18 Memes About Being An Adult That Will Make You Say “Me!”

Becoming an adult can certainly have its ups and downs. In this case, we’re using the world “adult” pretty loosely. If you’re at that stage in your life where you’re too old to borrow money from mom and dad, but too immature to stop yourself from spending all your money on fast food, we’re with you.

Thankfully, the internet exists so we can all go through this super weird stage of life together. Kind of like a big, dysfunctional family. So, if you sometimes feel like you’re basically a baby with your own apartment and bills to pay, these 18 memes will most definitely make you say “me.”

1. When your life plans didn’t exactly pan out as you imagined


Don’t let those aspirations die, people. If you’re new to the semi-adult world, you may feel like you need to be having some sort of dream job where you make tons of money doing incredible things like curing cancer and being the CEO of Apple. Sometimes (most of the time) your big five-year plan won’t pan out and that’s totally fine! I, for one, didn’t enter my freshman year of college thinking I would become a barista but here we are.

2. When you finally settle down


There’s nothing wrong with waiting a while to settle down so quit rushing us, baby boomers. If you’re a dog-owning, completely single millennial stand UP! You know I’m already keeping my eye out for an affordable, ranch-style house in the suburbs with a nice big yard and decent school district so my dog has a nice place to grow up. I mean, how should we be expected to take care of a human baby if we still feel like one? I’ve eaten cereal for my last five meals so I’ll stick to raising my canine family for now, thanks.

3. When you realize this tweet could be about you


Never did I think that I would be in my twenties, about to graduate college only to have my card declined while trying to buy a sandwich. Basically, none of us are in any position to judge this poor, five dollar shot girl. Unfortunately we never learn and the second that next direct deposit hits we start popping champagne and online shopping like the monsters we are. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and not let your financial struggles stop you from having a good ass time.

4. When you realize you’re broke AF


We all remember being in high school thinking “man I can’t wait to be a financially independent adult, I’m gonna do all sorts of cool stuff!” Well, now you’re technically an adult person and barely have enough money to eat ramen every night. Who knew that paying for rent, car payments and groceries would cost so much money that you can’t go to the Bahamas once a month? At this point we’re just hoping to win the lottery or marry rich so we can live the luxurious lifestyles we were destined to live.

5. When you know what it’s like to suffer in the service industry


There is literally nothing worse than people are rude to waiters/servers. Like, congrats you’ve never had to work the night shift at Dunkin’ Donuts like the rest of us but it truly sucks so let’s give this poor, overworked and probably hungover waitress a BREAK. Us new adults can sense the mutual struggle, and know that sometimes you have to work a shitty job with a bad manager and it can be unbelievably stressful. It’s all about solidarity.

6. When self-care is not going so well


I miss the days when my parents would make sure I was taking my vitamins, eating three square meals a day and generally taking care of myself. Now I’m living on my own, barely surviving and probably suffering from scurvy. At least I have this $30 moisturizer from Glossier to make me feel like I’m some sort of demigod of health. Someone please make me eat a gummy vitamin and chew on some broccoli.

7. When you’re mysteriously broke for absolutely reason


YES I understand that eating out costs money and YES I understand that I have no money but did you know that you can go to a restaurant and get a burrito the size of your torso for the small price of $8? And you don’t even have to make it yourself, you can just watch them do it! I’m fully aware of the fact that I have about $50 worth of groceries rotting in my fridge and that I need to be way more financially responsible but I am a grown up and therefore I am allowed to ruin my life as much as I want, thank you.

8. When you decide to deal with the job you hate maturely and responsibly


If I had a dollar for every time I called in “sick” when I really just could not bear the idea of going to work, I would never have to work another day in my life. Why didn’t anyone tell us that you have to go to your job every day? And that your job would probably be super unglamorous and would require an absurd amount of your time? And that your hours would be ungodly and that every other human in the world is the actual worst? Seriously, that eclipse was looking pretty tempting.

9. When you realize you may not be following that path your parents had planned


Speaking of the eclipse, this guy’s reaction to the moon “dragging” the sun was pretty on point. Even if you couldn’t really see the eclipse/didn’t quite get the hype, it sure was a great excuse to leave your job for a few minutes! But more to the point of this tweet, it’s pretty scary to think about all the things our parents were achieving and the lives they had already led by the time they were our age.

10. When you have to start following more ~adult~ pursuits


Although it can be nice to think that one day our drinking habits will slow down, as of right now I honestly… can’t quite relate to this one. Despite the fact that being a twentysomething now means we now get hangovers that could cripple a horse, most of us have just accepted that we drink the same amounts as we always did, we just class it up by switching to wine. You know, like a grown up. If getting older means I can’t drink irresponsible amounts of fairly-priced poison then I don’t want any part of it.

11. When you notice that money disappears at alarming rates


Can someone please tell us HOW this happens. It’s like, you go into a store and spend two dollars and then immediately get that alert from your bank saying you overdrew. Trust us, it’s science. Once you turn 21 money will simply begin draining from your account and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do to stop it. Budget and be as responsible as you want, we can guarantee you’ll end up with no money and a week until your next paycheck.

12. When you’re sick and tired of the millennial hate


Thank you!! Everyone hates sensitive, snowflake millennials who “don’t know how to work” and “have everything handed to them” but boy oh boy does that change when your parents need to learn how to set up their new iPhone. Suddenly you’re some kind of brilliant adult with a wealth information beyond the comprehension of baby boomers. Don’t come crying to me the next time you don’t know how to turn on your laptop.

13. When you realize you’re finally too old for birthday money


At what point did all of my adult family members decide I don’t need money for my birthday? Sure, give 9-year-old me 100 dollars for Christmas. Obviously all of that money went towards purchasing a shiny new (and now completely useless) iPod nano and I saved approximately $0. And what about adult me? Now I have rent to pay, food to buy and student loans that will probably follow me to my grave. But sure, now it’s unnecessary to throw me a $5 every now and then.

14. When you realize you may not be parent material


Okay, the thought of being a parent is quite literally terrifying and the source of most of my nightmares. Kids are great, but I still don’t know how to pay taxes so I’m not sure I’d really cut it as a mom at this point in time. The absolute scariest thing about getting older is seeing every dummy you knew in high school getting engaged or having children. Like, I once saw you throw up in your mom’s minivan after a party and now you’re raising a child? SOS.

15. When you get to flex your ~professional~ muscles


There is nothing that makes you feel quite as adult as sending professional-sounding e-mails. Being an adult means effortlessly switching between texting your friends all “omg lmaoooooo” and then opening up Microsoft Outlook to sign off your e-mail with “All the best.” It sometimes feels like I’m a little kid pretending to be a grown up every time I correspond with someone in a professional context. Like wow, they will never know how much of an immature idiot I am.

16. When you’re getting ready for the approaching holiday season


*Pours first glass of wine* No, Aunt Joan I don’t need you to set me up with anybody and no, I’m not freezing on the brisk, fall nights laying alone in my bed. Yes, I have a few job prospects and am just waiting to hear back from a few companies. Yes, I sent a follow-up email. Two! *Refills glass of wine*

17. When all you want is a bit of honesty


Misery loves company so, Teresa, WTF! Just tell me that you hate your job and your boyfriend is a POS and you haven’t eaten a vegetable in three weeks. I’m sick and tired of your sh*t Teresa and this friendship isn’t going to work if you won’t spend a solid two hours a day complaining with me.

18. When you realize it’s gonna be okay because you and your “adult” friends have each other


Basically, all of us are struggling. Anyone who seems like they’ve found the perfect job, the perfect relationship and a super nice apartment is lying and also definitely some sort of criminal. I can’t think of a single person I know who truly has it ~all figured out~. The best part about growing up is seeing all of your dumb friends doing it right along with you. At least we all have our fellow delinquents in this crazy, mixed-up world.

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