15 Things We Already Know About The Roseanne Reboot

Who would have ever guessed Fuller House would cause a reboot sensation? The success of the Netflix series inspired a lot of other casts from the ’90s to think twice about coming back for another run. Will & Grace already scored big with their comeback. Now it’s time for the Roseanne reboot to do the same. Fans have of the ’90s sitcom have been more than ecstatic since it was announced that the hit series would be back on the air.

While it’s still a while away, we know WAY more about the Roseanne reboot than we did when it was first announced in early 2017. Let’s take a look!

15. It’s Back on ABC

Not every reboot finds a home on its original network; Look at Fuller House. In the grand scheme of things, there is no way it could’ve worked alongside the other shows on ABC. Plus, TGIF is no longer relevant. When Roseanne Barr announced the show would be coming back, there wasn’t a network to take it yet. Unlike Fuller House, Roseanne will be returning to its roots on ABC.

14. The Premiere Date

Of course, as soon as we knew Roseanne would be coming back, we wanted to know WHEN. When could we sit down and relive these wonderful characters? Finally, we got our answer. The Conners will be back in action on March 27, 2018 and WE. CAN’T. WAIT.

13. The Laugh is Back

One of the most iconic aspects of Roseanne was always that laugh. Her jovial but sarcastic laugh was a staple of the show. We heard it from the start and it was the last thing we heard when the show ended in 1997. We know it’s back, but will it be the first thing we hear when the show premieres? If the teaser trailer was any indication — yes, probably.

12. Dan is Alive & Well

Continuity is important in dramas, but comedies? Not so much. Especially when it comes to recent reboots. Will & Grace completely ignored how their show ended, and Roseanne will do the same. Roseanne’s finale led us to believe many things. That includes Dan actually having been dead since Darlene’s wedding. Well, that’s out the window because John Goodman will be returning as Dan and he will not be a zombie or ghost.

11. Mark, Sadly, Won’t Be Back

We can’t say the same about Mark Healy. While he was alive on the show, in real life the actor behind the oftentimes dopey character passed away in 2002. In case you’re wondering if they’ll replace Glenn Quinn, Roseanne noted on her site that they may just write in Mark’s death. It does not appear as though his character will be replaced.

10. Johnny Galecki is Back

Fans also wondered is Mark Healy’s younger, sensitive brother would reprise his role. With Johnny Galecki pretty busy on The Big Bang Theory, many didn’t know if he’d be able to do both shows. On December 1, 2017, Galecki posted a photo from the set of Roseanne saying, “Deep thanks to my Big Bang Theory family for knowing the importance of visiting one’s roots and loaning me out for a quick minute.”

9. A Shameless star is joining the cast

Yes, David’s back! As is Sara Gilbert‘s Darlene. When we left over two decades ago. they had a daughter together. We learned that Shameless star Emma Kenney landed the role of their baby girl, Harris Conner and she will appear on the show.

8. Double Dose of Becky

One of the running gags of Roseanne was that there were two Beckys. Alicia Goranson played the oldest daughter before Sarah Chalke came in to pick up things later on. One of the first pictures from the reboot showcased both actresses on set but WTF DOES THAT MEAN? Some investigating revealed that OG Becks will play Becky, while Chalke will be around as another character. We just don’t know who yet.

7. Grandma’s In The House

Everyone from the family is back, even Estelle Parsons who played Roseanne’s kind-of-insane mother. We didn’t realize she was still around, but thankfully she’s still kicking it at 90 years old. Unfortunately, Roseanne’s grandmother will not be back on the reboot as she passed away in 2006.

6. Roseanne’s Friends Wouldn’t Miss It

By now we know all the family who is coming back to Lanford. What about the friends who made the Conner household pop even more? Nancy, Crystal, Chuck and Anne Marie are all on board. We have yet to hear if Roseanne’s former boss and business partner Leon is back. Right now Martin Mull is busy with The Ranch. We don’t want to be biased, but we feel like Roseanne would be a better gig.

5. Certain Kiddos Are All Grown Up

Both Aunt Jackie and Roseanne had tiny toddlers when the show ended. The actress who played Aunt Jackie, Lauren Metcalf revealed that these babies would be all grown up (and played by different actors) when the show comes back. She said, “Everybody’s on board, yeah. There will be new people, because we had children. You know, Roseanne and I both had little tiny tots 20 years ago. So there will be new characters.” Can’t wait to see who’s playing Andy and Jerry!

4. The Couch Comes Back

When the Conners won the lottery, it was great for them but rough on us. We loved seeing the struggle — that’s part of the reason we watched the show in the first place! It was refreshing to see a family that was less-than-perfect and a little rough around the edges on TV. Then, they won the lotto and everything changed. The first preview for the reboot indicated that the couch is back, that ragged couch we first fell in love with. Since Dan is back, it’s possible the whole lottery thing will be undone, too.

3. It’ll (Probably) Get Political

In the years since Roseanne left the air, the actual Roseanne has been very vocal about her politics. In the series’ original run, the show was never afraid to take on controversial characters. Hell, they featured a same-sex kiss in ’94 and ABC threatened to cancel the whole show over it! Thank god times are changing. Either way, considering Roseanne Barr’s major role in the reboot, we have no doubts she’s going to stick in some charged jabs at the POTUS she’s expressed a dislike for.

2. Nine Episodes Have Been Ordered

As of now, ABC has ordered an initial nine-episode run of the Roseanne reboot. The premiere will be an hour long, and then the following eight episodes will be 30-minutes. Now we just hope the network picks up the show for many, many more seasons. The original run was nine seasons, so nine just might be their lucky number!

1. There’s a 2 Broke Girls Connection

Whitney Cummings will serve as one of the executive producers on the reboot of Roseanne. She co-created the CBS series, 2 Broke Girls. Some fans have expressed a bit of concern over this fact, remarking that the humor of 2 Broke Girls is vastly different than what we expect from Roseanne, but others were quick to point out that with Roseanne Barr on board, it’ll stay true to the OG series.

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