17 Things Only Twenty-Somethings Think Are Relationship Goals

Ah, romance. It’s differently defined for everyone. Some of us are just as happy with a bouquet of roses and a picnic in the park as we are watching another season of Orange is the New Black with bae and ordering takeout. While some might say standards have lowered (maybe they have), maybe we’re just being more honest about what actually makes us happy than peeps did back in the day of being wined-and-dined by some fella who was trying to woo you. Because, sure, it’s nice to get all dolled up and go out for a night on the town every once in a while, but millennials have completely redefined what relationship goals mean to us and we love it.

1. Waiting to Watch the New Episode of A Show Together

Resisting the temptation of watching the new episode of Game of Thrones is not easy, so when your S.O. displays that level of self-control it’s pretty damn romantic.

2. Memorizing Your Signature Starbucks Order

This is crucial information, especially on a Monday morning. Once your partner has this order down, they’re definitely a keeper. Not gonna lie, if they don’t know how you like your coffee, do they even know you?

3. Ordering Seamless Together

There’s something tantalizingly romantic about seeing bae open up an app and ask you to choose something to order. Getting food and not even having to wear pants or leave the couch is the definition of true romance. I don’t know how people even fell in love before iPhones existed.

4. Getting the Food You Ordered

After the food has been ordered, the debate on who’s going to answer the door may arise. When your knight in shining armor volunteers to obtain the goods by getting off the couch and engaging in brief social interaction, it’s truly priceless.

5. Commenting on Instagram

Whisper sweet nothings in my ear? No, comment sweet somethings publicly on my Insta! While PDA on social media is sometimes taboo, there’s something about heart-eyed emojis and “That’s my BEAUTIFUL girl!” that makes the heart melt.
(It’s also awesome when your friends comment “relationship goals” on the selfies of you two together.)

6. Maintaining a Snap Streak

Nothing shows true dedication to a partner more than maintaining that streak. Who else’s basic bitch dog filters and triple chins would you want to stare at each day? No one’s. The tragedy of accidentally losing your Snap streak will also bring you closer than ever.

7. Sharing #Relatable Memes

You don’t even need to hang out IRL anymore! Whenever your honey texts you anything with a little “Reminded me of you” or “So you!!” your heart inevitably melts. Even better? When someone sends you one of those notes with something that can also make you laugh. What’s more romantic than a fresh, relatable meme? Nothing.

8. Being #WCW

Nothing says relationship goals like a good hashtag and #WCW just might be the best. Plus, it’s a nice way to remind their followers that you’re both taken so stop trying to slide into the DMs.

9. Being Tagged in Recipes on Facebook

There’s something about “We should make this!” that just makes your heart melt. Your bae saw a recipe and thought of you two cooking it TOGETHER! Swoooon.

10. Making it Facebook Official

Nothing truly defines the relationship like going full-on public on Facebook. Although we joke about it, we can’t deny that publicizing your non-single status in front of your family and friends you haven’t seen since fourth grade means it’s def real.

11. Binge-Watching an Entire Series Together

Anyone who can watch a season of any series together in one sitting with without someone losing their mind is an automatic winner. Bonus if they share their snacks and the blanket. The only problem is when you break up and still have a season left to watch. WHAT DO YOU DO?

12. Watching Your Bae’s Favorite Series So You Can Discuss It With Them

There’s something incredibly special about sharing something you love with someone, especially your fave show. It’s easy to feel butterflies when your S.O. watches something because you raved about it. Plus, the debates and discussions you can have after? Priceless!

13. Playing Personal Photographer

All we want in a bae is someone who can also be a photographer and help you get those fire Instas that break your record. When they’re willing to get into all sort of crazy positions just to get the right angle, you know they’re the one.

14. Making A Personalized Spotify Playlist

Spotify playlists are the new mix tapes, after all. Just picturing someone taking the time to drag track after a track onto the playlist and personalizing the cover art is so sweet. Not gonna lie, if you’ve got Apple Music but your boo’s got Spotify, it’ll never work.

15. Sharing Earbuds

Earbuds are valuable and when your S.O. allows themselves to only hear their music or favorite podcast in one ear instead of two (which we know can greatly change the overall effect), it’s love.

16. Personalizing Contact Info With Emojis

Earning that heart emoji is a big deal, especially if you didn’t even ask them to put it in (or put it in yourself).

17. Giving Up A Phone Charger

Love is about sacrifice and there’s no greater twenty-something sacrifice than giving up a phone charger when your phone is nearing that dreaded 1%. Both of your phones are nearly dead and, yet, they pass you the charger. Find you a partner who’ll do that and you’ll live a happy life.

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