20 Life And Love Lessons Learned From Master Of None

Netflix’s original show Master of None is the one show all millennials should be watching right now. Created by comedic actor Aziz Ansari, he stars as Dev Shah, an actor living in New York City. With only two seasons, the show has garnered much praise from critics and fans alike for just how darn relatable the characters are and the all too real love and life circumstances we face on a daily basis.

Whether you are in your mid-twenties or in your thirties, much of what Dev goes through may sound familiar to you. We can take in the valuable life and relationship lessons on the show give us. So let’s take a look at 20 lessons on life and love this show has taught us so far.

1. Not Every Connection You Make is Meant To Last

There are some of us who think after every date, this person has got to be ~the one~. All too frequently, however, we’ve got to face the facts that this isn’t the case 100% of the time. In Master of None, Dev’s gotta face the same realities. For example, he meets a cute girl he really hits it off with in the beginning of Season 2. Due to unfortunate circumstances, he can’t keep in contact with her. As sad as it is, not every seemingly cool person is meant to be in our lives for a long time. That’s okay! See the opportunity for what it is and be grateful to the time you spent with someone, even if it’s only for an evening or weekend.

2. Don’t Rush To Settle Down

This is a big one that many millennials can take from the show. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is real for a lot of us. With social media taking over our lives, it’s easy to succumb to pressure when you see everyone on your Facebook friends list getting married and having kids. Even if it is your dream to have a family, it doesn’t have to happen this very second. Relax! Not everyone is meant to create a family in their twenties. Settle down when you you’ve got your other aspirations in order and are ready to do so.

3. Be Curious About Other People’s Lives

There is a time and place for selfishness. While it’s great to focus on you, take the time to listen to others. Master of None doesn’t just explore Dev’s relationship trials, but the show also explores the lives of others. In the episode, “New York, I love you” episode in Season 2 we observe various groups of people interacting in NYC. Ask other people about their lives (not in a creepy way) and see what you can learn from them — probably a lot.

4. Don’t Do Something if it Compromises Your Integrity

There will times when you are presented an opportunity that you know deep-down doesn’t suit you. It can be a relationship or even a job but if it seems like it’s too good an opportunity to pass up but forces you to sacrifice your core values, don’t do it. Working as an actor, Dev’s got to make tough decisions about what gigs to take and pass up depending on what he wants to do and what it’s really asking of him.

5. Just Because You’re Friends With Someone Doesn’t Mean They Are In Love With You

This happens a lot. We meet someone very cute and friendly. You grow a close friendship with them to the point you think the person actually like you. Sadly, that may not be the case for most people. It cool to just be friends with a person without having romantic feelings for them.

6. If Using a Dating App, Say What You are Really Looking For

In the age of dating apps, we open ourselves up to meeting many kinds of people who have different and similar needs and desires. However, if you are using Tinder to only make friends, share that bit of information on your profile so if you do meet someone, that person won’t get the wrong idea. Dev’s admittedly shocked when he finds out that one of the women he went on a date with actually has a boyfriend.

Also Tinder’s for dating. This piece of advice should really be “Don’t Use Tinder When Looking For Friendships” but here we are.

7. Learn To Let Go When You Can’t Control the Outcomes

While we do have the power to control most situations, there are some things in life that are literally out of our hands, such as other people’s decisions or reactions. When it comes to relationships, we have to remember that we are dealing with another party. If someone you care about doesn’t want to be with you, let them go. It’s cliche but whatever is meant to be, will be.

8. Make Sure You Have At Least One Good Best Friend

Dev maybe well-liked in NYC but he has his closest friends he can turn to in any situation. His friends Denise (Lena Waithe), Brian Chang (Kelvin Yu), and Arnold Baumheiser (Eric Wareheim) all have fun together, but they’re also his rocks. His romantic relationships have highs and lows and inconsistencies, but he can always count on his cohort for some much-needed insight. While it’s great to be in the company of many people, it’s best to have a few good quality BFFs by your side.

9. Follow Your Own Path

Life would be boring if we were all doing the same thing. Everyone has their own interests and what makes them happy. Dev confronts his parents about not being religious. This revelation jolts his family but in the end, he has his way of doing things and so do his parents and the most important relationships will work out despite any minimal differences. Your decisions will not make everyone happy — that’s just a fact — but it is not your job to do so in the end. Do what makes you happy, just as long as you are not hurting anybody else.

10. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Similarly to being open to learning about other people, don’t be afraid to ask big questions. Even if you are not the usual philosophical type, it’s a good thing to question the world around. Its also a great thing to question yourself. Take the time to figure out why you gravitate to certain people when it comes to relationships. If you don’t like the job that you’re in, ask yourself is this what you want. That’s truly the meaning of life.

11. First Impressions are Everything on a First Date

When going on your first date, you want to make the best impression as much as possible! No one wants a boring or rude date. Master of None‘s depiction of this is spot on when it comes to Dev’s hit-or-miss dates. For example, Dev meets girls who still swipes on Tinder right in front of him. Another girl goes to the bathroom for over 15 minutes and it becomes apparent she’s doing drugs in the bathroom. It’s not just the girls though — Dev also makes some first date faux-pas, too. Not all matches are meant to be, but respect the person you are with enough to put the best you forward. Save the stories about bad fights with your ex and your frenemy-ships for later dates.

12.Embrace Uncertainty

Life will always throw us weird events that can leave us feeling lost. Plans you’ve made can fall apart. You might lose job opportunities and find yourself not knowing where to go next. Relationships we initially thought would last can end out of the blue. It’s moments like those you have to remind yourself that it’s perfectly fine to not know what to do. Sometimes uncertainty is great because you get to evaluate what you want in life.

13. Date Different Kinds of People

The show highlights the complex process of dating. What we can learn from the show is that it is a good thing to date people who are not usually your type. Dev, who is Indian, dates a variety of women of all races and backgrounds. Dating is a fun way to get to know other people, as well as yourself. What you maybe looking for a partner may be found in someone who is outside the people you would normally date. Give others a chance.

14. Life Should be an Adventure

Life should be fun and Dev and his pals have a lot of it in Master of None. Despite the realness the show displays, it always goes back to having a good time in life. Material things are not the most important part in life. It’s about having good relationships with friends and family. It’s about taking risks. So if you want to travel to Italy and eat all the wonderful pasta, do it! If there is a guy you always wanted to date, ask him out! Go after your dream job! Life is too short to be living with regrets. If you want life to be more fun, get out there and start taking chances.

15. If You are Casually Dating Multiple People At Once, Say So

No one likes to be strung along by anybody. Season 2 gives good examples of what to do and what not to do when it comes to casual dating. We see Brian’s father dating two women. He couldn’t decide who he wanted so he created an arrangement. Though things didn’t work out in the end, the show illustrates the importance of communication with non-exclusive relationships. If you can’t make a decision or aren’t up front about what you’re looking for, you can end up losing great people simultaneously. Casual dating is fine. Just remember to keep all parties are informed of what’s really going on.

16. Some Warning Signs Should Make You Press on the Brakes

Regardless of how hot you think someone is, it probably best to not pursue someone who is taken, for example. Dev’s season 2 love interest is a gorgeous Italian woman who is in a committed relationship with another man. Despite the two forming a close friendship, Dev’s intense feelings for her makes things quite complicated for them both. Sigh! Sometimes you want someone you can’t have, that’s totally normal. But it’s when you keep putting yourself out on a limb for this person that your actions become self-destructive.

17. Perfection Doesn’t Exist

Nothing in life is perfect. Even if we want that dream job or relationship, it’s never going to be 100% perfect. Dev once thought his season 1 girlfriend, Rachel (Noel Wells) was going to be the perfect person for him. In the end, things turned out differently than he expected. His career as an actor, as well, is not exactly where he wants it to be but he still tries to make the best of it. That’s the way to live! Expect that things won’t be flawless, but they can get pretty dang close if you’re willing to put in the work and evaluate what you want and need.

18.Don’t Sleep With Somebody Who Doesn’t Share the Same Values As You

In Season 2, Dev sleeps with a woman who has a racist piece of pottery next to her bed side. Rather than stopping, he continued on with the night. Though Dev did call her out on her ignorance (eventually), she called him out for still sleeping with her anyway. Having sex with not your forever-person is fine but it’s better to have it with someone who shares that same values as you do, at least. Less drama and embarrassment this way. Plus, you don’t want to give a racist or sexist think they can get away with their actions.

19. Respect (& Be Patient With) Your Elders

This lesson will never get old. It also doesn’t apply to just your parents. Be kind to the ones who have been living on this earth longer than you have. In one episode that centers around Denise’s family and their coming to terms with her sexuality, we see how she continues to respect their opinions — even when she feels like they’re not understanding her own. Ultimately it’s her respect and patience that helps alter their relationship and open their minds for the better.

20. Put in the Effort to Build Strong Relationships With Your Parents

In both seasons, we see Dev spend time with his mother and father. He takes the time to learn about them. We see Dev understand the sacrifices his parents made to come to America. In Season 2, we see him come to understand his parents’ religion. The show paints a great picture of how important our relationships with parents should be and how easy it is to take them for granted.

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