16 Reasons We All Want To Be Veronica Mars

When it comes to TV role models, there aren’t many to choose from. Plenty of fun-to-watch characters are pretty problematic, and we definitely don’t want to emulate what they put out in the world. But not Veronica Mars, played by Kristen Bell! The main character from Veronica Mars is a teen-sleuth-turned-adult-badass and we want to be just like her. She’s sassy, she’s tough, and she’s super smart. Who wouldn’t want to be her?

Throughout the three seasons of Veronica Mars, the fan-funded film years later, and multiple novels set in her universe, we’ve learned a lot about our girl, V. We’ve learned what makes her tick, why she’s such a fierce and loyal friend, and we’ve learned how she turned into one of the most admirable women on TV. And, we’ve learned that being flawed isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Veronica is hard to read and easy to love and we totally wish we could be half the lady she is! Here are all the reasons why!

16. She’s So Sassy

Is there any bigger sass-hole than Veronica? She’s cheeky to a fault and always giving a silly answer to stupid questions. Mars has never been one to meekly sit on the sidelines and not say whatever snarky thing that comes to mind. It’s actually kind of hard to get a straight answer out of her. But when those around her are such easy targets for a perfect pun or sassy joke, can you really blame her? Her wit is unparalleled and we totally aspire to be the level of sassy and saucy that this chick is!

15. She’s A Teen P.I. Need I Say More?

Sure, real life as a teen sleuth would be kind of scary. And Veronica gets herself into some tight spots more than a few times. But how cool would it be to be a private eye at 16?! Veronica takes cues from her dad, a former Police Sherriff-turned-P.I. and helps him on cases. He passed his detective skills on to her and she even upstaged him a few times! The Nancy Drew-esque youngin tries to find other things to do with her life, like being a lawyer, but the call of a good case always drags her back. And despite the trouble she sometimes finds herself in, she makes being a P.I. seem like the coolest, suavest thing in the world. The girl’s got skills and we love it.

14. She Can Rock Any Haircut And Still Look Great

Looks aren’t everything, but Veronica is definitely a looker. In the weird early-’00s bubble the TV show existed in, fashion was a little… weird. We’re not exactly proud of the outfits and beauty looks that were popular during that time. But despite the transitionary period of style, Veronica rocked it all in stride. She went through so many different early-aughts haircuts it’s hard to keep track of them all. But whether it was a short spiky cut or long curls, V. Mars always looked great. It’s kind of impossible to think that every guy in her school gave her crap on a daily basis instead of totally fawning all over the levels of beauty and brains she had! This is also a credit to Kristen Bell, ya know, considering she is Veronica and rocked all those hair styles herself. Is there anything Bell can’t do?!

13. She Demands Respect

Veronica is not one to be disrespected. And she encourages others to demand the respect they deserve. In an age where too many women are made to feel they don’t deserve respect, it’s super refreshing to see a strong, female TV character practically shouting that she will be respected no matter what. And it means so much to her that she not only demands respect towards herself but tells the women around her that they deserve it too. She talks the talk and she walks the walk. Veronica has never once shied away from situations where she may be seen as “difficult” or “aggressive.” It’s a great lesson for all ladies, and one we know we ourselves need to follow more often!

12. She Loves Animals

She may seem tough on the outside, but on the inside, she melts for animals. Mars is the epitome of wishing humans could be more like dogs. And we feel it, HARD. Not only does she have her own pup, a pit bull named Backup (the perf name for any P.I.’s dog, if you ask us), but she’s worked cases that involve rescuing furry companions. This all makes us love her even more. For starters, I don’t trust anyone that says they don’t like animals. Knowing Veronica’s big soft side is for snuggly pets makes her all the more admirable. And let’s not forget that her own dog is a pit bull — a loyal, snuggly pup often shunned by society for behaviors humans teach them. Mars is kind of like a pittie, hard on the outside but soft as butter on the inside. And can sniff out trouble from a mile away.

11. She Shows People Are Capable Of Change

Before her best friend Lily (Amanda Seyfried in one of her first big pre-movie star roles) was murdered, Veronica was as popular as they come. She and Lily ruled the school, dated popular boys, and were admired by everyone. She was a bit like the people she hates so much now. But she changed! In the wake of Lily’s death, she and her father were ostracized by the community when he wrongly accused Lily’s father of being involved in the murder. It cost him the Sheriff’s title and Veronica her status. But she proved that falling from grace only made her stronger. Having seen both sides of the spectrum, she became an advocate for the voiceless.

10. She’s Not Afraid To Get Emotional

Veronica is known for being pretty hard on the outside. You don’t see her sweat, and that definitely means you don’t see her cry. But she isn’t holding in all of those emotions! She’s truly unafraid to tap into those darker, sadder parts of herself after everything she’s been through. While she spent a lot of time closed off after Lily’s death, her exploration into that murder led to some broken down, dragged-out, tearful moments for our girl. And we love that she cares so much about those around her that she doesn’t let past trauma stunt her emotions!

9. She Has A Taser. And Is Not Afraid To Use It.

This we’re just plain jealous of. Because let’s be real — there are people we know we would tase the crap out of if given the chance. You can look at it as she’s a teen girl brandishing a weapon. Or she’s a female taking her safety into her own hands and not being scared to cause a little damage. It takes some guts to not only carry a taser but to actually tase someone, and Veronica does it surprisingly often and without hesitation. Watching her reclaim her right to being safe is completely empowering. It makes us want to go get a taser, tbh.

8. She’s Worked For Everything She Has

Growing up in wealthy Neptune, California, you’d think Veronica may be wealthy herself. But on the contrary, she’s worked hard for every bit she has. While her father was once the Sheriff, they still weren’t rolling in the dough, and even less so after he became a P.I. largely disliked by their community. So she helped him solve cases, worked her own to make a little extra cash, and had plenty of part-time jobs. She even put herself through college. We couldn’t be more in awe of anyone who makes their own way in this world. Not everyone is handed a silver spoon out the gate, and being born into a community full of the haves and have-nots, with few in between, made it even harder for her to succeed. But she proved everyone wrong and just kept doing the thing!

7. There Is No Bigger Master Of The Sarcastic Arts

She has sarcasm down to a science. We actually didn’t realize it was possible to be this sarcastic and witty. Along with her sassy, saucy side, her sarcastic side proves she’s not all fun and games. She’ll joke with you, but she’s got a bite. Her wisecracks are legendary, and often true-to-life. Who else could snidely toast to being the “lower-middle-class” to which they all aspire and not sound like a whiny jerk? Not one but Veronica Mars. We can only hope to master the sarcastic arts like she has someday.

6. She Doesn’t Let Herself Get Intimidated By Anyone

I think it’s pretty clear that Veronica is tough. But it’s easy to think that it’s all an act from a moody teen. But nope, she’s actually this tough and doesn’t let anyone intimidate her. When bullies accost her at school, she always has a witty retort to throw in their face. When the local Sherriff who usurped her father tries to silence her, she doesn’t back down. And she definitely doesn’t let a guy try to change or diminish her. She’s all fire and fury and fierceness. Veronica’s amazing, and we wish we could be as fearless as her!

5. She’s An Amazingly Loyal Friend

If Veronica counts you among her friends, you’re super lucky. She is a true ride-or-die friend and her unending loyalty is something to praise. When Wallace (Percy Daggs III) first comes to Neptune High, he’s promptly greeted by getting tied to the flagpole. Mars cuts him down, makes fast friends with him, and from then on out has his back no matter what. When you have Veronica Mars in your corner you basically don’t have to worry about anything ever again. On the flip side, she’s a pretty loyal enemy, too. Meaning if you screw her over, she’ll make sure you never, ever forget it!

4. She Knew The Felonies Before She Knew The State Capitals

To some this may seem like just a thing she says, but we totally believe it. This girl believes in truth and justice before she was even old enough to comprehend what that meant. She grew up with a father who instilled in her right from wrong and she soaked it in right from the jump. It’s probably why she bypassed law enforcement to solve huge cases for them time after time. Seriously, though, the Neptune Police Department was constantly getting upstaged by a high schooler and it was actually super embarrassing. But it looked great for Veronica, who proved her knowledge time and time again!

3. She Has An Amazing Relationship With Her Dad

He taught her everything she knows! When her mom walked out on them, choosing the bottle over her husband and daughter, the two were left to their own devices. And Keith (Enrico Colantoni) raised Veronica right. In return, she’s had the utmost respect for him her entire life. They have fun traditions and live life on their own terms together. When his life is threatened, she goes into a crazy protective mode and will do anything for the man who gave her everything. One time she actually thinks he’s dead and almost shoots the man responsible. Of course, she can’t do it, Keith wouldn’t want her to be a killer. But the fact that she almost did shows just how much love she has for her dad.

2. She Has A Well-Rounded Love Life

Veronica loves a bad boy. But she also loves a good guy! And even, on occasion, a super boring guy like Duncan Kane (Teddy Dunn). Sorry, Dunc, you’ll always be V’s worst romantic choice to us. But regardless of good or bad decisions, she definitely always follows her heart. Mars had her bad boy phase with Logan (Jason Dohring) — which, tbh, never really ended — and dipped into the good-guy side with Piz (Chris Lowell). She even dated hunky cop Leo (Max Greenfield)! You definitely can’t say she has a type! And it makes us want to be her even more. Veronica has so many options, whereas we have our crappy exes and the creeps who slide into our Twitter DM’s!

1. She’s Been Through So Much And She’S Still Standing Strong

Veronica had been through more by the time she was 18 than most people go through in a lifetime. Her best friend was murdered, she was sexually assaulted, her entire home life came crashing down, and she lost all of her friends and boyfriend in one fell swoop. And that’s just the big stuff! But she never let it stop her or drag her down for too long. After everything, she was still standing strong, fighting back at oppressors and criminals everywhere. It’s why she does what she does — and why she can’t leave being a P.I. alone. She’s drawn into it because of her past trauma, which manifests not in defeat but in a desire to fight for others in a way she wasn’t fought for. And we couldn’t be more proud to call her our role model!

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