17 Times Kris Jenner Was By Far The Most Relatable Kardashian-Jenner

While not everyone can obsessively follow the lives of every Kardashian and Jenner, we definitely do. If you know anything about Kardashians, you may know a little bit about the world’s busiest momager, Kris Jenner. Kris has made a name for herself by micromanaging every aspect of her millionaire daughters’ careers, a job that take a whole lot of patience and definitely some craziness. Some of Kris’s more ridiculous moments have made her an internet sensation, inspiring endless memes and viral clips. If you haven’t been scouring the internet, no worries. We’ve rounded up 17 of the times Kris Jenner was a little bit like all of us.

1. When she had a completely legit emergency

We’ve all experienced that horrifying moment when we realize that the bottle of wine we bought is not a twist-off and we’re stuck Googling ways to open wine with no opener. Spoiler alert: basically none of those so-called hacks actually work. How is K.J. supposed to get through a family vacation without a tall glass of red?

2. When she was feeling shady

We had to start off with a classic. Kris Jenner is just like us: shady AF and completely unapologetic about it. Kris is often the recipient of some harsh critique (from friends and the public alike) for being a little bit sneaky, manipulative and 100% shady. But who isn’t? This iconic image is one Kris Jenner’s more memorable Instagram posts that quickly became an incredible meme, reaction image, and life mantra.

3. When she tried (& failed) to get outdoorsy

OMG. This vintage Kris Jenner clip was possibly one of the funniest moments in Keeping Up history. Basically, the gang goes camping and Kris tries to explore her outdoorsy side. As you can imagine, it’s a disaster. She essentially wrestles with a tent for a few hours only to face brutal defeat. For those of us who fancy ourselves nature gals but have about zero outdoors skills in reality, this moment was unbelievably relatable.

4. When she made the best out of a sticky situation

You gotta do what you gotta do. Sometimes when our friends and loved ones make ~regrettable~ decisions, you have to lock down and go into full on business-mode. As much as you may want to freak out and get emotional, Kris knows better than anyone that you can make the best out of any nasty situation. Like every time your friend comes home in the early morning with no wallet, one shoe and a whole lot of questions — it’s time to channel your inner momager.

5. When she had to be her own biggest fan

OK this should honestly be number one as it is not only one of Kris Jenner’s best moments, but probably one of the best moment in Keeping Up With the Kardashians history. I have never felt closer to Kris than in this moment. The lame joke, the look of complete rejection on her face as Khloe completely ignores her obviously hilarious joke — it’s pure gold. Don’t worry Kris, we feel you.

6. When she showed off her true talents

This one hit a little bit too close to home, TBH. The only thing better than this GIF of Kris guzzling wine from the bottle is that it was immediately followed by Scott saying “…and people say we’re not talented.” Look, we’ve all had moments like this at the end of a long, grueling family vacation. Much like Kris, we all know that there’s nothing better than unwinding at the end of the day by casually sipping/guzzling a nice bottle of chilled wine.

7. When she got a little too real

And to continue the moments of Kris Jenner gettin’ boozy, we bring you this crowning jewel of Kris Jenner moments. Every once in a while you just have to own the fact that you’re going through a rough patch and laugh at yourself. We’ve all been there, Kris. Life can be tough. Imagine if all of your drunk and alone moments were being constantly criticized and watched by the whole world.

8. When she was a little too easily-offended

Another one of the most relatable things about Kris Jenner is the fact that she gets upset or cries at least twice per episode. Seriously, the entire first six seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was just Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe rolling their eyes while Kris has some sort of meltdown about an offhand comment someone made four years ago. Unfortunately, that’s quite relatable. We can all be a little bit too sensitive… and hold that several-year grudge over something said in passing.

9. When she reacted appropriately to her lack of cell service

TBH, we can all relate to this kind of bratty and high-maintenance side of Kris. This reaction is totally and completely warranted and definitely not over-the-top. We’ve all had the feeling of being completely lost at sea without our cell phones. Now just imagine all of the Instagram, Twitter and e-mail notifications Kris Jenner must miss in a single day. Honestly just thinking about it is enough to give me a rash.

10. When she enjoyed some shut-eye with her fam

This is one of the more wholesome moments on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Despite being a super-busy mom, manager, and celebrity in her own right, even K.J. needs to crash every now and then. No one understands the importance of wholesome family fun like the Kardashians, am I right? But seriously, this moment was straight up adorable and made Kris seem unusually human.

11. When she was just trying to have a good time on vacation

We have never related to Kris Jenner more than when all of the Kardashian-Jenner clan tried to have a nice, relaxing vacation. Instead, Kris ate something unusual and ended up having one of the most bizarre and severe allergic reactions we’ve ever seen. While the rest of her family is out looking glamorous and tanning, Kris is suffering at home in her bath robe. She straight up looks like she’s from Who-ville. Thank you, Kris, for keeping it real. We’re all a mess.

12. When she drives her family insane

One of the things that bring the Kardashian-Jenner sisters together is the fact that their mother drives them absolutely insane. Kris honestly thrives when being the most extra mom in the entire world. The constant worrying, nagging, and complete neuroticism were enough to make us say “me.” Whether or not we want to admit, we all have those times when we know we’re driving everyone around completely bonkers but we just can’t seem to stop.

13. When she can’t catch a break

Yet another example of Kris driving her family crazy. Despite the fact that we can all admit to being slightly annoying from time to time, there’s nothing worse than that feeling of rejection when our family and friends are done with our sh*t. Pretty much every episode includes Kris being ignored, hung up on or yelled at by one family member. It’s tough out here for the world’s most extra momager.

14. When she remained totally calm under pressure

She’s just. So. Extra. Okay but quite honestly this episode of KUWTK was creepy AF. For those not lingering on every moment of their lives, Kylie had a stalker in this ep and the dude basically had a box of pizzas delivered to their house but all of the boxes had creepy marriage proposals and messages in them. Kris went into full-on mom-mode and began looking up guard dogs and other reinforcements. Sometimes being over dramatic could be what’s best for your friends and family. Not that they’ll ever admit it as they dig into their free pizza.

15. When she unwaveringly supported her daughter

Yes, Kim! This moment will forever be preserved in memes for generations and generations. Just like us, Kris will always unwaveringly support those she loves with everything she’s got. Whether it’s new career aspirations, romantic endeavors or nude Playboy photo shoots — you can guarantee Kris will always be there to cheer on her family. Kris, you’re doing amazing, sweetie.

16. When she knew the meaning of tough-love

This. TEA. Who among us would be able to resist this absolute burn? Despite the fact that Kris can be a loving mom, we all felt a little bit closer to her after she completely roasted Kim for her short-lived marriage to basketball player, Chris Humphries. So, here’s a huge shout out to Kris for being just as petty and slightly cruel as we can be. Whether or not you like to think it, there’s a little bit of Kris Jenner in all of us.

17. When she had the time of her life at Disneyland

Who doesn’t love some good, wholesome fun? Kris may be a grandmother, but that doesn’t stop her from having a blast and making every situation as absolutely lit as possible. Like us, Kris isn’t afraid to embrace her inner child and let go of all her inhibitions at the happiest place on earth. Although North and Penelope look slightly miserable, Kris isn’t about to let even her own grandchildren spoil her good time.

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