20 Game Of Thrones Episodes You Probably Shouldn’t Watch With Your Parents

In general, Game of Thrones is a pretty risky show to watch with your parents. I think we can all understand that, even if you’re completely new to the show. Sure, we’re all mature adults here, and we know what sex is and all that junk, but trust us – there are some episodes on a whole different level of uncomfortable. Between all the sex, violence, gore and utterly disturbing scenes, we’ve rounded up 20 of the most shocking episodes that you can opt to watch in separate rooms. You’ll thank us later. And although we can’t promise that there won’t be any spoilers (this is your official warning!), we’ll try our best not to give too much away. *wink*

20. “Winter Is Coming” – Season 1, Episode 1

Yup. The very first episode. If you want, you and your parents can watch this episode in different rooms and then decide if it’s a show you want to watch together at all. Obviously, this episode is very important in establishing some key characters and plotlines, but we’ll just spell it out: i-n-c-e-s-t. Game of Thrones has about zero chill most of the time, or should we say George R. R. Martin? Either way, there’s a lot going on in this episode. But if there’s one thing that Game of Thrones is the most known for, it’s that it doesn’t shy away from shaking things up with some incest every once in a while, and the first episode is no exception. Proceed with caution.

19. “The Kingsroad” – Season 1, Episode 2

Another thing you’ll learn very quickly while watching Game of Thrones is that they’re not afraid to deal with sexual assault in their plotlines – something they’re often criticized for. And, in true Game of Thrones fashion, it’s not quite glossed over either. In the case of Daenerys, she, unfortunately, is the target of many struggles on the show, including rape. Sexual assault and rape are two very sensitive topics, so this is just a fair warning to everyone out there watching GOT with the ‘rents. Be prepared to fast forward this scene or just straight up avoid catching up together on this episode.

18. “A Golden Crown” – Season 1, Episode 6

Don’t worry. “A golden crown” isn’t some crazy sex move on Game of Thrones. In fact, it’s far, far worse. Let’s just say that Daenerys has a brother named Viserys, and he’s a straight-up asshole. Being the one who gave his sister Dany to Drogo to be his wife, he comes busting through and angrily demands repayment. Unfortunately for him, Drogo doesn’t take lightly to his threats – he is chieftain of a Dothraki khalasar, after all. So, what does he do? He gives him a golden crown, of course. He asked for it. Your mom and dad probs won’t appreciate this scene (but hey, maybe), so you can leave them out of it if possible.

17. “You Win or You Die” – Season 1, Episode 7

This episode is very popular when it comes to rounding up the best Game of Thrones sex scenes, so that’s where this is going. If you’d rather avoid watching two sex workers, ahem, pleasure each other in a brothel with your parents, then stay far away from season one, episode seven. You’ll come to find that Littlefinger is creepy enough, so watching him coach his employees on how to give their customers a more *authentic* experience is a hard pass when our parents are in the room. Plus, he spends the whole time talking about his past and failed love, so the whole situation is odd AF.

16. “The North Remembers” – Season 2, Episode 1

We’re back at the brothel in season two now, and something else you should know is that GOT also mixes sex with its gore. This time, the spot is raided by someone who needs all of Robert Baratheon‘s bastards dead, like, yesterday. As you can imagine, this is a hefty task, and when you throw in a newborn and a sex worker in the mix, it’s not an easy job. Or so you’d think! Your mom definitely won’t want to be around to see how this one plays out. Fortunately, GOT knows not to get too graphic with this one, but the thought itself is disturbing enough.

15. “Garden of Bones” – Season 2, Episode 4

There are a lot of things wrong with this episode, especially in regard to violence. However, we’re going to focus on Melisandre. You know, the hot redhead obsessed with The Lord of Light? She’s got something cooking underneath that cloak of hers, and after she disrobes (you see everything, of course), it’s clear that it’s not human. This is not your typical birthing scene, people. Your parents won’t think it’s cute one bit, so, unless you want to suffer through this scene together, we urge you to sit this one out. It’s for the best.

14. “The Old Gods and the New” – Season 2, Episode 6

We never thought we’d say this, but after watching this episode, it’s clear that some people weren’t meant to behead others. We know, that sounds weird. But if Theon Greyjoy planned to make a power move with a beheading, he probably should have done the job quicker! Instead, we’re treated to a delightfully gory yet painfully long beheading scene full of terror and cries from the massive crowd that ends up witnessing it. One the other side of the screen, this may not be the scene for anyone who’s not down to stomach a realistic death scene. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

13. “Blackwater” – Season 2, Episode 9

It’s no question that Game of Thrones is one of the most violent shows on TV, like, ever. There have been quite a few battle scenes over the show’s course, and they tend to be very overwhelming. The makeup, the special effects, the acting… it can be a little too much to handle! So, if your parents are anti-violence, then this episode definitely isn’t for their entertainment. The Battle of the Blackwater is not an easy battle to stomach and is definitely not for the faint at heart.

12. “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” – Season 3, Episode 7

Fellas. This is probably the most painful episode you’ll ever watch. This time, Theon is in quite a mess. Word around the street is that he’s quite “gifted” (if you know what we mean), and Ramsay Bolton, who’s hellbent on torturing Theon in the most sadistic ways possible, knows exactly how to use this to his advantage. While Theon begs for mercy, Ramsay claims that his mercy is not killing Theon, as he is rather “altering” him. The scene ends with screams and cuts to Ramsay eating a suspicious-looking piece of sausage, so, from this we can conclude that 1. The Game of Thrones directors are evil, and 2. It’s not the most wholesome moment to experience with your family.

11. “The Rains of Castamere” – Season 3, Episode 9

Talk to any Game of Thrones fan, and they’ll warn you about that one episode. The episode. The one that truly represents how ruthless, violent and disturbing the entire show can be. Does the name Red Wedding ring any bells? (Pun intended) Tell your parents to not even bother getting attached to any favorites on the show, because you’ll fear for their lives almost every episode and it’s just exhausting, tbh. Before we start rambling too much, the point is, this episode is gory and upsetting AF. We’ll let you figure it out yourselves, but maybe not together.

10. “The Lion and the Rose” – Season 4, Episode 2

King Joffrey is either the character you love to hate or hate to love. His ruthlessness knows no bounds and it’s clear that this scary man-child possesses no soul. Showing no remorse for the people he hurts, we’d do just about anything for Joffrey to get a taste of his own medicine. Oh, wait! If you’re trying to dodge the big spoilers, this is your official warning. Honestly, Joffrey sucks so much that if you and your parents share the same hatred for this little demon, you might actually enjoy watching this episode together. We will say however that it’s very morbid, even though he totally deserves what’s coming to him.

9. “Breaker of Chains” – Season 4, Episode 3

It’s no question that incest is disturbing, but Game of Thrones managed to find a way to make it even more terrible. No matter how awful Cersei Lannister can be, no mother should have to experience losing one of her own. Clearly in a state of grief, this woman is not in the mood right now. See where we’re going with this? Let’s just say that her brother/wanna-be-husband is really bad at choosing the right time to act upon his urges. It’s never a good time for incest, but this is just on another level. Are your parents even still watching this show with you?

8. “The Laws of Gods and Men” – Season 4, Episode 6

Remember Ramsay? The sadistic bastard with a thing for torture? As you can already guess, this guy has a thing for wild sex, too. He does seem to stick with the same girl for the majority of his “fun,” but in this episode, we see him showing his true nature while in the act. Obviously, sex scenes will never be comfortable to experience with your parents, but when you throw in a psychopath with a kink for choking, then you’ve created something that crosses the line even further. And that’s what you have to expect in this episode, so be prepared with an excuse to go get a drink of water or something and flee the scene immediately.

7. “The Mountain and the Viper” Season 4, Episode 8

Game of Thrones features violence on all different levels. However, this episode in particular sticks out as one of the most gruesome. Anyone would be stupid to mess with a giant like The Mountain (he earned that name, after all), but poor Oberyn Martell thought he could try his luck in a trial by combat and get some justice for his family in the process. Big mistake, buddy. We don’t want to spoil anything too big, but at the same time, we do want to warn you: this scene was not made for the squeamish. This episode will be one of the many that make you question why you even put yourself through this, especially by watching it with your parents.

6. “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” – Season 5, Episode 6

Hey! Here to talk about Ramsay again. If it’s not clear by now that Ramsay Bolton is truly a sick character, then we’re at a loss for words. This time, Sansa Stark is in trouble here. Her character has definitely grown, matured and become a powerful symbol for strong women, and this episode proves that she may bend, but not break. Our hearts absolutely broke for Sansa by the end of this episode, and by now you and your parents have probably figured out if you want to deal with Ramsay’s bullsh*t together or not.

5. “The Dance of Dragons” – Season 5, Episode 9

We can tell you right from the start that your mother is not going to like this episode. Not one bit. Because when it comes to the harm of any child, no mom wants to watch that, even if it is just a show. And oh, don’t worry, Game of Thrones goes there. On the bright side, however, this episode will make you appreciate the fact that your parents wouldn’t sacrifice you to the Lord of Light. Yeah, you read that right. At least the kid’s mom kind of felt bad about it in the end?

4. “Hardhome” – Season 5, Episode 8

As violent as this episode is, it’s also just incredibly spooky. Total nightmare fuel, you get up-close and personal with the famed White Walkers you’ve been hearing about so much. Just think of it this way: if it’s annoying to watch horror movies with your parents, then you’ll want to skip this episode, too. Some people just can’t deal well with some spooky shiz, and if you want to watch this episode in peace without someone losing their cool every five seconds during the battle scene, then you know what to do.

3. “Mother’s Mercy” – Season 5, Episode 10

Shame! If you’re not a fan of Cersei (like mother, like evil son), then you might get some enjoyment out of this episode. Publicly embarrassed through the town, this episode involves some major nudity, but not with the ~sexy~ context that we’re used to from this rollercoaster of a show. She did handle it like a total boss, we’ll give her that. But this scene just ends up shameful, gross and just uncomfortable for whoever is watching, but that’s exactly what they were going for here.

2. “Battle of the Bastards” – Season 6, Episode 9

Another battle scene that will make your stomach turn, and guess what! It features none other than our two favorite bastards (as you can assume by the name), Jon Snow and the beloved Ramsay Bolton. This battle builds up a lot of suspense and anxiety, and definitely has its fair share of gore and peril. At this point, your best bet is just to not watch this show with your parents at all and just acknowledge the fact that you’ve both witnessed all these horrific scenes go down. It’s the only way you can make it through the rest.

1. “The Drago and the Wolf” – Season 7, Episode 7

We’re entering very recent territory here, so if you’re not caught up on your binge, just stop right here. Don’t watch this episode with your parents. The end. For those of you still here who want to relive this episode in all its incesty glory, let’s take a journey. To be fair, Dany and Jon didn’t know any better (can’t say the same for the other two), so I guess is some sort of weird way, we’re not totally grossed out. Not yet, at least. Plus, with all the fans out there who shipped these two fully knowing that they’re related, a lot of people actually wanted to see this happen. However, none of us want to watch this steamy episode, or any episode of this show at all, again with our parents, that’s for sure.

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