10 Inspirational Sports Movies You Can Stream On Netflix Right Now

Sports might not be for everyone, but many sports movies can interest even the least athletically inclined among us. I’m not a huge sports fan, but I’ve seen Remember The Titans(2000) more times than I can count. Sports movies tend to deal with  themes we all relate to, like teamwork and perseverance and challenges.

If you need to get amped up or inspired, there’s no better place to turn than a sports flick. Thanks to Netflix Instant Watch, you can stream all the motivation you need. Though I’m sad to say Rocky(1976)Space Jam (1996) and A League Of Their Own (1992) are unavailable to for instant streaming, there is still an excellent selection of sports movies to watch.

Here are 10 awesome sports movies you can stream on Netflix right now, champ:

10) Undefeated (2011)

Netflix describes this documentary as “[a]n inspirational profile of an inner-city high school football team’s valiant effort to reach the school’s first-ever playoff game.” It won an Academy Award, so be prepared to be dazzled by documentary magic featuring an enrapturing subject.

9) Usain Bolt: The Fastest Man Alive(2012)-

Anyone who isn’t fascinated by Usain Bolt needs to adjust their attitude and their eyeballs and watch him run. At only 59 minutes, anyone has time for this little glimpse into his life with an extraordinary talent and ambition.

8) Friday Night Lights-

Okay, it’s not a movie, but Friday Night Lights is a classic. Binge watch it if you want to feel moved by the story of a small Texas town and their love of Football.

7) Happy Gilmore(1996)

Sometimes you just need to watch a stupid Adam Sandler movie about golf to bring levity and a little unexpected heart to an otherwise dreary day.

6) The Big Green (1995)

I couldn’t resist slipping in another goofy nostalgia movie for my fellow millennials.

5) Dogtown and Z-Boys (2002)

This documentary about the guys who made skateboarding cool was everything to me as a Los Angeles teen. It’s really got it all.

4) The Endless Summer (1966)

This vintage surf flick is an aesthetic feast. The locations are radical and every shot is as beautiful and strange as surf culture itself.

3) Bigger, Stronger, Faster (2008)-

This riveting documentary about steroid users will open your eyes. Netflix even calls is provocative. 

2) Hoop Dreams (1994)-

This Criterion Collection documentary is freaking iconic. If you have seen it, you’ll definitely watch it again. If you haven’t, do not hesitate to add it to your queue.

1) The Bad News Bears (1976)-

The remake didn’t hold a candle to this classic tale of a dopey team of misfits and their down-on-his-luck coach played by Walter Matthau. Without this movie, we probably would have never gotten The Mighty Ducks, The Sandlot or any other quintessential kiddy sports films.

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