18 Pairs Of Mom Jeans To Ditch Your Skinnies For

In the heydays of super low-rise jeans, if someone asked if you were wearing mom jeans, you probably would have wanted to die of embarrassment on the spot. And then you probably went home and tossed away those jeans. Wearing mom jeans meant that you were wearing a dowdy old pair of pants with a too-high waist, awkward length and maybe some questionable pleats. In other words, pretty much the opposite of the heavily embellished, whiskered, (and quite honestly, unflattering) hip-huggers that were trendy at the time.

Then boyfriend jeans came into the picture, and we started seeing straight legs, heavier denim, and higher waists as more acceptable. That slowly transitioned into high mom jeans, et voila, we had a full-blown fashion trend.

If you’re so addicted to your skinny jeans that you haven’t even tried mom jeans yet, now is the time to do it. Put all of those assumptions about them aside and try one of these 18 cool pairs. You’ll be converted to the mom-esque denim style for good. Trust. Don’t worry, none of them have pleats.

1. Mango Relaxed Mom Jeans

These are your wear-with-everything mom jeans. They have a flattering mid-blue color that will work with just about every shade in your wardrobe. And unlike your skinny jeans, you can eat two hamburgers and still be comfortable in them. Hallelujah.
Get them here for $59.99!

3. H&M Mom Jeans

Your mama might have told you to throw out your jeans if they got a hole in them, but we’re sure she would make an exception for this cool pair of intentionally distressed jeans. (Meh, maybe she won’t but that just makes ’em even cooler!)
Get them here for $39.99!

4. Forever 21 Pinstripe Mom Jeans

Look closely and you will see that these aren’t a plain pair of light-wash jeans, but a pair of light-wash jeans with a pinstripe. Wear them on days when you want to wear denim, but you want to feel a bit fancy, too.
Get them here for $29.90!

5. River Island Plus Light Wash Ripped Mom Jeans

Who wears mom jeans? You do. There’s nothing bad about these light-wash jeans with rips down the thighs. Try rolling the bottom of the pant leg with a bold pair of heels for a super cool look. FYI: They have a sexy notch in the waistband on the back.
Get them here for $84!

6. Mango Relaxed Cropped Mom Jeans

How many pairs of jeans do you have that end up with holes in the knees? All of them? Learn to embrace holes with a pair of pants with intentional rips in the knees. We also love these ones for the contrasting darker hems. It’s a trendy look.
Get them here for $59.99!

7. PacSun Mom Jeans

No wardrobe is complete without a pair of black jeans. We’d like to suggest these flattering high-waist jeans with artful distressing. They’re almost capri length, so a pretty perfect option as our summer days turn into fall ones.
Get them here for $59.95!

8. Boohoo Hannah Slim-Fit Pearl Detail Mom Jeans

Do you find pearls to be as frumpy and mom-esque as mom jeans? This pair of jeans will single-handedly make you realize that both can be downright cool, especially when they come together in a pair of pants.
Get them here for $40!

9. BDG Mom Jeans – Patchwork

Patches aren’t just for mending; they’re also for decorating. The tone-on-tone blues in this pair of pants is very chic. And if you do get a hole in the jeans, you can add another patch and it will look like it’s part of the design. Score.
Get them here for $69!

10. Kendall & Kylie Ringmaster Denim Mom Jeans

It’s difficult to keep track of all of Kendall and Kylie Jenner‘s projects, but these jeans are one of them. They’re part of the sisters’ PacSun collaboration and they’re anything but basic. They might be “Mom Jeans” but I can not picture my mom wearing this pair.
Get them here for $69.95!

11. Tommy Jeans Mom Jeans

Kick it old school with this pair of white high-waisted jeans. To complete the ’90s look, rock them with clean, white sneakers and a vintage Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt… or at least a vintage-inspired one. We won’t tell.
Get them here for $174!

12. Blue Riot Contrast Front Mom Jeans

Often the most stylish looks are about contrasts. That’s why these jeans are so appealing. You get a cool look in one piece. No creative layering necessary. It does kind of restrict what you can wear on top (no stripes!) but you’ll def be getting compliments with this denim item.

13. H&M Relaxed Mom Jeans

Even this photo make these jeans look like the epitome of comfort. Say hello to your new favorite pair of weekend jeans. They’re basically as comfortable as sweatpants thanks to the relaxed fit. However, they look a lot chicer. Get them here for $34.99!

14. Forever 21 Distressed High-Rise Mom Jeans

Are you having a hard time breaking away from your skinny jeans, even if it’s only for one day? These are the mom jeans for you. They’re not that far from your standard skinnies. In fact, some would argue they’re not mom jeans at all. (P.S. they’ve got a ~suggestive~ rip in the back.)
Get them here for $29.90!

15. BDG Mom Jeans – Pintuck

It’s all about the side shot with this denim. This is about as close as you can get to pleated pants without your jeans going into styles that we’re trying to leave in yesteryear territory. Yes, they’re still fashionable, even with the detailing.
Get them here for $69!

16. Liquor N Poker Mom Jeans with Pearl Detail and Exposed Zip

Again, the pearls! They’re officially back. Would you believe that these were mom jeans if we didn’t tell you that they were? You might also have a hard time believing the price considering all of the embellishment on them, but they really are under $100.
Get them here for $67!

17. Boohoo Petite Emily Embroidered Mom Jeans

We see you, petite ladies. There will be no alterations required with this chic pair of jeans. Wear a pretty pair of shoes because the ankle-length silhouette won’t cover them up. And don’t even think about covering up that floral embroidery on the thigh with a long top. We’re big floral fans over here.
Get them here for $50!

18. Topshop Moto Sequin Mom Jeans

While these might be a little too funky for some, they’re just funky enough for others. Take jeans from daytime to evening with this pair of sequined mom jeans. You might not be able to rock them at a black-tie gala, but you can definitely get away with them for drinks.
Get them here for $125!

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