Ranking The Hottest Disney Male Love Interests, From Worst To Best

Yes, we are talking about hot animated guys. You know that when you first saw The Little Mermaid, you definitely understood why Ariel fought with her dad just to go hang out with Prince Eric. Animators truly know what they are doing when they create these leading men.

From the 1930s to now, there are plenty of Disney hotties that you can secretly marry in your head. Some of these princes and rugged men are the real reason we loved these animated classics because let’s be honest, a few of the princesses that Disney has given us were total duds.

16. Prince Ferdinand – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Not going to lie, but Prince Ferdinand honestly looks a little bit like Snow White. The film came out during 1937, so we have to give them a bit of a break. The animation wasn’t what it is today where we can now basically see the pores on animated faces. But Prince Ferdinand basically has no features. He can’t come close to the top of this hot list. There should be a sequel with the crazy twist that Snow and her prince are actually twins separated at birth. Too far?

15. Prince Charming – Cinderella

This guy would be cuter if he had a name. How did this movie come to fruition without giving the prince a name!? Much like Ferdinand, this prince doesn’t have many distinguishing facial features. He’s cute and all, but he’s also a pretty huge idiot. Not to knock the guy down a few pegs (definitely gonna do it), but how the hell did he not remember Cinderella’s actual face. Did all those women really look like the lady he’d spent an evening dancing with? Or did he have a weird foot fetish and that is why he searched the kingdom using just a glass slipper? Kind of weird when you think about it.

14. Prince Phillip – Sleeping Beauty

Okay, the last of the “boring princes” is easily the best looking of the bunch. As far as meeting strangers in the woods, Prince Phillip is easy on the eyes and actually has a fairly good singing voice. We’d certainly dance around the forest with him as little woodland creatures followed us. Too bad we didn’t get to really see more of his personality because he’s pretty cute and we can get behind that hat of is. Plus, his eyebrow game is strong! Points docked for kissing Sleeping Beauty without her consent — even if it did wake her up from that long nap she had in store.

13. Peter – Peter Pan

This one might feel wrong to include because Peter is just a boy who doesn’t want to grow up, but he’s a must on this list. If you claim you didn’t have a crush on Peter Pan growing up, I’m sorry, but you’re a liar! He’s the cutest ginger of the bunch and he seems like a pretty fun time. Because he’s so young, though, he really can’t come much higher on this list.

12. Maui – Moana

Maybe it is the hair? Or the bod? Or the fact that he is a demigod? TBH, Maui is a huge personality, and while he totally messed things up for everyone in Moana for a minute there, he’s got a good heart. It also helps that he is voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. That is one man who we can always get behind! The only issue with Maui is he’d totally the kind of guy who’d steal your hair products.

11. Gaston – Beauty and the Beast

Gaston is the absolute worst. But there is a reason those women were swooning over him in the town. If men with huge muscles, dark hair, and a good smile are your type, then Gaston is your man. Plus, he’s great at singing songs. Sure, the songs are about him, but at least his voice is fun to listen to. Too bad he’s a total psycho who we should definitely steer clear from.

10. Prince Adam/The Beast – Beauty and the Beast

Now, a lot of people have ~feelings~ about Prince Adam when he is the Beast. We’re not judging you for that, but we’re not including a literal beast on our list — sorry. It’s weird that Belle falls in love with the Beast! Sure, she did know what he looked like as Prince Adam (he didn’t do a great job tearing up that painting of himself in the castle), but does that really mean she was picturing him that way the whole time? Who knows, but as a human, Prince Adam is pretty good looking. Not sure how we feel about that hair color, but he’s buff, cute, and he’s got a damn library in his house!

9. Prince Hans – Frozen

So, Prince Hans is an actual jerk. Like Gaston, he’s definitely a villain, but that doesn’t make him ugly. Well, at least, it doesn’t make his face ugly (and we’re not rating here on personality now, are we?). The only downside to Hans (besides his god-awful character) is the fact he has those sideburns. Where was the royal hairdresser in the Southern Isles? Did they take the day off when Hans went in? Because this is a big event and they probably should’ve shaved those babies off. Otherwise, he’s pretty dang cute.

8. John Smith – Pocahontas

If we cast aside the fact that John Smith is not one of the good guys in Pocahontas (at first), he is a total babe. THAT JAWLINE THOOOUUUGGGHHH. Whoever spent hours drawing up John Smith clearly had a passion for a strong jaw, flowing hair, and a beautiful smile. And can we talk about those baby blues? He’s got the best eyes!

7. Kristoff – Frozen

Unlike Hans and John Smith, Kristoff is a good guy through and through. What makes him even sexier is that he’s an animal lover. Sure, he is kind of weird, but it works in his favor. Guys with good personalities are instantly hotter. Surprisingly enough, he’s one of the very few blonde leads in a Disney princess movie. It works for him though, those blonde tresses are meant to be paired with adorable knit caps. Thank goodness this guy has a heart of gold! Or is it made of troll stone? Either way!

6. Li Shang – Mulan

Hello, Li Shang! Where do we sign up to be under your command? Okay, we probably wouldn’t actually pretend to be our father and risk our lives for this guy, but he’s pretty fun to look at. He’s got perfect hair. He’s got a rocking bod. And he’s also adorably awkward! He was a little intimidated by a strong woman at first (aren’t they all?), but he respects Mulan greatly, and men who respect women are A-okay.

5. Prince Naveen – The Princess and the Frog

Prince Naveen is straight up gorgeous. His character is a bit of a trope in romantic films. He’s a troubled playboy, who isn’t ready to settle down. Until he meets the “right” girl, of course. That is a gross personality trait. But once he meets Tiana (and turns into a frog), he learns there is more to life than partying and falls in love. He’s got a killer smile, he’s fun, and look at those eyes! We can understand why Tiana makes time for dancing when it comes to Prince Naveen.

4. Aladdin – Aladdin

Who didn’t want to take a ride on Aladdin’s magic carpet? No pun intended. (Kind of pun intended.) Aladdin is just plain hot. What other reason is there for the animators to have him shirtless for a majority of the movie? He’s another Disney hunk giving men unrealistic hair expectations. The only downfall to Aladdin’s looks is the fact he has no nipples. Yup, Aladdin is nipple-less! Did you even notice that when you first watched the movie? If you rewatch it, you won’t be able to stop staring and wondering why.

3. Prince Eric – The Little Mermaid

Prince Eric is so handsome that a mermaid was willing to give up her tail (and her voice — problematic) just to spend some time with him. Sure, she was 16, naive, and had never talked to a man outside of her direct family before, but still. You have to admit, Prince Eric is damn hot. He’s got a nice body, good hair, a great smile, and he’s a dog lover! Look at that little Adam’s apple, did you ever think that could be attractive on a cartoon?

2. Flynn Rider – Tangled

Just look at that smolder! He warned us that he was going to use it, but we still can’t help but *swoon*. It is almost unfair to have Flynn (Eugene) on the same list as Prince Charming and Prince Ferdinand because their looks are so. vastly. different. Snow White’s prince barely has a nose! Whereas, with Flynn, you can see every perfect pore on his face pretty much. That hair, that face, those gorgeous eyes, all working together easily solidified him as the hottest man on this list. Rapunzel is one lucky girl! They probably bond over haircare.

1. Tarzan – Tarzan

Sorry, guys, but there is virtually no competition for a man this jacked. He literally can swing from vine to vine. That upper body strength is beyond impressive. Tarzan has a 12-pack — at least! Not that we are staring. (Okay, yes, we all are.) If you thought John Smith had a great jaw, Tarzan really puts the man to shame. He’s got great eyebrows for a man who lives in the jungle and his hair is pretty well kept. Plus, he’s got a great personality to boot. We’re smitten — even though he’s totally animated.

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