17 Female Celebrities Who Prove Girls Date Down

Can we all just admit that when it comes to celebrity couples, girls date down? Whether or not we truly want to believe it, it seems like tons of girls (especiallycelebs) end up with guys who aren’t even close to being in their league.

While some of these duos actually ended up being great couples, it often seems like girls end up settling, while guys like Wilmer Valderrama get to date Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Demi Lovato — you get the picture. Here’s a list of some awesome girl celebs who seem to be in need of a teeny bit of relationship advice.

17. Britney Spears

First we have our sweet, sweet Britney Spears. This girl has been her fair share of public celebrity couples, and most of them did not end super well. TBT to when she dated the likes of Colin Farrell, Fred Durst, and of course — Kevin Federline. It’s honestly heartbreaking when someone as cute and talented as Britney dates guys like… well… K-Fed. Is there any hope for the rest of us? If you remember, Kevin was a total enabler, and overall garbage husband. Thank God she moved on, got her life together, and is doing way better.

16. Katie Holmes

Let us not forget one of Hollywood’s most infamous celebrity couples, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. We can all objectively agree that Katie is way out of his league, yes? Their relationship peaked in its fame when Tom started going way off the deep end. The jumping-on-Oprah’s-couch incident? His public affinity for Scientology? Thank God Katie had the sense to grab Suri and get the heck out of that marriage. Not after a whole bunch of creepy, Scientology-related drama, of course.

15. Ariana Grande

We can all agree that Ariana Grande is arguably one of the most-wanted female celebs at the moment. Some want to be her, others want to date her, but she seems to go for guys that are kind of lackluster at best. Although Ariana is pretty excellent at keeping her love life totally private (respect), there were a few rumors that now-ex Big Sean pushed it a bit too far lyric-wise for her comfort. So naturally, she moved on to a much more respectable rapper who’s totally not misogynistic or anything — Mac Miller. We’re just sayin’, Ariana could probably date whoever she wanted, so she may wanna consider keeping her options open.

14. Beyoncé

Okay, before everyone gets up in arms about this, there’s one thing no one can deny: Beyoncé is light years out of Jay-Z’s league. While they may be one of the most powerful celebrity couples of all time, it’s pretty clear that Jay-Z is the luckiest dude in the entire world. Not only did he somehow win Beyoncé over, he cheated on her, and she took him back. If that isn’t the most unfair thing you’ve ever heard in your life… Is there any hope for the rest of the world?

13. Kim Kardashian

I think it’s pretty much common knowledge that every sister in the Kardashian-Jenner clan has pretty bad taste in guys. While Kim Kardashian is now happily married to Kanye West and the two are making beautiful babies together, Kim went through a series of pretty awful dudes. Let’s throw it back to her horror show of an ex — Ray-J. Yeah, the one who released their sex tape without her consent. Also, he’s the one who penned the song “I Hit It First” about said-sex tape. Although there were a few guys in between, she most famously dated Chris Humphries next. If you watched the reality show, you know that Chris was kind of a huge baby and a total jerk. Kim really is proof that even the most iconic celebrity couples only come to life after dating a bunch of duds.

12. Sandra Bullock

While Sandra Bullock is pretty good about remaining out of the public eye, there was a while when all anyone cared about was her awful marriage (yes, marriage) with Jesse James. If you don’t recall Jesse James, here’s a refresher: Not only did this trash dude cheat on Sandra multiple times, he later claimed that cheating is “just a part of life.” What? He later dated tattoo artist (and rumored anti-semite) Kat Von D and both Jesse and Kat have had photos released of them posing in Nazi regalia. We’re thinking Sandra is way better off on her own without that gross POS.

11. Jennifer Lopez

It’s not news that Jennifer Lopez has been a member of quite a few, highly-publicized celebrity couples. Where to begin? Her first famous love was Diddy, who she later reported was unfaithful. Remember the first Bennifer? You know J-Lo and Ben Affleck? Well, Benny boy has been stuck in quite the controversies these days. There were a few guys in between (including ex-husband and reportedly close friend Mark Anthony), but she was again cheated on by backup dancer and choreographer Casper Smart. She’s now dating baseball player and notorious ladies’ man, Alex Rodriguez. For J-Lo’s sake, we hope he treats her right!

10. Bella Thorne

No matter how you feel about this Disney star turned social media icon, Bella Thorne has made one thing pretty clear — her interest in bad boys. While many of her flings have been no more than unconfirmed rumors, she was fairly recently involved with one of Hollywood’s least-liked bad boys: Scott Disick. While the fling was short-lived, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would want to date Kourtney Kardashian’s baby-daddy, who very publicly mistreated Kourtney for years. As far as celebrity couples go, you can’t get much worse than the relationship between Kourtney and Scott. She was also romantically linked to Sam Pepper, who you might remember as one of the many YouTube stars accused of sexual assault and harassment. Redeeming guys she dated: Teen Wolf cutie Tyler Posey and Gregg Sulkin.

9. Kylie Jenner

Next in the Kardashian-Jenner lineup we have Kylie Jenner. When it comes to celebrity couples, few are as highly publicized as Kylie and her now ex-boyfriend Tyga. We’re not even going to question the quality of the relationship, we’re gonna focus on the fact that Tyga, when he was 25 year-old father, thought it would be appropriate to begin seeing Kylie when she was just 17 years old. They two formed on of the most controversial celebrity couples of all time, and we would just like to say: um, yikes. Travis Scott, aka her rumored baby daddy, seems mildly better?

8. Blac Chyna

Finally, we have Blac Chyna. To be totally fair, Chyna may have played a major role in the awful outcomes of her relationships. It’s pretty much objectively true that there are no celebrity couples who experienced a messier breakup than Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Did she do the whole thing for money? Did she walk out with their baby? Who knows what truly happened. All we do know is that Rob released naked photos of her without consent (you know, like a dirtball). Additionally, another one of her famous exes is none other than Tyga, who may have cheated on her with a very-much teenaged Kylie Jenner. She’s currently dating a guy who actually goes by the name Playboi Carti, so that’s not all that reassuring.

7. Jennifer Aniston

Let’s just set the record straight and say we think Jen and Justin Theroux are cute AF — but it was a long road to get her to this gent. First, let us all admit that everyone was #TeamJen during the great Brad Pitt divorce. Come on, he cheated on her with his co-star! Scum bag material. They were THE it-couple and he threw it all away. Then we’ll point out she also dated Vince Vaughn, a relationship that was plagued with rumors he cheated on her. He claims he didn’t and even if that’s the truth, we can certainly all agree she was way out of his league? Of course, we can’t move on without bringing up her dating history with well-known f*ckboy John Mayer, either. Trust us when we say you’ll hear that name again.

6. Avril Lavigne

Okay, regardless of the age-old jokes about Nickelback being a bad band, Avril Lavigne had to join our list of celebrity couples in which girls dated down. This may be personal bias as someone who grew up idolizing “Complicated”-era Avril, but it just seems like the dudes she dates aren’t nearly as cool as her: Chad Kroeger (of Nickelback fame), plus bad boy Derick Whibley of Sum41? Maybe she was just looking for her Sk8er Boi, but we hope she finds someone who’s as badass as we thought she was in third grade.

5. Lindsay Lohan

As if Lindsay Lohan’s life hasn’t been difficult enough, it has only been continuously complicated by the gross dudes she seems to date. Obviously, Wilmer Valderrama appeared at one point, as he seems to do with girls that are way out of his league. On top of that, Lindsay also famously dated Aaron Carter (who tried dating her and Hilary Duff at the same time) as well as womanizer Calum Best of reality TV fame, and her horrible/abusive ex Egor Tarabasov. Here’s hoping that 2018 will be the year Lindsay finds a worthy partner and kind of gets her sh*t together because that Harvey Weinstein Instagram story was seriously concerning. Like, is she OKAY?!

4. Selena Gomez

Look, no matter how much you ship Jelena, you have to admit that Justin Bieber is a bad boy who has a hard time committing. Their relationship was a rocky one for sure, and now they’re back together, just after Selena Gomez’s recent breakup with The Weeknd .
Long before JB, she dated Nick Jonas, who it appears left Miley Cyrus to be with SelGo (red flag!). She was also rumored to be dating disgraced Glee star Mark Salling in 2010. It’s no secret that current BF Justin went through a serious bad boy phase/breakdown for a few years there, and sources close to Selena have said her parents aren’t thrilled about the pair getting back together. We want the best for you, Selena, so keep an eye out for those bad-boy tendencies. Basically her only redeeming (rumored) fling: nice, Irish boy Niall Horan.

3. Taylor Swift

When it comes to celebrity couples that end up in the tabloids, about 99% of them probably involve Taylor Swift somehow. There’s no shame in dating around, date as many people as you want! But time and time again, Taylor seems to go for guys who pretty obviously won’t pan out. John Mayer? Joe Jonas? Calvin Harris? Girl, it may be time to take some Taylor time and love yourself for a little bit, because it seems like a lot of these guys ain’t sh*t.

2. Katy Perry

And of course, we have another of John Mayer’s infamous exes, Katy Perry. Why is it that all of these super-talented musicians keep dating the notoriously scummy John Mayer? Unfortunately, we had to add Katy because of a few of her other less-than-ideal choices in men. We’re talking Russell Brand and Gym Class Heroes frontman Travie McCoy. It seems like Katy has a thing for guys with troubled past, and time and time again it just seems to bite her in the butt. Then again, it’s hard to blame a girl for going for the bad boys. We’ve all been there.

1. Jessica Simpson

TBT to Jessica Simpson’s reality TV show with her now ex-husband, Nick Lachey? Unfortunately, the “Newlyweds” stars barely made it past that phase, and Nick totally went on a media smear campaign against Jessica after their super-public divorce. Of course, Jessica was later rumored to have dated the likes of Fred Durst, Bam Margera, and Dane Cook, and — of course — THE John Mayer. Happy ending: Jessica is now re-married, and we hope she finally got over that serious bad boy phase and found a somewhat worthy guy!

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