16 Super-Famous Celebrities Accused Of Being In The Illuminati

Sometimes, our favorite celebrities are just too famous for their own good. The explanation? Illuminati. Yes, that’s right. There are tons of people who genuinely believe that the world’s most successful celebs sold their souls to Satan in exchange for fame.

While the Illuminati can refer to many, smaller groups, the basic idea is that the elite are part of a secret society. Their goal? To establish a new world order and control us, without us even realizing it. Hey, it sounds kinda legit when you think about it — pop culture has major influences on our lives. [Please prepare for lots of sarcastic language from the outset and throughout.]

16. Kim Kardashian

This one we could maybe understand because many of us are still baffled as to how the Kardashians became so famous. Must be the Illuminati. Anyways, Kim Kardashian has given conspiracy theorists plenty of reasons for believing this. Basically, every time there’s some ~huge~ scandal with her family, we all become obsessed, distracting us from the real issues in the world. It’s all part of their plan! Plus, she once Instagrammed a pic collage in the shape of the all-seeing eye, a common symbol in Illuminati conspiracies.

15. Kanye West

Of course, anyone this close to the Kardashians AND Jay-Z is gonna have ties to the Illuminati… right? Although it’s primarily because of his associations with Yoncé, Jay and Kim — there have been certain instances in which Kanye has hinted at Illuminati membership. He often throws up that triangle symbol, and his infamous on-stage rant made many people think that all of the Illuminati pressure and paranoia were finally catching up to him. Combined with him frequently referring to himself as Christ and God-like, this “blatantly blasphemous” symbolism is SO OBVIOUSLY a sign he’s tied with the devil and the rest of the celebs who sold their souls to Satan.

14. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber: everyone’s favorite heartthrob singer, or Illuminati member making deals with the devil? His case, in particular, is a super bizarre one, that shows just how wild the internet is. Essentially, it all began when an Australian news site published a story, claiming that Justin was part-lizard. Stick with us. Allegedly, a group of fans saw him shapeshifting into a lizard before their very eyes. There are tons of videos of people claiming to have proof of Justin’s reptilian roots. This is important because many conspiracy theorists believe that our world is being run by a group of powerful lizard people in human suits and that THEY are the Illuminati. You just can’t make this stuff up! …Or can you?

13. Katy Perry

After taking a brief mental health break, people were quick to suggest that Katy Perry was another young starlette, doomed to crack under the pressure of the Illuminati. She rose to fame incredibly quickly with “I Kissed A Girl” and her immediate fame has suggested to Illuminati conspiracy theorists that she’s got ties to Satan. For example, she was seen wearing a dress with an eye embroidered on it. Yes, REALLY! Eyeball, as in the all-seeing eye, as in Katy Perry is definitely a part of the illuminati!

12. Kesha

After viewers noticed a few ~Satanic~ symbols and hints in several of her music videos, many people began believing that Kesha was a member of the Illuminati. There are so many symbols in the video for “Die Young” that many saw it as an outright mocking of the “indoctrinated masses” AKA people who aren’t part of the Illuminati. In an interview with Rolling Stone the singer (jokingly?) confirmed that she is, in fact, a member of the Illuminati. “It’s so much worse than they think. I’m really the leader of the Illuminati. That’s true,” she told the magazine. Maybe she was kidding, or maybe she sold her soul! Plus, add that hand tattoo to the list of evidence!

11. Paris Hilton

Again, another young and beautiful celeb who became famous for seemingly no reason. Smells a whole lot like Illuminati if you ask me! The wildest accusation, however, is that the Paris Hilton we know and love today is actually just a clone of the original Paris. Many Illuminati believers think that the group creates clones of famous people to use as their pawns. Basically, they argue that (at some point) Paris died, but because she was so influential and elite, they cloned her so they could continue using her as a to distract and control the public. Is the Illuminati behind those hilarious memes she posts on her Twitter? Some certainly think so! It’s just another way for them to control the masses!

10. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has done a lot of wild things throughout her career. But the most wild? Possible Illuminati membership! The crazy conspiracy theory goes that Disney had her killed after her Hannah Montana days as she became a little more ~grown up~. To protect their reputation, they had her murdered and replaced with a clone. She even has the all-seeing eye tattooed on her finger. Plus, there a couple videos on YouTube that ~prove~ our favorite pop star may just be a reptile. Who knows?

9. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie almost always comes up in conversations about the Illuminati. Some people even claim to have video evidence of her inclusion in the group and satanic ways. In one video, we see her describing some sort of torture and ritual-like event that she has experienced. The internet’s opinion? She’s talking about her Illuminati initiation! Don’t take our word for it, check out the video here.

8. Adele

Adele is definitely one of those celebrities that manages to fly under the radar and keep her name out of the tabloids. But that doesn’t mean she’s not a part of the mind-controlling, satanic Illuminati! In particular, her song “Hello” fueled rumors that she had sold her soul to the devil. Apparently the whole thing’s an ode to Satan. One video claims that a shadowy figure in the background of her “Rolling In the Deep” video is actually a demon. Sounds like a stretch, but sure.

7. Barack Obama

Of course, every U.S. president has to be involved in the Illuminati. How do you maintain power over an entire country of people without selling your soul to the devil? You can’t! A former ““““““Illuminati member”””””” came forward about Barack Obama’s involvement in the group. Essentially, Obama was born under the Illuminati and groomed his entire life to become the US President. It was all just a part of their scheme to establish the New World Order. We have a feeling they’re having a much more difficult time with the current president.

6. Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is yet another example of a young celebrity forced to live their breakdowns in the public eye. Most people are familiar with Amanda’s issues with mental illness a few years back, and recognize that she is still healing. However, others think the pressures of working with Satan are what drove the star to act bizarrely and destructively. Basically, theorists believe that she’s a victim of mind control at the hands of the Illuminati — who are notorious for exploiting and monetizing off of child and teen stars.

5. Lady Gaga

Granted, Lady Gaga has done some bizarre, even disturbing stunts when it comes to her music and performance. But many people believe that her new song “Perfect Illusion” is a cry for help, where she’s talking about how the Illuminati was more than she signed up for. Plus, her Superbowl Halftime show was apparently riddled with Satanic symbolism. Because of her previously-provocative performances, there were rumors that she was gonna hold some kind of satanic ritual. Hmm…

4. Beyoncé

Yes, even Queen Beyoncé hasn’t escaped the clutches of Illuminati rumors. In fact, she and hubby Jay-Z are some of the most notable ~illuminati~ members. It seems like nearly everything they do serves as evidence of their membership in the devil-worshiping cult of elites. For example, some websites claim that Blue Ivy is really just an acronym for “Born Living Under Evil, Illuminati’s Very Youngest.” Beyoncé occasionally makes a triangle shape with her hands while she performs. If that’s not ~*concrete proof*~, we just don’t know what is! Bey has denied the conspiracists’ allegations in her song “Formation” when she states, “Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess.”

3. Jay-Z

Speaking of Bey and Jay, the hubby, in particular, has been accused of Illuminati membership for yeeaaarrrsss. Rather than gaining his fame the old-fashioned way, many believe that he (and other celebs) sold their souls to the devil in exchange for the money and recognition he sought. Many believe the first evidence of his membership can be found in his video for “On To the Next One.” It uses certain symbols (i.e., devil’s horns) that for some, serve as evidence of his ties with Satan. Plus, his clothing line once sold sweatshirts with the Freemason symbol, another secret society that’s often associated with the Illuminati. Spooky stuff!

2. Britney Spears

After Britney Spears’ highly-publicized breakdown in 2007, many people felt it was definitive proof of Illuminati membership. Essentially, the pressure of selling her soul to satan finally broke her. In an interview, when asked about invading Iraq, she voiced her support for the president’s decision. Can you say, pawn of the Illuminati?! There’s even a rumor that she and ex Justin Timberlake were injured in a car crash, and the versions of them we see now are just clones.

1. Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

This one got super personal super quickly. As we all know, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are everyone’s favorite married couple and parents. However, many people believe that they’re involved in the Illuminati and some other super bizarre conspiracies. It finally got to the point where Chrissy had to address the rumors. Some depraved Twitter user suggested that he had evidence suggesting Chrissy and John were part of an underground celebrity society that abuses and molests children. Too far. Chrissy finally replied head-on, denying any kind of membership with any such horrific group.

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