How To Exercise While Watching TV

I’m really into incorporating movement into aspects of life that could be exceptionally sedentary. For instance, I fidget on the subway which kills two birds with one stone: I will live longer and no one wants to get to close to me. I also like to “workout” while I do things like boil water and watch television. When you turn your sad little apartment into a gym, you don’t even need any equipment. It rules.

Here are some of my cool TV viewing workout tips:

  • If the show you’re watching has a drinking game (google “show title + drinking game” to see) then just use that as a guideline. Whenever you would drink, do a set of something.
  • Do a wall-sit during the opening sequence and end credits.
  • Watch with commercials– commercials are a drag but you can do reps of whatever exercise (squats, lunges, burpees et cetera) and switch when one ad ends and another begins.
  • Pick a title character, whenever they come on screen, do a plank for the rest of the scene.
  • If you watch television on an actual TV set and not a computer, hide your remote and get up any time you need to change the channel or adjust the volume.
  • Do dynamic stretches during the first act.
  • Find something with weight to it (a jug, a large leather-bound book, your dog) and move it around during the second act.
  • Do seated floor stretches during the third act.

I’m trying to find other ways to be as active as possible while being totally lazy at the same time, so let me know if you have any suggestions.

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