17 Freeform Fictional Characters We Want As Best Friends IRL

Rarely do we ever watch a TV show without seeing at least one character that makes us think: “We could definitely be friends.”

Week after week, these guys steal our hearts with their humor, quirkiness, and relatability. But what really gets us is that they’re always there for the people they care about most. And while they do make awful mistakes and have their low moments, deep down, they are genuinely good people.

In the past, we’ve discussed which characters from The CW would make amazing best friends in real life. But this time around, we’re focusing on Freeform – a network that’s filled with potential BFFs that would put even Taylor Swift‘s squad to shame. From Aria Montgomery to Cassandra Perkins, see which Freeform characters we really want as best friends IRL:

1. Payson Keeler from Make it or Break It

Out of the four main gymnasts on this show, Payson stood out like a diamond. The way she stayed grounded and focused was so admirable, and when she put her mind to something, no one could stop her. Now, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a BFF with that kind of drive and determination? She’d definitely inspire us to be better people.

2. Olivia Matheson from Ravenswood

Olivia’s ex-best friend, Tess, practically used her to gain popularity and we’re still not over it. She did nothing to deserve that because she was always loyal, kind, and caring. Anyone would be lucky to have a carefree spirit like her as their BFF. So you know what? If we ever got the chance, we’d totally invite her to join our squad.

3. Callie Jacob from The Fosters

We always knew that there was more to Callie than meets the eye. To outsiders, she’s nothing but a troublemaker because she went to juvie. But to us, she’s a strong, intelligent, and compassionate person who often puts the needs of others before her own. She also goes to great lengths to protect those that she cares about, and that’s one of the best qualities that any friend can have.

4. Magnus Bane from Shadowhunters

From his sparkly eye makeup to his glitzy outfits, Magnus is by far one of the most unique characters on TV right now. The way he carries himself truly makes him stand out, but what we love is that he celebrates his differences and chooses to flaunt his beauty. That level of self-acceptance seems so rare these days, so it would be amazing to have a bestie who encourages us to just be ourselves. And of course, we’d get a kick out of his sarcastic remarks.

5. Alec Lightwood from Shadowhunters

He’s quite the opposite of Magnus in a sense, because he’s often self-conscious and insecure, which causes him to be more guarded. Still, we know that he’d make a great friend because he’s caring, compassionate, and protective when it comes to his loved ones. He’s also very straightforward and sarcastic – and those count as major plusses in our book.

6. Sofia Rodriguez from Young & Hungry

She’s smart, sassy, creative, and so driven. She also has an amazing sense of humor and she’s very supportive of her friends. So if we were to have her as a real-life BFF, we imagine that she’d push us to pursue our dreams and step up to defend us whenever we needed it. She’d probably go on the occasional rant in Spanish too, but we’d say that that’s a pretty small price to pay for her friendship… Don’t you think?

7. Gabi Diamond from Young & Hungry

Gabi is a hot mess and we love her for it. She gets herself into the craziest situations and she can be a major klutz, but at the end of the day, she’s just a passionate and loving cook with a heart of gold. We can totally see ourselves bonding with her over drinks or, even better, indulging in all of her homemade treats! We can’t tell you how many times we’ve envied Sofia for getting to taste Gabi’s cooking…

8. Tucker Dobbs from Baby Daddy

Tucker (or should we say Tuck Tuck) was always a favorite of ours on this show. He was the down-to-earth, sarcastic, semi-delusional “ladies’ man” with no filter. And even though he and his roommates bickered pretty much all the time, he proved to be a great and supportive friend who can give really insightful advice. He was also hilarious, a major foodie, and very ambitious (especially when it came to his career). Like, what more could we ask for in a BFF?

9. Ryder Scanlon from Melissa & Joey

He was really into sports and he could be awkward AF, but that’s exactly why we loved him so much. In fact, we feel like his character was extremely underrated, because while he came off as this dim-witted kid, he was dorky, funny, and very relatable. He wasn’t always great with other people and he could be clueless when it comes to girls. But that never really mattered because he always meant well. We definitely wouldn’t mind having him in our friend group.

10. Leo Hendrie from Chasing Life

Okay so this one might raise a few eyebrows. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know that Leo was bitter about living in his dad’s shadow. After he got diagnosed with cancer, he lived on the edge and did whatever he wanted without considering the consequences. So basically, he was kind of a tool. But still, his carefree spirit and humor make us wish that we could be friends with him. Granted, his YOLO mentality would totally get us into trouble from time to time, but on the bright side, he’d make us feel so much more adventurous!

11. Natalie Ortiz from Chasing Life

She went from being the girl we loved to hate to being the badass step-sister we all wish we had. And yes, we’re still kind of ticked that she dated her half-sister’s ex… But still, we can’t deny the fact that she was a caring person with a good heart. She actually donated her bone marrow to help April and she kept Brenna’s big secret, which says quite a lot about her character. Plus, she knows how to have fun, so we’d immediately get along with her.

12. Daphne Vasquez from Switched at Birth

To say that Daphne is a gem would be an understatement. She’s honest, confident, and always optimistic. She’s proud to be deaf and she doesn’t let it stop her from being bold or vocal, which is kind of amazing. And plus, she can be selfless when it comes to helping the people that she cares about. How could anyone not want to have her as a best friend?

13. Cassandra Perkins from Famous in Love

There were so many times when we wanted give Cassie a hug. She had to watch her best friend live out her dream of becoming a famous actress after acing one audition. Meanwhile, she went on several auditions and hasn’t seen any success – or at least, not as much as Paige. But despite this, Cassie is working with what she has and maintaining a strong work ethic. She also has a quirky and fun personality, so we get the feeling that she’d always be the life of the party at events.

14. Kat from The Bold Type

If we ever had the pleasure of meeting Kat in person, we’d instantly hit it off. She’s diligent, confident, and very outspoken. She also sticks up for her friends and they can always count on her to be there whenever they need her. But best of all, she’s trustworthy because she knows how to keep a secret. We feel like that quality is pretty rare, so having a friend like Kat would feel like hitting the jackpot.

15. Ashleigh Howard from Greek

She was by far one of the most relatable characters on the show and she had the best fashion sense. She also had great social skills, she was optimistic most of the time, and she was an amazing, supportive friend to Casey. In short, Ashleigh was a ray of sunshine and we seriously wish that we were the ones who meet her in that laundry room during freshman year.

16. Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars

Oh, how we loved Hanna. She was outspoken, sarcastic, and unapologetically snarky, but at the same time, she was actually nice. She defied the false stereotype that all gorgeous and popular girls have to be bitchy and cruel for no reason. And the fact that she was also fiercely protective of her friends only made us love her even more. She’d make such an awesome BFF because she’s loyal and never afraid to speak her mind.

17. Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars

Aria was kind, generous, and very caring when it came to her friends. She was also loyal, and though she was tough, she was also compassionate. However, what we admired most was her impeccable style throughout the series. Like, have you seen all of her stylish boots and outfits? We’d let her upgrade our wardrobe and give us fashion makeovers any day.

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