16 Times Samantha Said Just What We Were Thinking On Sex And The City

While my friends always pegged me as more of a Carrie/Miranda mashup, I’ve always been jealous of those like Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) from Sex and the City. I mean, her IDGAF attitude towards men, fashion, sex, really ~anything~ can be alarming at times, but it’s pretty f*@#ing real, too. With Samantha, what you see (and hear) is what you get, and she’s not ashamed of it. Whether she’s sick of Charlotte being such a prude about sex or she’s explaining her political affiliation, there are so many times Samantha boldly said ~exactly~ what we were all thinking. Here are 16 of the most memorable times that the character stole the words right from our mouths.

1. That time she threatened Carrie if she ever turned into a pretentious housewife.

But really, I think a lot of us wish we’d had that convo a bit earlier with some of our BFFs.

2. That time she spoke the truth about running into your ex.

TFW you run into your ex years after you split, you’re secretly unemployed and have nothing but Netflix to keep you warm at night and you’re still like, “Oh my god, I’m doing sooooo well, thanks for asking!”

3. That time she gave Carrie a pep talk about not listening to haters.

Everybody needs a Samantha in their life for exactly these moments.

4. That time she put into words what we’re all looking for in a good party dress.

Whether we’re at a wedding that we know our ex is going to be at, too, or headed on a first date via Tinder, we’ve all needed ~that~ dress to seal the deal.

5. That time she told Charlotte to stop worrying so damn much.

We’ve all got that bestie in our friend group who calls us on our bullsh*t and tells us when we’re being totally and completely neurotic. Thanks, Sam.

6. That time she ~perfectly~ explained why your gay bestie is, well, the best.

Whether you’re dishing the dirt on your best frenemy or shopping for the ~perfect~ outfit for your birthday dance party, your GBF just gets you.

7. That time she was tired of Charlotte being such a prude.

Sure, we loved Charlotte for always rooting for the ~happily ever after~ ending and her tendency to be a hopeful romantic, but sometimes she just needed to get real. And we have Samantha to thank for pointing that out to her.

8. That time Carrie almost gave up the opportunity to walk the runway during NY Fashion Week.

Remember that time Carrie (all 100 lbs of her!) was seriously considering NOT walking during Fashion Week for fear of being judged by the other models and their perfect 10 bodies?! TG Samantha was there to knock some sense into her.

9. That time she was genuinely confused by Charlotte’s dating life … again.

We all know that Charlotte’s a “take it slow and see what happens” kinda gal, but leave it to Samantha to call her out for seeing a guy for almost a month and not getting a look at his junk.

10. That time she perfectly summed up our political views before, after and during the 2016 election.

Oh, and remember that time she compared Mr. Big to the next Donald Trump, “except he’s younger and much better looking.” Priceless.

11. That time she told Carrie not to talk about her ex with her current boyfriend.

We’ve all been in a relationship that was teetering on the brink of disaster because we wanted to get all our baggage “out in the open,” but as Samantha says: sometimes it’s best to leave the past in the past.

12. That time she proved she’s the ~adventurous one~, time and time again.

We’ve all got that friend who will try anything, say anything, do anything at least once, sometimes for the mere shock value of it all. Meet, Samantha.

13. That time she and Carrie were so over guys.

Ah, the Post-It episode. Let’s all take a moment to remember how this pot-smoking, guy-bashing night ended: with Carrie in handcuffs and explaining to a cop how her boyfriend broke up with her … on a Post-It. Classic.

14. That time she defended her ~freedoms.~

If we have one thing to thank Samantha for on SATC, it’s that she DGAF what anyone thought about her and refused to be judged for any of the choices she made, for better or worse. She was anti-slut-shaming before slut-shaming was even a thing we talked about.

15. That time she spilled the secret that size ~does~ matter. 

OK, we’ve all thought this, but Samantha finally put into words what many of us were too prude (or sensitive) to state out loud.

16. That time she proved it’s OK to be selfish.

Ah, self-care. If there’s one thing we can all take away from Miss Samantha Jones, it’s that sometimes you have to put yourself first. And that’s OK.

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