16 Celebrity Marriages So Short They’re Already Forgotten

When most people say, “I do” they hopefully think that they are going to say it once and be with that person forever. Unfortunately, that isn’t always how things pan out. Sometimes, what started out as a loving relationship does a complete 180 in a strikingly short amount of time. Some people just commit without truly knowing their supposed other half. Either way, the result is a break up. And nowhere is separation more common than in Hollywood couples.

It’s sad that we almost expect divorce, annulments, and separations in Tinseltown. It’s part of the reason that we celebrate the longest-lasting marriages in Hollywood. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from remembering some of the shortest marriages to happen. Here are 16 of the shortest celebrity marriages that you might have even forgotten about.

16. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander: 55 Hours

Y’all remember Britney Spears‘ first marriage? No, we’re not talking about Kevin Federline. We’re talking about Jason Alexander. It’s okay if you don’t remember the marriage. It happened in 2004 and was blink-and-you-miss-it fast. Britney married her childhood friend, Jason, while they partied together in Las Vegas. Unsurprisingly, the marriage lasted 55 hours before it was annulled.

15. Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra: 9 days

One thing that everyone should learn is that quickie Las Vegas marriages aren’t the best. Case in point: When Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra decided to take the plunge in 1998 in the City of Lights. Afterwards there were questions whether the basketball player was under the influence when he said his “I dos” since the marriage followed an all-night bender. Nine days later, Carmen and Dennis separated.

14. Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds: 14 days

Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds make it onto the list, despite them not having a proper, legal marriage. The two made their commitment to each other on a private island in Bora Bora back in 2008. Just 14 days later, the comedian and television producer said that they would not be having “a legal ceremony as it is [wasn’t] necessary to define [their] relationship further.” They said the celebration in Bora Bora would be symbolic of their friendship instead. Okay.

13. Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton: 205 days

Elizabeth Taylor is as famous for her marriages as she is for her violet eyes and her jewelry collection. The actress was married eight times. It’s her first marriage that makes it onto the list. At 18 years old, Elizabeth married hotel heir Conrad “Nicky” Hilton (Paris and Nicky Hilton‘s grandpa). The pair had a lavish wedding in 1951, but not even an extra-long honeymoon helped. After 205 days, the couple separated with the actress saying he was verbally abusive and she was naive about some things.

12. Drew Barrymore and Tom Green: 163 days

Remember comedian Tom Green? What about his relationship with Drew Barrymore? It was considered to be one of the more unexpected pairings in Hollywood. It was a surprise when the duo got married in July 2001, but it actually wasn’t that much of a surprise that they divorced after only 163 days of marriage.

11. Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush: four months

One Tree Hill fans were over the moon when Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush got together in real life. Everything seemed so perfect when the two tied the knot in 2005. Just five months later, they split. There was talk that they were too young and immature to be married, but it’s also rumored that Chad cheated on his wife with his House of Wax co-star Paris Hilton. Interestingly, Sophia cited “fraud” as the reason for the divorce.

10. Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock: 122 days

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock had actually been dating on and off for years prior to their doomed nuptials. Then they decided to make things official with a wedding. Bucking tradition, the two got married on a yacht in 2006 with the former Baywatch star wearing a white string bikini. It seemed like the duo were a pretty good match, yet their on-off relationship ended properly when they filed for divorce after 122 days of marriage.

9. Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon: 60 days

Yup, Pamela Anderson makes it onto the list again. This time it’s for her quickie marriage to Rick Salomon. If the name isn’t familiar, he is the dude in Paris Hilton’s sex tape. Pamela and Rick got married in Las Vegas where Pam was appearing in a show. The marriage lasted even less than the Pamela and Kid Rock union. Pamela filed for divorce from Rick after 60 days of marriage citing “irreconcilable differences.”

8. Lisa-Marie Presley and Nicholas Cage: 107 days

Nicholas Cage and Lisa-Marie Presley made some high profile appearances during their relationship. Then they got hitched in 2002 with a gorgeous ceremony in Hawaii. Alas, things weren’t meant to be. The actor and Elvis‘s daughter called it quits after just 107 days together, never making it to their first anniversary — or even their six months.

7. Nicky Hilton and Todd Meister: 85 days

Like grandfther, like granddaughter? Everyone is familiar with Nicky Hilton’s fairy tale wedding to James Rothschild in 2015. What many people forgot was that Paris Hilton‘s little sister had actually been married before. In 2004, Nicky wed businessman Todd Meister in Las Vegas. As we’ve seen from other examples on the list, Vegas isn’t the best place to get hitched if you want a long-lasting marriage. Nicky and Todd separated after 85 days of marriage.

6. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito: Four months

Hands up if you don’t even remember these two being together? If you need a refresher, the pair got married in December 2006. Things were very short-lived for the couple as they split up four months later. The former Blue Bloods star was the one who filed the divorce papers. After the split, both have been candid about their marriage revealing that they “realized it wasn’t right.”

5. Cris Judd and Jennifer Lopez: 218 days

Casper Smart wasn’t the only dancer Jennifer Lopez hooked up with. Long before him, J.Lo was actually married Cris Judd. The two got together after Cris signed on to be in Jennifer’s “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” video. A whirlwind romance followed with them getting married in September 2001 and breaking up 218 days later.

4. Elisabeth Moss and Fred Arminsen: Eight months

Actress Elisabeth Moss and comedian Fred Arminsen seemed like a cute match back in the day. Things were over quickly for the pair as they were together and separated in 2010 after eight months of marriage — which, yes, feels like a long time in comparison to these other couples. Following the split, neither one of them has had complimentary things to say about the other. Ouch.

3. Amelia Warner and Collin Farrell: Four months

If the name Amelia Warner sounds familiar, it’s because she is now Jamie Dornan‘s wife. Prior to that, she was “married” to Collin Farrell… or not. It’s confusing. According to a “wedding announcement,” the couple got married in July 2001 in Tahiti when he was 24 and she was 19. To cement the relationship, Collin reportedly got Amelia’s nickname tattooed on his ring finger. Four months later, they separated. It was also revealed that their Tahitian ceremony wasn’t exactly legal in the U.S. and they knew it. They were apparently just “too polite” to say anything after the news became public.

2. Ali Landry and Mario Lopez: 18 days

Mario Lopez and Ali Landry were one of the adorable couples of the late 1990s and early 2000s. They got married in 2004. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted nowhere near as long as their six years of dating. Their marriage was annulled a mere 18 days after tying the knot. The reason? It was reported that Mario cheated on Ali in Mexico during his bachelor party. Yikessss.

1. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries: 72 Days

It may have been a quick one, but it’d be pretty hard to forget this one. After the big Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kim’s Fairytale Wedding E! special and a seemingly-never-ending wedding extravaganza, the Kim + Kris nuptials are firmly placed in pop culture history. It is said that the 2011 wedding cost over $10 million, excluding all of the product freebies. All of that pretty much went to waste as the reality star and the basketball player separated after 72 days of marriage citing “irreconcilable differences.”

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