20 Times The Kardashians Actually Gave Good Life Advice

In the decade that Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been on the air, Kim Kardashian West and her massive family have given us lots to talk about. They manage to make everything entertaining, both with their ridiculous antics and some truly heartwarming family moments. They also bring the drama in their celebrity feuds, always giving us something juicy to keep up with even when their shows are between seasons.

Even though the Kardashians can be Krazy a lot of the time, they can also give some surprisingly good life advice. We’ve talked about how Kris Jenner is the most relatable Kardashian ever, but the other family members can have their wise moments too. Bible, this stuff will change your life.

20. Don’t Be F*cking Rude

This is like the Kardashian version of the golden rule. It was obviously funny when Kim came through the door swinging her purse at Khloé, but she also has a point. In life, it’s important to be polite and respectful, because you never know what might happen in the future. Maybe don’t hit people with your handbag though, just a thought.

19. It’s Okay To Be On Your Own Sometimes

Just like Kim said, it’s important to be a strong person, regardless of the relationships in your life. Relationships will come around when they’re meant to be, but you have everything it takes to be amazing all by yourself. All of the Kardashians have gone through their times of being single over the years, and they’ve all made it out okay!

18. Don’t Be Afraid To Say What You Want

Kim wasn’t afraid to drop subtle hints that she was single, and you shouldn’t be afraid of making yourself clear either. Too often, we waste time because we’re afraid of asking for what we want or need, but the Kardashians haven’t gotten to where they are by waiting around. You have to be your own advocate, even if it’s hard sometimes.

17. Take Pictures Of Everything

We might not all publish a book of our selfies, but taking pictures is one of the easiest ways to make memories with the people we love. Whether you’re at an awesome event, hanging out with your bestie, or taking your sister to jail, you won’t regret snapping some pics to save for later. Maybe Kris jut didn’t realize how they’d look back at this moment and laugh!

16. Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

The Kardashians have all changed both inside and out since we first met them, and that’s a normal part of life. Rather than worrying about what other people are thinking of you, act like a Kardashian and do whatever you want with your life. If you want to wear a ton of makeup, go for it, but it’s also just fine to wear none at all. Wear what you want. Like the Kardashians, we’re all beautiful in our own way.

15. Aggressively Pursue Your Dreams At All Times

No one is going to hand you anything in life, so sometimes you really have to hustle for what you want. The Kardashians have countless product lines carrying their names, but you don’t get to that point without a lot of hard work and determination. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll have your own sock line, too.

14. Aggressively Support Your Love One’s Aspirations

Scott Disick may be a complicated character — but you can’t say he doesn’t support that Kardashian’s pursuits whenever he can. I mean, look what he’ll do for Rob Kardashian! All of the Kardashian-Jenners support one another when they start a new business venture. That’s something we could all do a little bit more for our friends and family.

13. Material Things Aren’t Always Important

We all laughed when Kim was hysterically crying about losing her diamond earring in the ocean, but this moment came full circle later after the infamous Paris robbery. Kim has talked openly about how the harrowing experience completely changed her outlook on life and material possessions, leading her to basically stop wearing jewelry or post about her swag online. Having nice things is great, but it’s not what truly matters.

12. Family Always Comes First

If the Kardashians are known for anything, it’s their tight-knit bond as a family. Sure, there’s always going to be drama between family members sometimes, but they all love each other at the end of the day. No matter how busy you are, find some time for your fam, and make sure they know how much you care. Kardashian for life, baby!

11. Go With Your Gut

Just because something is the easy choice doesn’t make it the best one. It was painful to watch Kourtney struggle in her relationship with Scott Disick for all those years, but at the end of the day she did what she needed to do. Most of the time we know what we really need to do, but taking the plunge can be the hardest part.

10. Don’t Let The Little Things Get In The Way

It’s important to go with your gut, but you also have to remember what makes a relationship special in the first place. In life, there will always be little ups and downs, but you have to put those aside at the end of the day. Kim and Kanye West have managed to stay happy despite their huge spotlight, but it takes hard work.

9. Life Is Unpredictable, So Enjoy It

You might not know what will happen a year from now or even a month from now, but that’s no reason not to live in the moment. Make sure you get your work done, but then set aside some time just to let loose and have a good time. The Kardashians never miss an opportunity to let their hair down, and neither should you.

8. Embrace Love

When Caitlyn Jenner was first starting to go through her transition, Kim told her that “love is the courage to live the truest, best version of yourself.” Sometimes it’s easiest to be yourself when you let all your problems fall away and just embrace the people you love. Caitlyn might not be on the best terms with the Kardashians nowadays, but we know that, deep down, there’s a lot of love there.

7. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Work hard and get your business done, but life is too short to be so boring about everything! You’ll be happier and more productive in the long run if you allow yourself some fun, and you’ll probably have way more friends along the way. The Kardashians are hard workers when it comes to their business, but they never forget what matters most in life.

6. When You Have An Opportunity, Take It

You never know how many chances life is going to throw your way, so don’t throw anything away that could be useful. As much as people give Kim a hard time for her sex tape scandal, she was able to use that moment to build an unstoppable career. Every moment, good or bad, comes with potential opportunities, so always be on the lookout.

5. Wake Up Early To Make The Most Of Your Day

This is really hard to say, but it’s just true. No matter how much that early morning alarm might make you want to scream, you’ll probably get more done during the day than if you had slept in. This was on Kim’s list of 35 life lessons for her 35th birthday, and it’s sadly a really good idea. You can still sleep in on weekends though; we won’t tell.

4. It’s Always Best To Tell The Truth

Even when the truth makes you want to die, being honest will still make you feel better than covering it up. The Kardashians have dealt with countless scandals and controversies over the years, and they usually address their problems head-on (or sometimes three months later on their show). Once you start lying to people, it’s hard to stop, so just be up front in the first place.

3. Don’t Drink Too Much At Family Functions

This one is basically about Scott, who has had his fair share of embarrassing drunken moments at Kardashian family gatherings over the years. It’s okay to have a good time but make sure to keep things classy, especially when your mother-in-law is in the room. We love Scott, but he’s not the world’s best role model.

2. Always Take Your Makeup Off Before Bed

Another one of Kim’s 35 lessons, this one is important for those of us who are trying to stay young and beautiful for as long as possible. Even if it’s late and you just want to pass out, you won’t regret it. Also, there’s nothing worse than waking up with smudged makeup and a stained pillowcase. Right?!

1. We’re ALL Just Realizing Things

This one is a Kylie original. Sometimes we can get down on ourselves about bad decisions we’ve made or mistakes of the past. But, you’ve just got to remember that, every single day, we’re all just realizing things. Every single one of us. Even if the way Kylie said this sentiment was wildly mind-boggling, the fact itself holds up. Just keep realizin’!

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