16 Times Turk And JD Defined Friendship Goals On Scrubs

If you’re an avid Scrubs fan, you know that there is no love more pure than that of Turk and JD. The two have truly been through it all together and stuck by each other’s side no matter what. While their friendship often rivals their relationships with their girlfriends, it’s because there’s nothing in this world stronger than their “guy love.” Whether they’re raising their families together or hanging out watching Sanford & Son, the two are totally inseparable. Here are just 16 of the most beautiful moments of this duo’s friendship.

16. When they sang “Guy Love”

Okay obviously we had to start with the ballad that Turk and JD sing to one another during the “My Musical” episode. The whole song is about how people sometimes treat them weirdly and misunderstand their “Guy Love.” It’s basically the musical version of saying “no homo.”

The two are clearly closer than most romantic partners, and they sometimes get embarrassed about it. The best line is probably “It’s like I’ve married my best friend, but in a totally manly way.” Okay.

15. When they “seagull’d” on the beach

If you’re a dedicated Scrubs fan, you’re familiar with “eagle.” If not, it’s basically that whenever Turk and JD meet, JD runs into his arms while Turk picks him up and they shout “EEEAAAGLE.” It’s honestly pretty adorable. Anyway, while away at the janitor’s tropical honeymoon, JD jumps onto Turk and shouts “seagull” instead of “eagle.”

Ok, I know that it honestly doesn’t sound that noteworthy, but if you watched every preceding season then it was pretty much the height of comedy. Turk and JD then spend the rest of the day making some kid film them while they flex on the beach and admire each other’s physiques.

14. When they were college roomies

One of the best parts of Scrubs is definitely JD’s fantasies and flashbacks. Some of the best ones involve Turk and JD’s college days. The two were roommates and they were even dorkier and goofier back then than they are as adults.

They’ve truly been through it all together. Whether it was JD walking in on Turk practicing ballet, or when JD discovers the magic of hair mousse for the first time — seeing the two during their humble beginnings is seriously heartwarming. It just goes to show that two people really can be friends forever.

13. …And grown-up roomies

And of course, their domestic bliss had to continue outside of college. The two continue to live together once they both start working at Sacred Heart. They even keep living together once Turk and Carla are long into their relationship and she moves in with the two of them. It’s hilarious because, despite the fact that Turk and Carla are married, it always seems like Carla is really the third wheel in the scenario.

Eventually JD moves out but after a series of disastrous living arrangements, Turk ends up stowing him away for a while in their original apartment, unbeknownst to Carla.

12. When Turk defended JD’s honor

This was one of the most wholesome Turk and JD moments. While Turk always loves making fun of JD for his complete and total lack of athleticism, he’s got his back at the end of the day. When JD tries his best to join in with all the surgery bros playing basketball, he ends up inadvertently knocking himself out. Turk then joins him on the ground so it looks like he’s just taking a nap. Now that is the definition of friendship goals.

11. When they supported their patients through tough times

While the majority of Scrubs is hilarious and lighthearted, nearly every episode is grounded with a super intense and ~real~ moment or life lesson. This show will make you cry as often as it makes you laugh.

Of course, working in a hospital, Turk and JD went through some seriously tough times together. For example, the time when they knew one of their patients wasn’t going to last through the night, so they stayed up with him and made sure his last moments were as enjoyable as possible. *Sniffle* We’re fine, really.

10. Every time they bothered Hooch

Hooch is crazy! If you’re not familiar with Hooch, he’s an orthopedic surgeon at Sacred Heart with a serious anger issue. Like, could-possibly-be-a-murderer anger. So naturally, Turk and JD take every possible opportunity to mess with him.

One classic example of this is when they give him the classic “soup shower,” where Turk places bouillon cubes on the showerhead. Or when they have four interns silently follow him around all day. It doesn’t end well, Hooch is fired after he ends up snapping and holding them all hostage.

9. When they rode the Love Train

This is possibly one of JD’s greatest fantasy moments. Turk and JD are trying to relocate a huge crowd of senior citizen patients, and it’s obviously a pretty slow-moving process. When Turk complains that they need to a find a faster way to make them move, JD’s mind instantly jumps to the “love train.”

Basically, all of the old people hop on a mini-train conducted by JD and Turk while “Love Train” by The O’Jays plays, accompanied by flashing disco lights. The clip is about 10 minutes long but is undoubtedly one of the greatest moments in Scrubs history.

8. When their relationship threatened Turk and Carla’s marriage

On more than one occasion, the relationship between Turk and JD totally outshined their respective romantic relationships. The good thing is that their girlfriends, Carla and Elliot, pretty much entered their relationships knowing that they would be in constant competition with their man’s bromantic partner. Despite the fact that the two are just best buds, it must be pretty difficult to keep up with a relationship as stable as that of Turk and JD’s “guy love.”

For example, JD can tell Elliot that he loves her as many times as he wants, but she only truly believes it when he finally says “I love you more than Turk.” Sure you do, JD…

7. When they made one, giant doctor

World’s Most Giant Doctor is by far one of the best characters on Scrubs. If you’re not familiar with World’s Most Giant Doctor, it is the Frankenstein-esque creation of Turk and JD, in which JD sits on Turk’s shoulders and the two cover themselves in a giant lab coat.

… Okay, so not technically a “character,” but definitely a great trope. The two stand outside of Sacred Heart while JD shouts “Be not afraid, I’m just like you — except I’m giant!” It’s pretty much as clever as it sounds.

6. When they adopted a dog together

Of course, there’s nothing more beautiful than the pseudo-family that Turk and JD build for themselves when they adopt Rowdy. Granted, Rowdy is a taxidermied golden retriever and not a real dog — but this doesn’t stop the boys from treating him like a valued member of their family.

They constantly try to teach Rowdy tricks, give him praise, and on more than one occasion they even bathe with him. The two constantly have to defend Rowdy’s honor against Carla and Elliot, who are (kind of rightfully) disgusted by him, but their home just wouldn’t be the same without him.

5. When they were reunited after Turk’s honeymoon

OMG. This was one of the most adorable and hilarious moments in the history of Turk and JD’s friendship. Obviously, Turk and Carla had a wonderful time on their romantic honeymoon, but he just isn’t complete without JD. The pair’s subsequent reunion back at Sacred Heart lives up to expectations.

Basically, the two spend an absurd amount of time seeing each other from afar, running to the other’s location, and ending up separated again. As the two excitedly run towards each other like schoolchildren and Carla, his new wife, says “maybe someday he’ll love me like that.” Maybe one day, girl.

4. When Turk gave JD surgery

After all the absurd adventures Turk and JD have been through together, it was just a matter of time before one of them gave the other medical treatment. This comes to fruition when Turk is selected to be JD’s surgeon for his emergency appendectomy. Turk is super amped and even does a little victory dance when he finds out. Unfortunately, JD is skeptical and even requests that he have another surgeon.

However, after talking it out and realizing he (of course) should trust Turk, he lets Turk go ahead with the procedure. They even reference this monumental moment in the song “Guy Love,” when JD says “you’re the only man that’s ever been inside of me.” Beautiful stuff.

3. When they showed their love for Sanford and Son

Despite the fact that they were in the middle of an argument, Turk and JD never miss out on an opportunity to be ridiculous together. Turk is angry because people at the hospital are making racist assumptions about him, so he starts listing stereotypes — like that people assume he loves Sanford and Son. JD calmly reminds him that he does love the show, and the two casually break out into a super-enthusiastic rendition of the theme song. They immediately return to the issue at hand without ever addressing the outburst.

2. When they got friendship rings

According to JD, this was the most exciting moment in their friendship. Turk asks JD to be his best man at his wedding, and when he says yes, Elliot asks if this is the best moment they’ve ever had. The two look at each other, and then we see a flashback of JD finding two decoder rings in his cereal box. Now, not only are they doctors, they’re “double secret decoder ring-wearing doctors.” TBH, it is pretty hard to think of anything more exciting than that.

1. When they went through the big stuff together

And of course, Turk and JD go through all of their most important life milestones together. From college to middle-age, the two have been through it all. Turk and Carla started dating, they got married, JD has a son with his girlfriend, Turk and Carla get married, JD and Elliot end up together (after their constant on-again-off-again romance), and we can assume that all four of them will grow very old and happy together. Basically, Turk and JD show that at the end of the day — all you truly need in this life is your best pal.

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