16 Male Celebrities Who Give The Ladies #Hairspiration

When we’re looking for some hairspiration, we often look to celebrities. Thanks to the numerous red carpets, Instagram photos and paparazzi shots, we’re never short of star hair ideas. Most of us ladies look to our fellow sisters for inspiration, but we shouldn’t forget about the men.

There are a number of male celebrities who have gorgeous hair. Not only do we appreciate their hair for its flowing beauty, we get inspired by it. After all, good hair is good hair. Here are the 16 male celebrities who are #hairgoals.

16. Jared Leto

We don’t need to remind you about the deep love fans had for Jared Leto‘s long man ombre. He might have chopped his beautiful locks to play The Joker, but his slick green (then pink) hair made us come out of mourning and want to get on the rainbow hair bandwagon. At the moment, he seems to be growing out his hair as he’s wearing it in a voluminous lob. It might not be at Jesus level lengths yet, but it’s likely to influence a few haircuts this summer.

15. Jason Momoa

Jared Leto wasn’t the only one to inspire ombre hair envy. Just look at Jason Momoa. He was #braidgoals on Game of Thrones thanks to his role as Khal Drogo. Off-screen his look is just as fierce. He’s the definition of tousled, just-back-from-the beach waves. The texture and color of his mane are on point, but what really makes it is the amount of hair he has. It’s enough to make a girl want hair extensions. Jealous, us?

14. The Weeknd

Long or short, The Weeknd has good hair. Period. He knows how to sculpt his hair in cool, unique waves that have girls and guys alike wanting to copy him. He is a leader of the pack and has likely inspired many a haircut. At the very least, he has inspired lots of hair envy. Has he ever had a bad hair day? Not that we’ve seen.

13. David Beckham

If you’re looking for tattoo inspiration, look no further than David Beckham. And if you want some fresh hair ideas, just keep on looking because David has plenty to offer. His hair is as enviable as wife Victoria Beckham’s. And he has had just as many looks. From blonde highlights, half-shaved styles, long looks with headbands, quiffs and man buns, he has done it all very, very well. We could fill a mood board just with inspiring looks.

12. Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a pretty flawless-looking individual. Therefore, it’s not that surprising that he has beautiful hair. You probably appreciate the way his cropped hair showcases his chiseled bone structure and dreamy eyes, but it was his longer hair that had us considering chin-length hairstyles. He rocks everything whether his hair is sleek, full, pulled back or half-up half-down. His longer tresses are so good that they’re on par with his wife’s Gisele Bündchen’s. That’s saying something.

11. Kit Harington

One of the reasons you probably watch Game of Thrones is to look at Jon Snow’s, aka Kit Harington, wavy strands blowing in the winter winds. Whether his hair is short, long or longer, it’s a thing of beauty – just like the rest of him is. He has had a few fashion campaigns, but with locks like that he should be racking up the hair ambassador roles. Give the man a shampoo commercial!

10. Adrian Grenier

If you wish that you had curly hair, you better not look at Adrian Grenier’s mane because you will probably get very jealous. The dude has the perfect spiral curls that have gorgeous bounce and no frizz. You might have even got into Entourage for the sole purpose of seeing his character Vincent Chase’s strands. He is wearing his hair a bit shorter since the show ended, but it still slays.

9. Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas has always had a strong hair game. Think about his longer man bob during the height of the Jonas Brothers. As he has ventured out on his own with DNCE and other projects, he has continued to have good hair. He has experimented with some playful colorful proving that brunettes can definitely pull off rainbow hair. Remember the blue hair? What about the red? Or the grayish pink? All good times.

8. Chris Hemsworth

Even if you’re not into superhero movies, you probably watch Thor and the Avengers so you can get to see two (or more) hours of Chris Hemsworth’s swishy blonde mane. We’re pretty sure that his power is linked to that beautiful head of hair. Off-camera Chris provides #hairspiration whether his locks are pulled into a ponytail, worn in a man bun or even cropped short. The thickness and Aussie blonde color make many want to save photos of him to their “Hair idea” Pinterest boards.

7. Brad Pitt

There were many sad things about the split of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. One of them was the fact the split meant that we would no longer have our golden-haired couple. Jennifer’s tresses were iconic thanks to “The Rachel,” but Brad was her equal thanks to his beautiful highlights and knack for pulling off everything from choppy bobs to shoulder-skimming styles. Long after the divorce, his mane is still the envy of guys and gals everywhere.

6. Christian Bale

Yeah, most of us probably don’t think of Christian Bale when we’re telling our hairstylists how we want our hair cut. Perhaps we should because when his hair is longer, it’s pretty good. It has great movement and flicked ends that are the definition of #hairspiration. We could almost go as far to say that there’s a Kate Middleton vibe about the look. No hate to Kate; that’s a good thing!

5. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has had many hair phases and all of them have been very good. Think back a few decades to when he was a teenage heartthrob thanks to his role in 21 Jump Street. His voluminous, full hair deserves credit for his popularity. He rocked visible roots and ombre hair long before all of us ladies took notice. When his hair is longer, it has the perfect tousled bedhead texture that rivals some of the most stylish ladies, including his ex Kate Moss.

4. Ben Barnes

You might not know Ben Barnes by name, but you might know him by his flawless flowing hair. He came onto the scene about a decade ago making a strong case for the man bob thanks to his center-parted style that had some impressive volume. On Westworld, he wears his hair shorter but it still has enough flow to makes ladies and gents jealous.

3. Harry Styles

Harry Styles has had a few different hairstyles from his One Direction days to his solo career. They have all been H-O-T but it was Harry’s long #wokeuplikethis hair that made us want to swap our pixie cuts and bobs for long tousled locks. He proved that when you have good hair, you don’t have to do much to it apart from show it off.

2. Zayn Malik

Harry Styles isn’t the only former One Directioner to make it onto the list. Who could forget Zayn Malik and his pretty mane? The “Pillow Talk” singer serves as great inspiration for anyone who is looking for an edgy haircut and/or color. He has experimented with countless hair colors and pulled them off flawlessly. His previous looks include bleached blonde, silver gray, pink and lime green. Even when his hair is its natural color, it still has us swooning thanks to its flow.

1. Nick Jonas

Another Jonas Brother makes it onto the list. Remember when Nick Jonas was just a little Jonas Brother with an adorable head of curls? He was probably your favorite just for those bouncy strands alone. (No offense to Kevin and Joe.) As he has gotten older, his hair has gotten shorter so we can’t see as much of the curls, but his thick, wavy hair is still enough to warrant a #hairgoals hashtag.

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