionally over, it can be really annoying. You didn’t sign up to live with three people and still only pay for half of the rent. It’s not fair and you shouldn’t have to live with it. They should at least be chipping in for utilities.

8. Your Relationship is Negatively Impacted by Them

If your own relationship is going through difficulties because your roommate doesn’t respect your privacy or is just a nuisance when you’re trying to have date night, you need to move out.

9. They Never Acknowledge Their Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. That’s fine. So long as you acknowledge them, apologize and even try to right that wrong, no harm is done. But when your roomie leaves your milk out on the counter all night and it goes bad and they refuse to buy you more (for example…), it’s time to get your own place.

10. You Daydream About Them Wanting to Move Out

If you find yourself daydreaming about your roommate suddenly deciding to move out, you are beyond over them. It just shows you that, even if you don’t realize it yet, they’re doing a lot of things you can’t stand and you wish they’d just leave already.

11. You Daydream of Moving Out

If you start daydreaming about moving out and finding your own place, it’s time to start thinking about it. Sure, fights happen and sometimes we all want to say “eff this” and dip out, but if your daydreams are a regular occurance and not seemingly spurred by one thing in particular, there’s something in the back of your mind that is urging you to ditch the roomie. Maybe you should listen to it.

12. They Leave Passive Aggressive Notes Instead of Talking to You

Communication isn’t just important in romantic relationships. It’s important for all relationships. Leaving passive aggressive notes everywhere and not even talking to your face is a recipe for disaster.

13. You Walk Unknowingly Into a House Full of People all the Time

It’s okay for your roommate to have friends over without telling you. That’s not a huge issue if it’s just a couple of people and it’s not an all night affair. However, when your roomie knows you have to be up at six in the morning for work and is still having a ton of loud people over, it’s a real issue. Repeated behavior like this just proves they don’t respect you and your schedule.

14. They’re Always Late on Rent

Both of your names are on that lease and that means both of you are going to have a real problem if your roomie is always late on rent. Don’t let them give YOU a bad rental history. Get out of that early or you’ll end up paying both of your rent.

15. Your Stuff Seems to Magically Disappear or Break

When you can’t find your stuff or, worse, you find it in your roommate’s room, that’s a problem. Not asking your permission to use stuff or even breaking it without telling you is not okay and you need to move out ASAP. Yes, this includes clothes. Sharing two wardrobes can be a perk of living with another person, but only if the sharing is mutually agreed upon/ if the other person asks before raiding your closet.

16. They Post Your Personal Roomie Drama on Social Media (really…really?!)

You’re not always going to get along. Roommates argue sometimes. That’s not a reason to move out. What is a reason to start thinking about getting your own place, however, is when they post all of your drama on social media. They subtweet the sh*t out of your argument and expect you not to notice? Smdh.

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