The 17 Hottest TV Vampires That Can Bite Us Any Day

There are lots of hotties on TV from bad boys to lovable nerds. They might get our pulses racing, but none of them can do it quite as well as vampires. And the irony is that vampires don’t even have pulses. There might be plenty of smoking hot vampires in movies — looking at you, Edward Cullen — but television has produced some sexy vampires. Have a look at 17 TV vampires that can bite us any time.

1. Raphael Santiago – Shadowhunters

Looking deceased has never looked so good as it does in the case of Raphael Santiago (David Castro) from Shadowhunters. This one could potentially be a bit creepy considering Raphael was turned into a vampire at 15. However, that was way back in 1953 and he’s technically 70 now. And let us tell you that he doesn’t look like the 70-year-olds you see on the street. Dang, boy.

2. Aidan Waite – Being Human

We were also completely obsessed with his werewolf bestie/roommate but Aidan cannot be overlooked. He was the perfect mix of sweet but dangerous and at the ripe age of 261, this is one old dude we’re totally down for. Don’t want to give anything away, but if you love all things vampire, give Being Human a watch. Doesn’t he kind of give off Stephen Moyer vibes?

3. Spike – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

When boy band bleached hair was at its peak, Spike (James Marsters) still wore it waaaaaaay better than any of those singers and dancers. It suited his black T-shirts and long black leather jackets much more than the boy bands’ coordinated denim ensembles. He was even attractive in a cute-nerdy way back in his human life when he was known as William Pratt. He was all waistcoats, tiny spectacles and floppy hair. However, becoming a vampire definitely took his hotness to the next level. *Drools*

4. Dracula – Dracula

There are a lot of different versions of Dracula, but we’re not going to forget the dapper version from the 2013 NBC/Sky Living version starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the title character. Sadly, the series was cancelled after one season, but Dracula still had a lasting impression on us. He managed to pull off a pencil-thin mustache and a goatee. And dude never wore a hat or a suit that he didn’t look flawless in. Oh, and then there were all those shirtless seasons. It’s a pity we didn’t get a second season just for the bod alone.

5. Niklaus Mikaelson – The Originals

Ah, Niklaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan). You might call him Nik, Klaus or even N, but what everybody really wants to call him is “smoking hot babe.” Yes, we know that he’s also a werewolf and now some confusing hybrid of the two, but he will always be a sexy, sexy vampire in our hearts. Our crush started back in The Vampire Diaries days and it has only blossomed from there.

6. Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries

Speaking of The Vampire Diaries, it would be totally wrong not to include the smoldering Damon Salvatore. We’d personally like to thank The CW for keeping The Vampires Diaries on for eight seasons. We could have actually looked at Ian Somerhalder as the bad boy vampire for another eight seasons, but we’re still thankful for what we had. Whether we saw him in the present or flashbacks to the past, we enjoyed every moment. #Blessed

7. Angel – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

We’ve already waxed poetic about Spike, now it’s time to talk about Angel (David Boreanaz). We’re tempted to describe Angel based off his name, but we don’t know if it’s the best idea given that he is a vampire — and he did some very, very bad things before. Instead, we’ll take inspiration from the days when he was known as Angelus and they liked to call him “The One with the Angelic Face.” Sums him up very well, doesn’t it?

8. Barnabas Collins – Dark Shadows

For the last decade or so, most of the world has had vampire fever. However, there are some good-looking vampires who existed before 1995. Take the dashing Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows. You’re probably thinking about Johnny Depp‘s version from the 2012 Tim Burton movie, but remember this is a TV list. We’re referring to the one played by Jonathan Frid on the ABC show that aired way back from 1966 to 1971. If you missed it the first time around, Barnabas basically saved the show because people loved him. Have a look at the dapper gentlemen and it’s not too hard to see why.

9. Dracula – Penny Dreadful

In Penny Dreadful, Dracula (Christian Camargo) is also known as Dr. Alexander Sweet and we think this is a very apropos name as he is very sweet indeed. We will admit that some of the things he does aren’t exactly sweet, but is he easy on the eyes? You bet. We also admire his passion for zoology and world domination.

10. Stefan Salvatore – Vampire Diaries

The Salvatore brothers in The Vampire Diaries were clearly part of a very good gene pool. As much as we loved his bad-boy-turned-good-guy brother, we couldn’t resist charming Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley). With that flowing hair, that square jaw and that smoldering stare, Stefan was hot as a human, vampire and anywhere in between.

11. Jessica Hamby – True Blood

If we’re being honest, the vast majority of the True Blood cast could appear on this list — and a number of the hunky vampires did. What can we say? It was one of the hottest shows on TV and each individual person/vampire earned their spot. Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) was a ginger-haired vampire who we aren’t going to be forgetting any time soon. Besides giving us major hair envy, she helped ensure that vampires were known for being as sultry as they are blood sucking.

12. Bill Compton – True Blood

No vampire list would be complete without Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer). Let’s all just stop for a second and think back to the delightful times when we got to watch him on True Blood. Vampires with a southern drawl aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when we think about the creatures of the living dead. However, the confederate-soldier-turned-mainstream-vampire opened our minds up to new and gorgeous vampires. Plus, he hasn’t aged a day since 1835. Well, you know what we mean.

13. The Countess – American Horror Story: Hotel

UMMM, pretty sure we’re all fairly obsessed with The Countess/Elizabeth from American Horror Story: Hotel. She was Fierce with a capital “F.” Plus, she was played by Lady Gaga, you guys. In addition to having a hotel and wardrobe we would like to steal, The Countess almost made her vampires feasts look like an art form. And who could forget that chain mail glove? It was creepy, but hot.

14. Elena Gilbert – The Vampire Diaries

You can also go ahead and add Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova into this one as well considering they’re all played by the stunning Nina Dobrev. ~*Spoiler alert:*~ We know that Elena and Katherine both took different forms during the eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries, but like others on the list, they were vampires at some point, so they earn a spot on the list. Just try looking into those deep brown eyes for a second and then tell us that you don’t agree.

15. Elijah Mikaelson – The Originals

We sang the praises of the handsome Niklaus Mikaelson, now it’s time to complete the (half) brotherly praise with Elijah Mikaelson (Daniel Gillies). Can you say “babe?” Yup. He earns extra points for being an Original Vampire. While some may be all about the new hybrids, we still like our Elijah just the way he is. We’re also stoked that we got to stare at his gorgeous face on The Vampire Diaries and now The Originals.

16. Eric Northman – True Blood

Let’s forget about Bill Compton for a second and focus on Eric Northman. He was a vampire played by Alexander Skarsgård. No one is ever going to complain about that. He also proved that he could pull off any hairstyle or outfit, including top hats and a man bob. Then there was the little fact that he was a bit evil. What can we say, we cannot resist a bad boy. And he’s one that makes looking 1,000 years old look very, very good.

17. Sophie-Ann Leclerq – True Blood

We’ve talked about hot male vampires from True Blood, now it’s time to show the female characters some love. That brings us to the beautiful Sophie-Ann Leclerq (Evan Rachel Wood). She was absolutely stunning. Plus, she was probably one of the most glamorous vampires in the history of TV and film. How many vampires do you know that could pull off all of those jewels, ginger curls and fur coats so well? It’s no surprise her back story revealed that she was from France because she was parfait.

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