18 Best Fictional TV Homes We All Wish We Could Live In

Even if you’re totally happy with your lot in life, watching TV shows about fictional successful people can bring out the green eyes of jealousy. Who hasn’t wanted a love like Monica and Chandler’s, a wardrobe like Carrie Bradshaw’s, and a dragon-like Daenerys Targaryen’s? Okay, maybe that last one is just me. But still – the point stands! It’s easy to envy fictional characters who seemingly have it all, whether it’s for their love life, their style, or even their home.

Let’s be real here: the majority of fictional TV homes are actually stunning. Sure, there’s no way that each home’s inhabitants would actually be able to afford a place like that in real life. Even though not every house can be decorated as beautifully as The Banks Mansion from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, we can dream, can’t we?

18. Frasier’s Apartment, Frasier

Another NBC sitcom, another gorgeous apartment that will forever be one of our dream homes. Radio psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane clearly made a lot of money from his profession, judging by his home! As Frasier loved to remind people, his style was expensive, eclectic, but ultimately stunning. The grand piano in the corner… The really squishy-looking sofa… Martin’s ugly chair adding a bit of contrast… It was too much! The view of Seattle from the balcony was also pretty great, even if it doesn’t actually exist in real life. Frasier’s set designers apparently spent thousands of dollars on designer furniture to fill this iconic apartment, and it really shows.

17. The Banks Mansion, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Real talk time: Will Smith’s character in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was one seriously lucky kid. He went from living in a questionable West Philadelphia neighborhood to staying in a LITERAL MANSION. Uncle Phil and Aunt Vivian’s Bel Air residence is easily one of the most beautiful homes in TV history. The outside of the home alone is already classy enough, but the interior decor adds to the opulent feel. No wonder working-class Will is pretty overwhelmed when he first moves in! In reality, the house used as the ‘Bel Air’ mansion is a five-bedroom home in Brentwood. You could easily have it for yourself the next time it comes on the market… If you have a few hundred thousand dollars to spare.

16. The Waldorf Penthouse, Gossip Girl

In a series that deals with the exploits of a load of rich kids, there are bound to be a ton of beautiful homes on show. Gossip Girl is no exception to this. While pretty much every character lives in an impossibly gorgeous and expensive building, Blair Waldorf’s family home is a cut above. It’s accessed via a private elevator. It overlooks Central Park. It’s worth an estimated $12.1 million. What’s not to love? The ridiculous part is that for most of the series, the penthouse’s sole resident is Blair, a college student. While her fellow students make do with cramped dorms, Blair has a massive, beautifully decorated home all to herself. It’s just not fair.

15. Downton Abbey, Downton Abbey

It’s basically impossible to watch Downton Abbey and not want to live in the eponymous English country house. The Abbey itself is basically fit for royalty: in real life, it’s known as Highclere Castle! Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a huge, ornately furnished bedroom, and eat their meals in a bona fide Great Hall? And then there’s the parlor – yup, those actually exist – and the library… It’s basically the setting of a 1920s fairytale. Frankly, even sleeping in the servants’ quarters would be a lot more comfortable than a lot of apartments on the market today. Add to all of that acres and acres of parkland, and you have a dream country estate.

14. 221B Baker Street, Sherlock

221B Baker Street isn’t exactly the biggest apartment in the world. However, its various eccentricities make it one of those odd, unique homes we’d love to have. The team behind the BBC’s Sherlock decided to give Baker Street a Gothic Victorian vibe, appropriate considering this is the era in which their source text was written. The dark wallpapers, traditional fireplace, and classic furnishings definitely add an air of spookiness and mystery to the place. Of course, its main inhabitant has added a few bizarre touches to the decor: a human skull and a spray-painted smiley face spring to mind. If you could get over being surrounded by Sherlock’s weird experiments, though, Baker Street could be a pretty cozy home.

13. Will And Grace’s Apartment, Will And Grace

Will is a stylish and tidy guy. Grace is an interior designer. Of course, their apartment is going to be one of the chicest homes on television! Although it’s Will who technically owns the place, Grace puts her own unique stamp on the apartment thanks to her job. The apartment is huge, beautifully furnished, and in a good location. At one point in the series, Grace mentions that she can see Central Park from her window (and New Jersey, although that may be less picturesque). Although no millennial on the planet could hope to afford an apartment like Will and Grace’s at this point in time, we can at least dream.

12. Hilda And Zelda’s House, Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Most viewers came out of Sabrina the Teenage Witch wanting three major things: magical powers; a pet like Salem; and a house like Hilda and Zelda’s. It’s quite literally one of the most magical homes on television. The house mixes ’90s style with some classic, witchy touches, and we live for it. Zelda definitely seemed to be the most style-savvy out of Sabrina’s aunts. Her bedroom is classic and gothic, while Hilda’s apparently looks like a clown threw the contents of his pockets into a room. Sabrina had a pink-and-blue themed room that was the envy of every tween girl. The house even has a freaking turret. What more could you want?

11. Sheldon And Leonard’s Apartment, The Big Bang Theory

While only a fool would actively want Dr. Sheldon Cooper as a roommate, you’ve gotta admit that the apartment he shared with Leonard is pretty sweet. It’s adorably nerdy but also looks super comfortable. You can imagine slouching down on that couch with a takeout meal or cooking up a storm in the spacious open-plan kitchen. Sure, the actual decor itself needs some work, but who doesn’t love a fixer-upper? If you want an apartment full to the brim with geeky paraphernalia and video games consoles, this is the home for you. Just don’t break Sheldon’s Roommate Agreement, whatever you do. Even the most beautiful of homes isn’t worth the stress that would cause.

10. The Loft, New Girl

The loft featured in New Girl is the Monica’s apartment of our generation. How on earth did a group of young, poor professionals manage to rent a beautiful place like that? There’s no way that would happen in real life. Still, at least it happened on television and we all got to see the kind of gorgeous home we’ll probably never be able to afford. Not only is Jess and co’s loft absolutely massive, it’s decorated in a pretty cute way. The red and brown tones are beautiful, especially when the sunset shines through the windows. Basically, the gang is incredibly lucky to have secured a place like this. Do we wish we could be their roommates? Absolutely. Would we be able to live with Schmidt? Probably not.

9. Mr. Burns’s Mansion, The Simpsons

Mr. Burns may be a pretty terrible person, but at least he has a sweet mansion. Burns Manor has everything you’d expect from a house of its type: classical decor, a dome, extensive grounds… Upon first look, it’s your run-of-the-mill luxurious abode. However, various episodes of The Simpsons have revealed some secrets to the Manor that make it an even more desirable home. It houses the largest TV in the free world, numerous rare fossils, a wine cellar full of expensive loot, and an entire theater. More questionable features include a room of monkeys working on typewriters, a bottomless pit, and an illegal surveillance room. Still, every property has its quirks, eh? Like you’d pass up on living in a mansion just because bits of it are hugely unethical!

8. Don Draper’s Apartment, Mad Men

Don Draper is another guy who’s pretty morally corrupt, but at least has good taste in home decor. Don’s Upper East Side apartment is incredibly stylish both by 1960s and present-day standards. Sure, it’s pretty ‘retro’ in our eyes, but it kinda works. It’s certainly a more vibrant home than the gloomy house Don shared with ex-wife Betty. Sure, the colors are pretty garish. There’s a lot of bright orange about the place, and the wall patterns (especially in the kitchen) are a bit crazy. But ultimately, we wouldn’t mind stopping by for a drink and relaxing on that comfy-looking corner sofa or taking in the sights of the city from that beautiful balcony.

7. The Murder House (Without The Murders), American Horror Story

Disclaimer: this house is obviously only desirable if you take the whole murder thing out of the equation. If you ignore everything that goes on inside it, though, the American Horror Story Murder House is pretty darn beautiful. If you cleared away the weeds from out front, that red-brick facade would be pretty striking. The house is undeniably luxurious: it’s huge, beautifully (if creepily) decorated, and filled with gorgeous and classic-looking wood paneling. Unfortunately, the present real-life owners of the house – actually the Rosenheim Mansion in Los Angeles – are having a less than great time living there. Not only is the house apparently haunted by two ghosts, it’s also plagued by American Horror Story fans trying to break in. You can see why that might be a bit disruptive…

6. Carrie’s Apartment, Sex And The City

Carrie’s apartment on Sex and the City is another major example of a home that’s way out of the league of its inhabitant. Don’t get me wrong, Carrie is great, but there’s no way a writer living in NYC would be able to afford a huge place like that. A spacious Upper East Side apartment with a walk-in wardrobe? Please. It’s way too good to be true. Still, if you can get past the lack of realism, Carrie’s home is pretty enviable. The aforementioned walk-in wardrobe is pretty dreamy, and Carrie’s sense of style means the apartment is decorated beautifully. It’s light, spacious, and has a gorgeous brick facade to boot. Who wouldn’t want to hang out on those famous steps with Carrie and the gang?

5. Rachel And Kurt’s Loft, Glee

While a lot of Glee’s later storylines fell undeniably flat, Rachel and Kurt becoming roommates was a highlight of season four. Not only was their friendship pretty cute, their Bushwick loft was pretty enviable. Sure, it had a concerning amount of open space, but that was clearly just to allow loads of room for energetic musical numbers. Otherwise, the loft was more than any twentysomething could ever dream of renting. Those wooden beams! The strings of lights! The cheap yet cheerful furniture! We totally would have roomed with Rachel, Kurt, and Santana.

4. Shoshanna’s Apartments, Girls

While the main apartment featured in Girls – that belonging to Hannah Horvath – is kind of a mess, Shoshanna makes up for it with her exquisite taste in home decor. Shosh lives in a few places over the course of the show, eventually switching things up to live in Japan, but all of her homes are equally beautiful. There was her college apartment in season one, with its pink accents and huge Sex and the City poster. Then you have Shosh’s apartment in Tokyo, a slightly wildly decorated masterpiece of primary colors that even featured an indoor hammock. Like, it was a pretty ugly place at first glance, but its cute little details made it a grower. Since Shoshanna is undeniably the only Girls character who has her life together, it’s kind of unsurprising that she’d be the one to boast the most stylish homes.

3. Monica’s Apartment, Friends

There are a lot of features that make Monica’s apartment from Friends one of the best TV homes of all time. For one, there’s the fact it was super cheap for its size and standard. However else would Mon have been able to afford to rent in that part of NYC? Then you have the apartment’s interior. It was super clean (neat-freak Monica made sure of that) and tidy. The furniture all looked super cozy and comfortable. The windows clearly had a great view, even if Ugly Naked Guy spoiled that for a little while. Admit it: you totally wanted to be the seventh member of that friendship group just so you could spend time in that apartment.

2. Lorelai’s House, Gilmore Girls

Lorelai Gilmore’s house is yet another reason why we all kinda wish we were living in Stars Hollow. It’s not the most spacious family home in the world, especially compared to the elder Gilmores’ literal mansion. However, what it lacks in space it makes up for in total cute factor. Even the outside is totally adorable! The blue walls, the little porch, the beautiful trees surrounding the house… It’s so dreamy! Then you have the inside, the perfect mix of a cluttered family home and a beautiful interior kept stunning by two young women. Who wouldn’t want to chill out in that living room with good company and a takeaway pizza? It’s yet another reason to wish Lorelai and Rory could be your actual, real-life besties.

1. The Red Keep, Game Of Thrones

As every true Game of Thrones fan knows, The Red Keep is one of the most desirable homes on the entire show. For one, it houses the Iron Throne, the literal seat of power in Westeros. It also happens to be a grandiose and sprawling castle full of bountiful riches, imposing halls, and dragon skulls. Many, many dragon skulls. Sure, Winterfell is pretty, but the cold kinda ruins it. The Red Keep is situated in the considerably warmer King’s Landing. It even has sea views! The only downside is that to live there, you’d have to be the King or Queen of Westeros. While that may sound great, it’s a title that will cause you to either be murdered or go totally insane. Is it worth it to live in the Red Keep, though? Probably.

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