17 Reasons Parks And Recreation‘s Andy And April Are TV #CoupleGoals

There are plenty of TV couples that people think are ~true love~ incarnate. But nine times out of ten, they’re totally problematic. Literally every TV couple when looked at closely is basically a gigantic mess (Chuck and Blair, anyone?). But not Parks and Recreation’s April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) and Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt)! Before Chris Pratt was the blockbuster superstar of our dreams, he was part of one of the best TV couples of all time. And those two actually made us believe in love again!

The best part about April and Andy’s relationship is that it’s real. No frills, just silliness and love and the occasional spat. There’s no frills or “TV magic” between them — they feel like a relationship that normal people could have! And in this day and age of overly romanticized television relationships, that’s totally needed. When it comes to TV couples, April and Andy are the GOAT. Let us count the reasons why we love them so!

17. They started out as friends

The true foundation of a good relationship is true friendship. And these two definitely have that! Their relationship started slow with April pretty much denying she actually liked Andy and Andy pining for his ex. While they were ignoring all the clear ~feelings~ they have for each other, they actually got to be pretty good friends. They got to know each other outside the pretense that this would be a relationship or something romantic. Their firm foundation as actual BFFs is part of what made their relationship so strong!

16. There was no ‘on and off’ once they started dating

What began as a dinner party thrown by mere weeks-old couple April and Andy soon turned into their wedding! These crazy kids just knew from the jump that they were destined to be together. They were married within weeks of making their relationship official and unlike some quick marriages, it never became a problem in their marriage. They also never did the whole “on-again, off-again couple” thing which can be toxic AF. They knew they had something special and didn’t want to let it slip by. That’s a lesson anyone can learn from. Trusting your gut is the most romantic thing there is!

15. Andy proposed with a Ring Pop

These two are no frills and all about the love. April didn’t say yes to his impromptu proposal because he bought her some fancy ring or lit 100 candles. She said yes to his (eaten) Ring Pop because she loves him! It’s pretty amazing to see two people who hold each other dearer than they do material things. Even when they have the money to buy nice rings later in life, they still sport their simple bands. The ones that symbolize they’re committed to each other no matter what.

14. They both refuse to grow up into boring adults

When they realize at one point that they’re paying renters insurance and doing boring adult things, they’re appalled with themselves. Who are they?! These two refuse to become stuffy, boring adults. Even if they have to do adult-like things every now and then. They keep their childlike wonder fresh — especially Andy! — and refuse to take life too seriously. That’s probably why this Indiana power couple is always laughing when they’re together!

13. But when they have to adult, they’re naturally great at it

What other couple makes ten years’ worth of doctors appointments in a day or buys a creepy ass house because it feels cool?! April and Andy redefine what an adult relationship has to look like on TV. They represent real couples everywhere that fail at adulting tasks every day. And sometimes, just sometimes, truly hit the nail on the head and make the whole being an adult thing seem almost not horrible. (JK it’s truly horrible.)

12. They clean up real nice

They’re definitely more of jeans and t-shirt kind of couple, but when they dress up, they do it right. Of course, we’d never judge an entire couple based on how they look, but have you seen these two in black tie attire? We honestly don’t know which one is sexier! There is a strange amount of black tie events in Pawnee, Indiana (like, seriously?!) and they’re always ready to look their best. Whether they’re lounging on the couch or getting dolled up for a wedding, these two know how to rock any style!

11. April hates most things, but doesn’t hate Andy

This is so true that she wrote it into her wedding vows! April hates pretty much everything and everyone (feel ya, girl). But she loves Andy no matter what. How adorable is it when a misanthrope finds a reason to be happy?! And when the reason is true love? Amazing. No matter what Andy does, how he acts, or what he says, April always loves him and enjoys his company. Finding someone you love is rare. Finding someone you actually like? Even rarer.

10. They keep their relationship alive through long-distance

During the course of their marriage, they both took long sojourns from each other to pursue career goals. Andy went to London to support a nonprofit and April went to Washington D.C. to help Ben (Adam Scott) work on a Congressional campaign. Neither of them ever tries to guilt the other into staying. And they certainly don’t try to stifle each other’s dreams. They’re super encouraging of the other prioritizing something that’s not themselves. These two make it work through hell or high water, even when they’re across an ocean from each other. #CoupleGoals forever.

9. They tease each other on the reg

What even is a relationship if you don’t tease each other from time to time? These two never take themselves — or each other — too seriously. They’re always pulling pranks and riffing on each other. And frankly, it’s adorable. If you can’t roast TF out of your boo, then what’s the point in even being with them? Being able to laugh at one another’s shortcomings, little mistakes, and silly moments is part of what makes life fun. And these two are one big bundle of fun!

8. They support each other’s ideas – no matter how stupid

April and Andy are supportive to a fault. When it comes to TV dummies with hearts of gold, Andy is probably number one. While he always means well, his execution usually leaves something to be desired. April’s had her fair share of stupid moments (ahem, those all-in-one-day doctors appointments) but it’s Andy who usually has some kind of silly scheme or plan that never makes sense. But no matter what their dumb ideas are, they support each other! They don’t diminish one another’s thoughts or make them feel lesser for something that doesn’t pan out. They just support, support, support. Even when they’re gently trying to guide each other in the right direction, they do it was unconditional love.

7. They had the most amazing Halloween birth

Would you expect their baby to come into the world any other way than totally strange? April fully applied creepy makeup after she went into labor to introduce her son to creepy and weird right from the jump. She even gave birth with “The Monster Mash” playing in the background. On Halloween! What would be more apropos for someone so dark but fun-loving? Oh, and they named their son Jack, which is short for “Jack-o-lantern.” With any other couple, this would be so bizarre. But with these two, it feels just right.

6. Andy never lets April’s melancholy get him down

Sometimes April can be a little down and melancholic. When the two attend a high school prom together as chaperones, April realizes Andy loves this stuff although high school was her personal hell. She questions how she can be with someone who loves all the things she hates, but Andy assures her that it’s fine because of all the things he loves he loves her the best. *Swoon!* Even when she’s down and insecure, Andy makes April feel like the only girl in the world. Because, for him, she is.

5. They believe in each other

April and Andy believe in each other’s dreams 100%. There is no “I don’t think you can do this.” And certainly no doubt. When Andy is trying to be a policeman, April believes he’ll pass the test no problem and live his life as a cop. We know that doesn’t exactly come to fruition, but she never lets him believe she’s anything but completely on his side. The best part is that it’s totally genuine. These two don’t fake it to make each other happy. Even watching from a TV screen. you can tell it’s authentic.

4. They know each other inside and out

When there is a shift in mood or something is up with one of them, the other knows immediately. And they do everything they can to rectify it. When Andy has to give up his TV show for April’s dreams, April is pretty guilt-ridden about the whole thing. Andy notices her sadness and does everything in his power to assure her that it’s going to be okay, even though he’s the one who gave up something major. The miraculous way they can turn each other’s moods around is a sign of true love and an incredible bond.

3. April keeps Andy in check and is always the voice of reason

Let’s be real, April is definitely the more mature person in this relationship. And as such she’s usually the one bringing Andy down to reality. While she supports his ideas and dreams, she also knows when to stop him and explain why something isn’t right. Like when Leslie (Amy Poehler) half-joked that they should move to Chicago and he immediately said yes. April was quick to point out that Pawnee was their home. Plus his favorite pizza place is there. So really, she’s the guru who keeps his life in check and keeps him close to the pizza he loves.

2. They love – and hate – all the same people

They have the same core group of friends that are more like family and it helps bring them even closer together. They also hate the same people (sorry, Larry/Gary/Jerry!). Finding someone you can seamlessly integrate into your life is so incredibly rare. How many times has your significant other even met your BFF? Yeah, we thought so. The fact that these two have the same support system is huge for their relationship. And it’s always fun to hate (and talk $h*! about) the same people!

1. They love role-playing together

Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole reporting for duty! These two treat regular nights like they’re Halloween by dressing up and getting deep into character. They both get so into it that we can’t help but admire a couple that isn’t afraid to try on new identities and gets a little weird. Plus, they’re usually super drunk when they don their alternate identities, so it’s even more hilarious and fun. We’d love to party with Ms. Snakehole and rough and tumble Macklin any day!

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