Jobs 17 Celebrities Would Have If They Weren’t Famous

Being famous sounds like a lot of fun for the most part, but Hollywood jobs aren’t for everyone. There are lots of stars who hate being famous, and certain parts of it would get pretty old pretty fast. But even celebrities who like their status must think about how their life might have turned out if they didn’t get cast in movies, or have a hit album. Lucky for us, some stars are pretty open about their dreams, whether they were serious goals or just fun ideas. Lots of celebrities had normal first jobs before making it big, but some of them still think about what could have been if they never made it big.

17. Matthew McConaughey – Lawyer

If Matthew McConaughey wasn’t busy acting, he says he’d probably be a lawyer. This is easy to imagine because he seems like he could easily talk circles around the competition. His drawl can be difficult to understand at times, but he would probably just confuse the jury and win all his cases. He’s done well to stick with acting though, seeing that now he has an Oscar and more money than he knows what to do with. He would be a pretty cool lawyer though. He looks the part.

16. Miley Cyrus – Photographer

Miley Cyrus clearly has a strong eye for visuals, so it makes sense that she’d like to be a photographer. She says she would love to study at an art school in London, which sounds like the perfect place to be. Of all the careers on this list, Miley certainly still has time to make this dream happen. She’s defined her career with strong aesthetic choices and eye-popping looks, so she could probably come up with some amazing things in her photography jobs. Plus, she already has a fun portfolio of Instagram selfies ready to go.

15. Joe Jonas – Restaurateur

Joe Jonas has said he’d love to open restaurants, and there’s no reason he can’t. Plenty of other famous people have gotten into the restaurant business, and fame can be the boost you need to succeed. Joe seems pretty busy now with his band DNCE, but maybe in a few years, he’ll open up a trendy eatery in LA or New York. In our dreams, the Jonas Brothers will come together again and launch a restaurant together. Is that too much to ask for?

14. Tom Cruise – Priest

Yeah, Tom Cruise might feel pretty differently about this now. Cruise is probably the most famous Scientologist in the world, but he wasn’t always the face of the questionable religion. Before he got famous, he was very Catholic and was even on the road to becoming a priest, one of the oldest jobs in the world. He spent a year at St. Francis Seminary in Cincinnati studying for the priesthood but decided to leave and move to Hollywood. If he had followed through with becoming a priest, he wouldn’t have any of his beautiful children, or his lucrative film career.

13. Sofia Vergara – Dentist

It’s hard to imagine walking into a dentist office and seeing Sofia Vergara, but it was almost a reality. Back in Colombia, Sofia only had one year left of dental school, and she was so close to finishing. But then she left school to become a TV host, and the rest is history. She might not have gotten her dental degree, but there’s no doubt that she’s smarter than the sometimes-ditzy character she plays on Modern Family. I’d let her look at my teeth anytime.

12. George Clooney – Baseball Player

George Clooney has long been one of the most dapper men in Hollywood, but he almost wasn’t an actor. If he had gotten his dream of being a professional baseball player, he’d be spending his time in dugouts instead of on red carpets. He played growing up, and even tried out for the Cincinnati Reds when he was a teenager. His baseball career might not have panned out the way he planned, but he’s still had plenty of success. Besides, he might not have met his beautiful wife Amal Clooney if he was busy on the baseball field.

11. Jennifer Aniston – Doctor or Party Planner

Jennifer Aniston has a couple ideas about what she might do if she were to step away from Hollywood. She opened up on the topic when talking to Rachael Ray in 2011, saying that she might be a doctor because she’s “fascinated with bodies.” I’m not sure that’s enough to make it through medical school, but she could do it if she wanted. She also said she could see herself being a party planner. These two career paths are pretty different from each other, but Jen is clearly a woman of many talents.

10. Brad Pitt – Architect

As Brad Pitt has gotten older, he looks more and more like someone who would fit in on a construction site. Turns out, that’s not far from what he would have liked to do. He says he thought about pursuing architecture, which seems like a great career for someone with the creative energy he has. Instead, he wound up one of Hollywood’s most iconic leading men, so the tradeoff isn’t too bad. I’m sure he has plenty of money to design a house for himself if he really wants to.

9. Eva Longoria – Businesswoman

Eva Longoria always wanted to be a businesswoman, and she’s made it happen while managing a successful career on screen. She said of her affinity for business: “I love business. I love quotas and budgets, and I like barometers of success. I like measurements of success.” While starring in hit shows Desperate Housewives and Telenovela, Eva has also built a small business empire. She’s opened restaurants, written a cookbook, and created multiple clothing lines. She’s making her dreams happen every single day.

8. Ashton Kutcher – Engineer

We all think of Ashton Kutcher as the goofy, cute guy from That ’70s Show and Punk’d, but he has a soft side. Ashton’s twin brother Michael suffered from heart disease as a child, and also lives with cerebral palsy. Ashton wanted to do something about it, so he studied biomedical engineering at the University of Iowa, hopefully to lead to jobs in the medical field. He ended up dropping out of school after winning a modeling contest, but his platform now no doubt allows him to do even more good. Leaving school is a tough decision, but sometimes it works out down the line.

7. Kim Kardashian – Forensic Investigator

As devoted fans of the Kardashian empire, it’s crazy to imagine what they’d all be doing without reality TV fame. Kim Kardashian addressed this, saying she’d love to be a forensic investigator living a normal life. Kim has shown her expertise in digging up evidence and using it at the right time (remember when she was basically a phone hacker on KUWTK?), so she’d probably be great at this. It’s amazing to imagine her wearing rubber gloves examining a crime scene. Can someone give her a Law & Order spinoff or something?

6. Justin Bieber – Astronaut

Everyone should aim for their dream jobs, but Justin Bieber might have a harder time with his. He said that if not for music, he would probably be an astronaut. He said he wants to go to space, but he might not realize that there are only a handful of actual astronauts in the world. There are rigorous tests and training courses required before you can even enter the space program, so Justin would really have to hit the books. Who knows, maybe he’ll still make it happen.

5. Britney Spears – History Teacher

Britney Spears thinks she’d make a good teacher, but this probably isn’t in the cards for her. Brit is a lovely woman who clearly knows a lot about a lot, but she never even finished high school. Believe it or not, that’s pretty much a requirement for most jobs, especially when it comes to guiding the education of others. Either way, Britney says she’d teach reading or history, which sounds like a fun time. Hopefully, her history class would include lessons about 2000s pop music, because that’s one subject in which she’s definitely the expert.

4. Ryan Reynolds – Mounted Police Officer

Ryan Reynolds is one of our favorite Canadian stars, and his dream job is very Canadian. Ryan would love to be an officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, known as the Mounties. These instantly-recognizable police officers are known for the beautiful horses they ride, and they have over 20,000 members. Ryan might still have time to join the force, but Blake Lively might not be thrilled if he left her alone in the States with their adorable kids. This is the quintessential childhood dream job, and we love that Ryan still kind of wants to do it.

3. Taylor Swift – Interior Designer or Detective

Taylor Swift has taken her music in several different directions over the years, and her other potential careers also vary widely. She says she would love to be a detective, but probably wouldn’t be very good. Like us, Taylor is obsessed with crime shows, but it takes more than that to solve the crimes in real life. She’d also like to be an interior designer, which sounds a little more doable. She’s spent lots of time decorating her own houses and apartments, so she could definitely give some helpful advice.

2. Zayn Malik – English Teacher

Fame is great, but sometimes celebs still have normal jobs left that they’d love to do. Zayn Malik said that he’d still love to get an English degree at university, which isn’t hard to believe. He’s a talented songwriter, so there’s no question that he has a way with words. Not to mention, there’s no doubt he’d be the hot teacher all the students are obsessed with. Now that he’s parted ways with Gigi Hadid, it might be the perfect time to hit the books.

1. Selena Gomez – Cracker Barrel Waitress

Many of these stars are aiming for the stratosphere with their career aspirations, but some people just like to keep it simple. Selena Gomez once said that she’d make a great waitress at Cracker Barrel, and that just proves even more how down to Earth she is. Granted, this interview happened when she was just 11 years old, but it’s still pretty great to imagine Selena all glammed out at a Cracker Barrel. If we asked her today, she might pick something a little more prestigious, but there’s nothing wrong with being a waitress.

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