17 Podcasts Millennial Women Should Listen To

Podcasts is a commuter’s best friend. Taking the train or sitting in traffic is much more bearable with some entertainment in your ears. And they’re not only good during commutes, but while doing laundry, the dishes and while working out.

The great thing about podcasts is that there is one out there for everyone. Some will have you attempting to suppress laughter on the train and others will have you trying to cover your eyes that are welling up with tears when listening heartbreaking stories.

Their rising popularity has made it even more difficult to pick what to listen to, much like the struggle of picking a show to watch on Netflix. There are so many different podcasts out there and so little time to vet each and every one to see which are worth the listen. Luckily, we’ve did the work for you. Here’s a list of podcasts on topics like feminism, race, technology, comedy, sex and more that every millennial woman will love.

1. Guys We [email protected]#ked


Guys We [email protected]#ked hosts, comedy duo Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, share their sexual adventures in their anti-slut shaming podcast. The show started with the ladies interviewing guys they’d slept with and quickly evolved to awesome conversations with comedians and celebrities, like Amber Rose. The show is sex positive with interesting topics and guests, and is of course, hilarious.

2. Bad With Money


YouTuber Gaby Dunn hosts the only money podcast I could possibly enjoy. Dunn herself admits that she doesn’t exactly understand how to do the whole “money thing” and tries to figure it out with guests. Her roster includes comedians, artists, musicians, actors and more who offer new and interesting perspectives on money and how it has shaped their lives. Learning how to best manage money as a millennial is difficult and this podcast is not only helpful, but entertaining.

3. Plz Advise


If you love advice shows, then this one is definitely for you. Plz Advise is hosted by Molly McAleer, writer and HelloGiggles.com co-founder, who gives witty and insightful advice to callers each week. She and her guests offer advice that you need, but may not always want to hear on topics ranging from cheating boyfriends to beauty product recommendations.

4. Love, Alexi


Host Alexi Wasser is basically the big sister you never know you wanted. Listening to her long conversations with creative guests is like hanging out with your best friends. Guests have included Bridey Elliot, Alex Karpovsky and more. Listen if you like tangential conversations about love, life and everything in between.

5. Dear Sugar


Remember the movie Wild with Reese Witherspoon? Then, in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Lorelai tried to take the same journey? The woman whose memoir Wild was based on, Cheryl Strayed hosts this amazing podcast with her co-host, Steve Almond. What started out as a printed column is now served directly to your ears. Strayed and Almond answer deep questions on life and love with “radical empathy,” often joined by a guest. One of their most recent guests was Oprah Winfrey and if Oprah approves, then you know it’s good.

6. Call Your Girlfriend


Long-distance friends, tech expert Aminatou Sow and journalist Ann Friedman, started this podcast as way to keep up with one another, but it soon evolved into much more. The hosts cover everything from Drake to politics and feminism. The show reminds me of my own conversation with friends, which tend to be entertaining and sometimes all-over-the-place. They also highlight the work of some amazing guests, who just so happen to be women killing it in life that you definitely want to learn more about.

7. Millennial


“How millennial. To make a podcast about being a millennial,” host Megan Tan says at the top her show. Millennial began as a documentation of Tan’s life post-grad. Like most millennials, she was struggling to navigate her 20’s. Each episode is incredibly well produced and makes you feel a little less alone in the struggles that come with being a 20-something.

8. 2 Dope Queens


Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are two (hilarious) dope queens who host this storytelling podcast. They bring along other comedian guests who share stories about race, sex, romance and more.

9. Black Girls Talking


Four women: Alesia, Fatima, Aurelia, and Ramou, discuss representations of communities in pop culture, Beyonce, and more. The four women use their own lived experiences to discuss the everyday lives of women of color. It’s a must-listen.

10. Magic Lessons


Elizabeth Gilber, author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic, brings her incredible wisdom to the audio platform with artists and expert guests to help guide women struggling with truly meeting their creative potential. If you’re feeling in a imaginative rut, or just want some fresh inspiration, this podcast will re-awaken your creative soul.

11. Emotionally Broken Psychos


Hosted by Molly McAleer as a spinoff of her show Plz Advise, she and guests dissect all of your favorite reality shows. If reality TV is life then you’ll love their hilarious and insightful commentary on all your fave shows.

12. Anna Faris is Unqualified


Actress Anna Faris, you know, the one married to Chris Pratt and the star of a million hilarious movies, including House Bunny, has super-famous celebrity guests on her podcast who give callers live advice. Listeners call in with problems on dating, relationships, work and more. Anna is not only funny but sweet and empathetic to her audience members who are looking for advice.

13. Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend


After listening to this podcast, you probably do actually want host, Alison Rosen, to be your new best friend. Rosen has delightful and funny conversations with guests in her first episode per week, then during the second weekly episode, she hosts a roundtable discussion with co-hosts. This show is funny, engaging and makes you feel like you’re part of something.

14. Note to Self

Host Manoush Zomorodi reminds you to question literally everything in this show where she looks into how technology is changing our brains. Through experiments and conversations with listeners and experts, she explores topics such as sexting and whether our phones are watching us.

15. Stuff Mom Never Told You


Co-hosts Emilie Aries and Bridget Todd keep things real AF with facts and research on struggles and challenges women have faced both throughout history and today. Even so, they definitely don’t leave you hanging with only the negative. They always offer solutions to further women’s lives and careers.

16. Death, Sex and Money


Host Anna Sale offers insight on tough issues that are not often discussed. The show allows men and women to share their experiences and their stories on topics ranging from loss, drug addiction and porn.

17. Reply All


This couldn’t possibly be a list of podcasts for millennials without mentioning one about the internet. Reply All gives insight on how people and technology work to shape one another through incredibly interesting stories that you probably wouldn’t hear anywhere else.

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