18 Of The All-Time Worst Outfits Ever Seen On Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is addicting because with all the unexpected twists and turns, it was one of the craziest TV shows on air before it came to a close just a few weeks ago. Now, I’m not just talking about the never-ending drama — the fashion is equally ridiculous. The liars never leave the house without a decked-out outfit on, usually complete with heels and lots of accessories. What makes their style even more absurd is that the girls are in high school.

Not only am I sure they break the school dress code a few times a week but I can’t remember a single person from my high school who had such a sense of style so early on. Who possibly had the time to do their hair flawlessly and pick the perfect accessories before the homeroom bell rang at 7:15 AM?! As much as I admire the liars for their commitment to their personal styles, I can’t help but cringe at the outfits that they just took a little too far!

1. Hannah’s Crazy Tights

I think Hannah is going for a grungy look here, but the fishnets and ragged-hemmed sweater just look tacky. This look doesn’t seem like her usual style. (Aria’s latex-looking skirt isn’t doing herself any favors either.)

2. Aria’s Blue Pleather Skirt

Again with the tacky skirt! Shiny pleather is never flattering, but especially not in electric blue. The pleated style makes this look even more confusing and paired with a red shirt… what is this? The Fourth of July? The fashion police are coming for you, girl!

3. Hannah’s Loopy Belt

This outfit isn’t terrible at first glance, but take a look at that belt. White is a tricky color to wear, and the loopy design of this wide belt just isn’t working. The cherry on top is Hannah’s clunky necklace… It just doesn’t match at all.

4. Mona’s Blue Leopard Print Shirt

Mona’s outfit is almost polished. The sweater and collared shirt combo is usually a classy look, but the bright green and blue colors of the leopard print are just too much. Plus, hidden beneath Janel Parrish‘s crossed arms is a skinny, pink woven belt. Honestly, it just does not look good. #sorrynotsorry

5. Aria’s Snake Print and Stripes Combo

WHY, ARIA?! There’s no way to pull of stripes with snake print. They are mutually exclusive.

6. Hannah’s Halloween-inspired Outfit

This lace and maxi skirt combo might work if it were in different colors, but the orange and black just screams Halloween. Now if the skirt were also black this would be a sick witch-y outfit! Unfortuantely as it is, it’s oddly matronly, which only makes it worse.

7. Aria’s Sheer Skirt

I’m not sure what’s going on with Aria and skirts but she should burn them all. Is she wearing a black mini skirt underneath the sheer pink skirt? Or spandex? Her skirt actually could have been cute with the leather jacket, but the styling just isn’t right and those boots are way too clunky to be matched with such a light and airy skirt.

8. Paige’s Frumpy Outfit

Paige looks like a PTA mom in this long denim skirt and V-neck sweater ensemble. Not to mention her very blunt bob haircut.

9. Mona’s Puffy Sleeves

Who created this jacket and why are they a fashion designer? It’s so cropped that there is literally only one button. I can’t even. Also the belt… please just stop.

11. Mona’s Mixed Prints

Both of these patterns are ugly, especially put together. To make it worse, her skirt is very early 2000’s.

12. Spencer’s Chevron Polo Dress

Spencer’s dress looks like a school uniform with a random chevron design on the bottom. The tulle slip underneath does nothing for the outfit. Then again, everyone except Emily (who you may notice has the least amount of offenses on this list) looks a little OTT IMO.

13. Everyone’s Creative Funeral Attire

The liars’ dresses seem a little (a lot) inappropriate for a funeral. Hannah’s sheer skirt and bustier looks more appropriate for the club than a memorial service. These outfits also feature yet another wide belt and chevron-bottomed dress. Spencer would probably get away with her ‘fit if it weren’t for her BFF’s #OOTD decisions.

14. Aria’s Skull Sweater

Aria seems to have a thing for the skull print (she’s got a blue skull blouse on #6, even though Hannah was the lady of the hour) and NGL, it doesn’t look good. This sweater also just doesn’t fit in with her usual level of fashion.

15. Aria’s Comic Book Dress

The loud print of this dress is overwhelming. Also note the puffy shoulders and large belt buckle. It’s possible the puffy shoulders would have gone unnoticed with a tamer print, but everything happening at once makes this ensemble one of the worst-of-the-worst.

16. Hannah’s Fringe Dress

I like the color of Hannah’s dress with her gold belt, but you can barely see her belt under all that fringe. It might work if the fringe was shorter. Strike that, it might work if the fringe was non-existant.

17. Aria’s Cat Jacket

This print is just awkward. It looks like something I would have bought from Limited Too in middle school.

18. Hannah’s Sheer Shirt and Knit Beanie

The light blue and red in Hannah’s outfit clash, and her sheer shirt can’t be school-appropriate. I’m also not a fan of her beanie.

It’s not surprising that most of these outfits were Aria’s. She made a lot of daring decisions outfit-wise and while some paid off… others were disasters. Props to Emily for (practically) not making the list!

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