30 Of The Hottest Young Male Celebrities

The year is not even over and 2017 has already given us enough eye-candy to last a lifetime. Believe me, I am not formally trained in the skill of judging handsome men but I’d still consider myself something of a self-made expert. And we’re not trying to be agist, here, but you can tell just by looking at them that everyone on this list of young gentlemen has had a massive influence on fashion, music, or acting this year and they all just happento be under the age of 30. Interesting. Some of them are new-comers and some of them have been around long enough for you to grow to hate them a little bit (Bieber), but bare with me here.

Get to know these names because they’re here to stay. We’re dreaming of these 30 hotties under 30 but know that there is no easy way to rate every single one of them considering how versatile they all are, so the order is of no importance. Read on to meet the men on our mind.

1. Ashton Irwin, 26

Ashton Irwin is the cute drummer in Australian boy band, Five Seconds of Summer (5SOS). The band got their recognition opening for One Direction‘s Take Me Home tour but once that ended, they continued making a name for themselves. On Instagram, Ash proves to be an extremely genuine and humble young man with a fond appreciation for his band mates.

2. A$AP Rocky, 31

First things first, A$AP Rocky is the rapper behind “Wild for the Night” and “Fashion Killa”. But recently he’s been making waves in the fashion world as one of hip hop’s best-dressed men. If you’ve ever followed any coverage of men’s fashion week then he may look familiar. Rocky is currently the face of Dior Homme and he’s been linked with model pal, Kendall Jenner. Feast your eyes on his museum-worthy Instagram by clicking the picture above.

3. Justin Bieber, 26


Justin Bieber… where to begin? He stole our hearts as a 13-year-old Canadian boy, serenading us with hits like “Baby.” We’ve been on a long emotional roller-coster ever since. He can dance, he can sing, but he can’t always deal with the fame. We don’t blame him, but we’ll be patiently waiting for his next comeback.

4. KJ Apa, 23


We can thank the CW’s Riverdale for our next two hot co-stars. The New Zealand born youngin’ gives his all playing the high school kid we grew so fond of, Archie Andrews. He spoke with Paper Magazine about being a sex-symbol and said, “Every single episode I have my shirt off so inevitably, it’s going to be gnarly.” We definitely see him for much more than his six pack, the boy’s got a great personality.

5.Cole Sprouse, 28


Right alongside KJ Apa in Riverdale is Cole Sprouse, the twin we’ve known and loved growing up watching Big Daddy and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Cole graduated from NYU with honors and has since portrayed Jughead Jones on the CW show. Plus, he often drags himself and twin brother, Dylan Sprouse, on Twitter. He is definitely a celebrity that has grown into his handsome looks.

6. Liam Hemsworth, 30


Liam Hemsworth has been off the market for so long, it almost discourages us; but we are all here for his romance with The Last Song co-star (and fiancé), Miley Cyrus. As the brother of Thor, it’s obvious that good genes run in the family. He’s a dog lover and an amazing actor (#TeamGale anyone?), the total package. He’s pretty modest on Instagram but if you click through, there’s a recent photo of him in a speedo. Thank me later.

7. Zac Efron, 32


Zac Efron is no longer the boy who made our teenage hearts race in High School Musical. Nevertheless, we loved him then and we love him now. His roles range from Hairspray to Baywatch and everywhere in between. Our favorite Efron is the romantic one in any Nicholas Sparks role he’s taken.

8. Bryson Tiller, 27


IMO, Bryson Tiller is a pretty under-rated singer and songwriter. You probably know him as the male accompaniment to Rihanna in DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts,” but he has been putting out sexy singles and albums since 2011. He sings and raps about real life relationships (the good, the bad, the ugly) and his daughter who he often posts on Instagram. He is essentially the perfect combination of emotional and sexy.

9. Lucky Blue Smith, 22


Another recent, young father is Lucky Blue Smith. He was signed to an international modeling agency by the age of 12 and can be recognized now by his platinum hair and piercing blue eyes. Last year he was on the cover of GQ as one of the “most stylish men in the world.” We have a feeling we’ll be seeing his name a lot more in the years to come.

10. The Weeknd, 30

Don’t get me wrong, The Weeknd is an acquired taste. But try and listen to basically any of his songs off of any album without *feeling* some type of way. Sultry songstress (and current gf), Selena Gomez had no shame getting caught making out with him by the dumpsters and supermodel, Bella Hadid was on his arm shortly before. For these reasons, we are keeping him high on our list.


11. John Boyega, 28


John Boyega is the British actor who became known for his role as Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The talented actor is an extremely humble guy from a little town in South London who literally brought 15 of his close, hometown friends to the London premiere of the movie. His latest role is in the film Detroit, released earlier this month. There’s plenty more coming for this new-to-Hollywood star.

12. Dylan O’Brien, 28

For some reason that we can’t wrap our heads around, Dylan O’Brien is not on Instagram. But the plethora of fan accounts (like the one above) keep us busy with all of the eye candy we need. He first got noticed in his role as Stiles in MTV’s Teen Wolf, where he got hotter and hotter by the season. He then starred in the Maze Runner movies and most recently, American Assassin. For this role, he has a manly beard and is seeking revenge on the terrorists who killed his girlfriend. We can catch him on the big screen September 15th.


13. Kyle Allen, 25


Kyle Allen is a hot newcomer. Example 1 is this brooding post above. If you Google him don’t be fooled by the football player who shares the same name. The Kyle we’re talking about is an actor known for playing a rebellious teen in Hulu’s The Path.

14. Ashton Sanders, 24

Ashton Sanders is known for his role as a young Chiron in the Academy Award–winning movie Moonlight (sorry, La La Land). He is a rising star who is also making his name known in fashion. Sanders has been featured in quite a few magazines and spoke with Rolling Stone about being a young, black actor stating, “I want to use my art and do films that reflect what’s going on, and that influence change and inspire people to stand up for what’s right in our country.” We love it.


15. Ross Butler, 30


Ross Butler just starred as a high-school kid in not one, but two of the shows we spent the summer binge watching. As soon as we recovered from 13 Reasons Why, we were able to watch him in Riverdale, where they will unfortunately have to recast him for season 2 because of filming conflicts. Lucky for us, there will be no shortage of Ross in season two of 13 Reasons Why and we are overly excited to see what’s to come.

16. Brenton Thwaites, 31


Brenton Thwaites is an Australian actor that you may recognize from The Giver. He also played a pirate babe in this year’s Pirates of the Caribbean alongside Captain Jack Sparrow. We just hope to see more of him around Hollywood soon.

17. Luka Sabbat, 22


Luka Sabbat is a young model who grew up in a fashion forward family between NYC and Paris. Although his name hasn’t been around long he’s already interviewed with GQ, Complex, and Forbes in the past year. You may have seen him modeling for brands like Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger. If not, get ready to see a lot more of him taking over the internet and the fashion industry.

18. Anwar Hadid, 21


I feel like a cougar for this one, but there’s no denying Anwar Hadid’s rise to fame. He is the little brother to supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid so it would almost be a shame for him not to start his own modeling career. Luckily for him, his career is starting off strong. Just a year after being signed, he was featured in British Vogue, covered Teen Vogue, and made his runway debut for Moschino. Plenty more ahead for this teen.

19. Ansel Elgort, 26


Ansel Elgot is the reason we all cried during The Fault in Our Stars. Most recently he took the lead as Baby, the young and edgy getaway driver in Baby Driver. Oh and did we mention that he is still dating his high-school sweetheart? It almost makes us love him even more.

20. Harry Styles, 26

Take a moment to stare. We all know how hot this guy is even if his Instagram is seriously lacking in the sexy selfie department. If you’ve been living under a rock, Harry used to be 1/5 of One Direction and is now taking the world by storm with his debut solo album. He’s as charming as he is handsome and he can act, too. Yup, the double threat just hit the big screens in the Christopher Nolan film, Dunkirk.

21. Dev Patel, 30

Dev Patel has grown up a lot since we saw him star on the British teen drama Skins. He went on to star in Slumdog Millionaire and was Academy Award-nominated for his role in Lion. Unfortunately for us, Patel is not on Instagram but there’s no shortage of cute pics of him all over the web.

22. Nicholas Hoult, 30


Nicholas Hoult played the zombie that grunted and dragged himself along in Warm Bodies. The handsome, English actor also took a role in Mad Max. Hoult dated mega-babe Jennifer Lawrence for awhile until their sad split in 2015. We loved him on Skins and we love him now, still.

23. Nick Jonas, 27


We all grew up listening to the Jonas Brothers and if Nick wasn’t your favorite brother, you’re probably lying to yourself. After the Jo Bros cut it off, Nick found a lot of success in a solo career. I’m sure you know one or two of his catchy and sexy singles like “Chains,” for example. Then there was that time that he pulled a Mark Wahlberg for Calvin Klein, an image in our head that we will never forget.

24. Douglas Booth, 28


Douglas Booth is an English actor and the hottie who played Miley Cyrus‘ love interest in LOL (remember that one?). He has appeared in many English television shows and fights for animal rights on his Instagram page. Bonus points. We put him on this list hoping we can see him on the big screen more in the future.

25. Jason Derulo, 30


Jason Derulo has (almost literally) danced his way into our hearts. The “Talk Dirty” singer has never been too shy to charm the ladies. He most recently reminded us of this with his hit “Swalla” alongside Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign. Derulo just announced his 2018 UK tour so if you’re anywhere close, we recommend you do yourself a favor and purchase tickets ASAP.

26. Diego Boneta, 29


Diego Boneta is a singer and actor from Mexico known for his brief role as high-school hottie, Alex Santiago in Pretty Little Liars and Javier in 90210. We recently saw him in Scream Queens and although you may not know his name yet, he is already a huge star in Mexico. That being said, prepare yourself to see a lot more of Diego in your future.

27. Jordan Berrett, 23


Jordan Barrett is an Australian model who was recently voted “Model of the Year” by Models.com. On top of that, he has received plenty of recognition from Vogue, GQ, and was the boy caught cozying up to Bella Hadid in her NYC apartment. She took to Twitter to make sure everyone knew they were only friends and they later covered Vogue Australia together. Fashion’s latest it-boy is in it for the long-haul.

28. Fionn Whitehead, 23

Fionn Whitehead is the English actor who stole the show in Dunkirk this summer. The 20-year-old auditioned for the movie without any idea of what he was auditioning for. The newcomer doesn’t even have an Instagram yet. Whitehead had been working at a coffee shop in London only a few months before the life-changing role became his own. He doesn’t have his mind set on the move to Los Angeles yet but we have a feeling that with time, it could happen.

29. Tom Holland, 24


You probably know Tom Holland as the most recent star of Spider-Man. Believe it or not, Holland is also a dancer and appeared on stage in London’s Billy Elliot the Musical. It wasn’t long before romance rumors sparked between him and his Spider-Man co-star Zendaya. They vaguely laughed off those rumors but left us hanging, so we’re still wondering if he is off the market or not.

30. Dylan Minnette, 23


Dylan Minnette is a bit shy on his Instagram even though he got his start in commercial modeling. We know him as Hannah Baker’s sweet and innocent love interest in 13 Reasons Why. We have no doubt that the young actor will awe us once again in season two.

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