16 Best Romantic-Comedy Couples, Re-Imagined

Regardless of how the the meet-cute is orchestrated, how many times it rains at a pivotal moment, the number of people they hurt on their quest to be together, 99.9% (a rough estimate) of romantic comedies all have one thing in common: the boy and the girl end up together in the end.

But what if we split all those couples up and sent them to a singles mixer? They’re all perfectly quirky, damaged-but-fixable, attractive people — they would still find love. No question.

Be honest: everyone loves a classic romantic comedy. (In movie form or by book!) You don’t even have to be embarrassed about it — we’re all the same.

Though there are way too many couples from movies like Love Actually to fix them all up with others (not to mention that most of those couples we can’t even with.), there are plenty of romantic comedies to choose from.

So here are everyone’s favorite leading lads and ladies… if they ended up with the lovers from another movie.

1. Noah from The Notebook and Belle from Beauty and the Beast

She loves to read, and he can clearly write. Perfect match!

2. Annette Hargrove from Cruel Intentions and Danny Zuko from Grease

It’s another story of a nice girl falling for a bad boy who has a sick car…only this time (spoiler alert!), the nice girl’s lover won’t have to die in the end. Also the nice girl’s lover didn’t low-key sexually assault someone earlier in the film.

3. Joe Fox from You’ve Got Mail and Annie Reed from Sleepless in Seattle

In Sleepless in Seattle, Annie falls in love with a guy’s voice over a radio. In You’ve Got Mail, they fall for each other’s words via email. Same difference.

4. Sam Baldwin from Sleepless in Seattle and Kathleen Kelly from You’ve Got Mail

The lines about “magic” in Sleepless in Seattle turn into Kathleen Kelly’s “I wanted it to be you,” in You’ve Got Mail. Plus you can’t split up Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. You just can’t.

5. Bridget Jones from Bridget Jones’s Diary and Henry Roth from 50 First Dates

Because I actually think 50 First Dates is creepy AF, I’m pairing Henry Roth, a man in love with a woman who forgets everything, with Bridget Jones, a woman who writes everything down. Take that.

6. Cher Horowitz from Clueless and Patrick Verona from 10 Things I Hate About You

Cher is a spoiled brat and somehow Josh is enough of a liberal “bad boy” to keep her in check? I don’t think so. Patrick would do a much, much better job of keeping her grounded (and maybe her father’s lawyer-status would keep him out of trouble). Plus they could share hair ties.

7. Diane Court from Say Anything and Matt Flamhaff From 13 Going on 30

Yes, the boombox moment is classic. But tbh, Lloyd Dobler is pretty blah. He literally tells Diane’s father that the thing he is good at is dating his daughter. Meanwhile, Diane is a smart, ambitious young woman who needs someone with skills and interests outside of dating her. Such as Matty, who we know took his fondness for photography into a full blown career. Good job, Matty.

8. Andrew Paxton from The Proposal and Andie Anderson from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Andrew obviously likes career-minded women. He wouldn’t have even minded that he was initially the subject of a bet since Andie was just doing her job. Heck — he was planning to MARRY someone for his own career, so he gets it. Plus, the names Andrew and Andie in one coupling is too cute to resist.

9. Edward Lewis from Pretty Woman and Melanie Smooter from Sweet Home Alabama

The Julia Roberts romantic comedy is another movie I find to be incredibly creepy. Pretty Woman and Sweet Home Alabama both involve rags-to-riches tales for the leading lady. But in this new coupling, Edward Lewis can use his business acumen to help Melanie Smoother launch her fashion line, without requiring her to reinvent her whole identity.

10. Peter Bretter from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Lucy Carrigan from Across the Universe

Both Peter from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Jude from Across the Universe are pretty content hanging back, letting their girlfriends do the work and get the glory. Lucy would motivate Peter just like she motivated Jude, and he would get his puppet show up and running in no time.

11. Jasmine from Aladdin and Westley from The Princess Bride

Both movies feature men with humble beginnings who become legends. And being a thieving street rat is the same thing as being a plundering pirate, right? Westley will definitely be able to show Jasmine a whole new world.

12. Bella Swan from Twilight and Matthew McConaughey in…anything he’s in

Bella’s in love with someone who’s 17-years-old for all of eternity, and Matthew McConaughey perpetually acts like a man-child. Perfect!

13. Gracie Hart from Miss Congeniality and Colin Shea from What’s Your Number

He would loosen her up and she’d keep him in line. Plus, in chapter two of their romantic saga, I’m sure he’d go to the Poconos with her.

14. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games and Reed Bennett from Valentine’s Day

He’s the sensitive romantic and she’s the tough one. And as a florist by trade, he can identify all the flowers they might need to eat or use to poison their enemies in the arena. #relationshipgoals

15. Dylan from Friends with Benefits and Emma from No Strings Attached

These are basically the same freaking movies and Ashton Kutcher is already on this list (Reed from Valentine’s Day), so… swap at will.

16. Tyler Gage from Step Up and Sara from Save the Last Dance

Considering we took Julia Stiles‘ man away in 10 Things… for a opposites-attract relaysh with Miss Clueless, we had to find another one of her characters a bae, too! This one is almost too obvi. Dancing, coming from the wrong side of the tracks, teaching each other…again, essentially the same movies. I think the couples will get along.

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