16 Hot Animated Characters We’d Totally Swipe Right On

Everyone has a crush on a character, even if they are of the cartoon variety. Don’t pretend you don’t or never have. Hot animated characters are sure, a little strange, but it’s definitely like, a thing. We’ve all thought about what it’d be like to date Trent from Daria, ride that carpet with Aladdin and be the princess Link fought so hard to save, okay?! We’re all in this together.

Quite frankly, there are a few hot animated characters that are so attractive that if we saw them on the likes of Tinder, they’d get a quick right swipe. We’d probably even send the first message. Let’s see if you agree…

1. Prince Eric

We’re heading out of the gate strong with this one. Who didn’t have what your grandma would call “impure” thoughts about Prince Eric when they watched The Little Mermaid? That smile, those eyes, that bod. Hello! We weren’t even mad that Ariel left her home, family, and life as she knew it for him. Okay, maybe she was a little quick to jump on land (and give away her MF voice), but Prince Eric… man, oh man, does he rank high on our list.

2. Drew Pickles

DILF alert! Growing up, you probably didn’t realize what a stud Drew Pickles from Rugrats was. When you were little, he was just Angelica’s dad. Then you got older. With that age came an appreciation for his hipster dad style. You know he’s def listening to Weezer on vinyl before he heads out to a farmer’s market.

3. Gambit

Well, hello there! We’re not the one bit surprised that Channing Tatum is going to be the one to bring this character to the big screen. One of the X-Men, Gambit’s New Orleans charm and sweet hair are just a couple of reasons he gets us all hot and bothered. Also, look at that chiseled jaw.

4. Arnold

Arnold is the type of guy who owns your first crush. He’s not hot in a manly way and if we saw him in our current age, we definitely wouldn’t swipe right. He’s more adorable and was the thing of our childhood dreams. Helga Pataki knows what we’re talking about. His sweet demeanor would be more than enough to earn our love! Wonder what he looks like all grown up…

5. Trent Lane

It’s possible that most girls from the 90s’ first bad boy crush was on Trent Lane from Daria. He was like the animated version of the late Scott Weiland. Only Trent had very little real talent when he was onstage. Despite his lack of musical skills, we still were all about him.

6. Robin Hood

Is he a literal fox? Yeah, so what. He’s also a figurative one. His accent was dreamy AF. Plus, a bad boy with could intentions? How could I resist? He risks his life to ensure that no one goes without. How noble (and attractive) is that? Exactly.

7. Dimitri

We could go on and on about the male counterparts of our favorite Disney princesses forever. That’s a fact. What we cannot do is sleep on our boy Dimitri from Anastasia just because he’s so underrated. A princess movie that is arguably better than some Disney ones, Anastasia is perfection. Even more? Dimitri was downright gorgeous, and rough around the edges in the best way possible. *Swoons*

8. Li Shang

How could one not swipe right on this dude from Mulan? In modern times, he’d be an Army guy or at least a gym rat because that body is banging. Even though he was just a cartoon, we recognized how blessed he was in the pectoral department. We’d make a man out of him for sure.

Talk about dreamy. Link from The Legend of Zelda has this majestic, magical, ethereal hotness about him that draws you in. Admit it: You’ve been low-key jealous of Zelda for some time now. You want that hot blonde elf-man all to yourself. We 100% get it.

10. Flynn Rider

Disney doesn’t mess around when it comes hot animated characters. Especially when it comes to the men who are about to live happily ever after with the leading ladies. We saw it way before Prince Eric and of course after, with the likes of Tangled‘s Flynn Rider. Total swoon-worthy man right there.

11. David Seville

I’ll be the first to admit that when I was younger, I had a thing for Alvin. He was a chipmunk, but he was cool and that’s all that mattered to my eight-year-old self. Now that I’m looking back? I missed out on his adopted dad, Mr. David Seville. He has a Prince Eric thing about him that would get him right swipes all day. Plus you know he’d be on Tinder… he’s single AF and the manager of the hottest group of singing chipmunks around.

12. Bob Belcher

Hear us out, okay?! Dad bod is totally in right now. When you are grown, you want a dude like Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burger around. He’s handsome in a weird, weird way. It would probably be his Tinder bio that sealed the deal — some totally sweet and hilarious words that we couldn’t say no to. Don’t judge!

13. Woody

It may be totally inappropriate to say this, but when it comes to Woody from Toy Story… ride em, cowboy! Bo Peep was on it when it came to claiming Woody as her man. Buzz was cool, but he never really compared to Woody when it all boiled down… especially not in the looks department. Sorry! Plus, Tom Hanks wins over Tim Allen each and every time.

14. Darien Shields

Sailor Moon fans know what’s up. Darien Shields, otherwise known as Tuxedo Mask, was it. He likely started you down an anime path, and that’s okay. You’re allowed to lust over attractive Japanese manga characters.

15. Captain Planet

There are a lot, and we mean a lot, of hot animated characters when it comes to superheroes. What makes Captain Planet different is his heart. He doesn’t fight the bad guys from doing typical crimes. He helps aid in fighting the people who are hurting our planet; the bigger picture. He’ll always make the list for his environmental efforts. Because, haven’t you heard? Loving Mother Nature is sexy. Oh yeah, that rock hard body doesn’t hurt either.

16. Aladdin

In the grand scheme of things, Aladdin wasn’t the best guy to crush on. He was a liar, thief and probably had horrific hygiene due to his living arrangements. All that didn’t and still doesn’t matter because we’ve all still got the hots for the so-called street rat. Because he was that hot, we cannot wait to see what they do when they make that live-action remake. In the end, the animated one may always be the hottest.

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