13 Spooky TV Shows You Can Binge Watch On Netflix For Halloween

Earlier this week we gave you some suggestions for scary and/or spooky and/or generally Halloweeny movies you can watch streaming on Netflix. But what if one measly two-hour movie isn’t enough to get you into the Halloween spirit? That’s where TV shows come in, of course.

It’s amazing how many TV series are about monsters or the supernatural or just contain classic horror genre tropes. On top of that, it’s amazing just how many of those series are available to binge watch. So grab some candy corn (Am I the only one who loves it? I feel like there are some serious anti-candy corn feelings out there and it makes me sad), settle in, and prepare to be spooked for as many episodes as you want. Well, until they run out. Or real life demands you get up from the couch.

1. The Walking Dead

The first rule of The Walking Dead is that they’re not called zombies; they’re called walkers. Or biters, depending on who you’re talking to. But just for your info, for all intents and purposes they’re zombies.

2. American Horror Story

Are you watching this show for the first time this season and wondering what previous ones were like? Then go ahead and binge. Just be prepared for a little Dylan McDermott butt.

3. The Vampire Diaries

If you like your vampires with a side of teen romance but aren’t into Twilight, then here you go. You can also stream spin-off show The Originals.

4. The X-Files

I just started catching up on this, and I am thoroughly obsessed and also consistently freaked out. It doesn’t just deal with aliens; there are all kinds of weird, paranormal events investigated. And Gillian Anderson’s pant suits are fab.

5. Hemlock Grove

This is Netflix’s original horror series, and it’s not for the faint of heart, so be warned.

6. Supernatural

A couple of cute guys investigating ghosts and demons, etc.? Sign me up. Just remember that Jared Padalecki, who played Dean on Gilmore Girls, is not the Dean on this show. He’s Dean’s brother. Are you confused yet?

7. Bates Motel

If you’re more into the slasher genre and interested in how Norman Bates of Psycho got his start, this one’s for you. Plus, Vera Farmiga is kind of fabulous.

8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

If you’re a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I automatically think you’re cool. Not because I’m a fan (I’ve actually never seen it, oops), but because everyone I’ve met who is a fan is really cool.

9. The Munsters

If you’re a fan of the classics, you really won’t find a better Halloween choice than this one.

10. Being Human

Netflix has both the British and American versions. I’ve only seen select episodes from the British version, but I’m gonna go ahead and recommend that one because A.) British stuff is great, and B.) Aidan Turner.

11. The Twilight Zone

Another classic choice. Not gonna lie, that plane episode with William Shatner still gives me the creeps to this day. And I know I’m so unoriginal, but it’s the most famous episode for a reason, okay?

12. Fringe

This cult show was considered by some to be the X-Files of its generation, but unfortunately it was canceled after only five seasons. Give it some love on Netflix!

13. Witches of East End

Lifetime and witches. Where could you go wrong here?

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