19 Products That Are Perfect For People Who Speak Fluent Sarcasm

If there’s one thing we all ought to be grateful for, it’s the art of sarcasm. After all, quick wit and humor are an amazing defense against unwanted small talk. And of course, they keep us sane in a world where ignorant people say and do the strangest things (just look at Dr. Gregory House from House). But as good as it feels to dish out those clever remarks and comebacks, it’s not quite as satisfying as showing off that sarcasm with style. After all, what’s cooler than having your snarky tees and accessories do all the talking for you?

So whether you’re looking to find the perfect gift for a hilarious friend or want to give others a fair warning about your own level of sarcasm, these cool items will make you wish you’d found them a lot sooner. Get ready to do some shopping, because you’ll be obsessed with these snarky products!

1. Louise Belcher Quote Phone Case ($25.00)

Bob’s Burgers fans will totally appreciate this case. Because let’s face it, Louise’s sharp one-liners were basically the highlight of the show.

2. Sarcasm: I Sprinkle That On Everything Vest ($17.00)

Yep. Like spices on chicken, it can add flavor to just about any situation.

3. I Run on Coffee & Sarcasm Travel Mug ($17.95)

Of course, coffee can’t get all the credit. Although it certainly helps.

4. Sarcasm is Elemental to My Day Pajamas ($39.99)

Well, the pajamas are right. A day without sarcasm is a day wasted.

5. Sarcasm Loading Flask Necklace ($22.99)

It’s the perfect way to warn people that they can expect a sarcastic comment. Even better? That tiny flask can actually hold an ounce of liquid.

6. Sarcasm Tote Bag ($16.00)

This bag is cute AF. And the perfect opportunity to clarify what the term actually means.

7. Vintage Metal Tin Sign ($8.39)

This snarky vintage sign will totally spice up your decor, whether it’s sitting in your room or hanging over your desk.

8. The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm ($5.78)

Guys, this is a must have for literally every witty person in your life. The definitions are just too funny. Case in point: “Reality” is defined as “A state in which you assume everybody else resides, until you start dating.”

9. National Sarcasm Society T-Shirt ($15.95)

Honestly, there’s just no better way to show your humor. And plus, you can make fun of the people who think that the “NSS” is a real thing.

10. I Never Faked a Sarcasm Workout Tank Top ($23.00)

Sarcasms can never be faked. Unlike some things…

11. Classy, Sassy, and a Little Smart Assy Keychain ($18.95)

It’s basically like a mini bio, right there on your keychain.

12. My Body is a Filter Coffee Mug ($14.99)

Coffee addiction + endless witty comments = sarcasm filter. Yep, that sounds about right.

13. Today’s Mood, Bitchy With Sarcasm Coffee Mug ($12.00)

If anyone tries to cross you, just take a sip from this mug. You won’t even have to open your mouth.

14. The Sarcasm Is Strong With This One Star Wars Vest ($27.17)

To all the sharp-tongued Star Wars fans out there, say hello to your new favorite clothing item.

15. Friends Quote Pillow ($18.00)

Well hey, a bit of sarcastic advice could do a person some good! Chandler hit the nail on the head with this awesome quote on Friends.

16. Sarcastic Hardcover Journal ($21.67)

The world would be a better place if everyone understood the message that’s on this cover.

17. HAHAHA HAHANO Necklace ($15.00)

It’s just so clever and cute. And you can sport this necklace with any outfit!

18. I’m Allergic To Stupidity Coffee Mug ($13.99)

It’s the story of every snarky person’s life, really.

19. Zero Days Without Sarcasm Hoodie ($51.26)

Being sarcastic is a way of life. It’s just way too tough to go a day without it.

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