Keane – Perfect Symmetry Review

Fans of Keane’s first two albums may be a bit shocked here with the band’s change in direction. However, any dedicated pop fan is sure to find a lot to like. Keane demonstrate that their music does have significant diversity and any claims that they merely follow in the footsteps of Oasis or Coldplay can now be safely put to rest.

Songs That Are Instantly Catchy and Memorable

The keyboard and percussion attack which kicks off the album’s first single “Spiralling” would allow the song to slide comfortably into an ’80’s pop radio playlist between Howard Jones and the Fixx. It is as memorable as many ’80s classics as well. Fortunately, Keane never sound like they are merely copying the past. The David Bowie “Ashes to Ashes” sound, which kicks off “Better Than This,” is jazzed up with handclapping and words of wistful romance memories that ultimately make the tune completely its own despite the memories stirred up in the beginning.

The Old Dynamic Sweep Is Still Here

Fans should not worry that the Keane they know and love has been entirely swallowed here. The album’s title song, “Perfect Symmetry,” employs whisper-to-a-scream dynamics in a style fitting well with the band’s earlier work. Elsewhere, it’s the ever-present melodic hooks and singalong choruses that will make us all realize this is Keane. Pleasing of the crowds has always been one goal in the band’s music. They don’t disappoint here.

Top Tracks on Perfect Symmetry

  • “Spiralling”
  • “Better Than This”
  • “Perfect Symmetry”
  • “Pretend That You’re Alone”

Keane Move Forward With a Little Diversity and a Lot of Fun

One of the most obvious qualities of this set of songs is that they are fun and easy to hear. Songs like “Pretend That You’re Alone,” with its almost disco sound, and the closing haunting ballad “Love Is the End” reach into new corners for Keane. However, it is the ease with which you find yourself humming along and how well these songs stick in the brain that make Perfect Symmetry a top-notch pop album and make the collection a worthy addition to Keane’s growing catalog.

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